New Keyloggers for Mac Can Now Capture iCloud Data and More

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The parental monitoring software industry has come a long way in 2020. No longer do concerned parents need to sort through endless non human-readable text reports; or screenshots that fill up the Mac’s precious hard drive space.

Upon a recent update to the Mac keylogger features list, there were a number of absent categories. Specifically, e-mail reporting, FTP, MSN chat and AIM as well as Adium all gone and for good reason. Many adults don’t know what those acronyms stand for or how they shaped the lives of young people in the 90’s.

Today’s youth have never even heard of those terms, yet Mac keylogger developers continue to boast about their software’s compatibility with these antiquated chat applications and social networks. is proud to announce a new featured keylogger for Mac OS that captures iCloud data, iPhone Messages and more.

The new features of this employee productivity software include GPS tracking of the laptop, and the capture of Viber chats as well as Facebook and Instagram. Even more remarkable is that the keylogger capture synchronized data between the iPhone and the Mac. Most modern OS versions keep all of the devices synchronized so that if a message is sent and received on an iPhone, the same message history will appear on all of the user’s Apple devices.

This brings a whole new dimension of keylogging capacity to the Mac OS as well as the iPhone. A complete synchronization of Apple devices despite the application be it Facebook, SnapChat or Viber. There is nothing that comes close to this for Windows PC and concerned parents and employers are in luck.

The Mac keylogger can be installed remotely and FlexiSpy even goes so far as to remotely install the software for the user assuming they have physical access to the Mac laptop. There are several settings and options to choose from. The software can be set to capture keystrokes invisibly or to notify the users that they are being monitored. The file size is tiny, much smaller than a typical photo and once the settings have been configured installation is instant.

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Another simple yet revolutionary feature is the sorting of screenshots. It doesn’t sound very impressive as screenshots have been prevalent in keystroke logging applications since the 90’s. The big difference is that they are sorted in such a way that reviewing the information within them takes far less time. In summary, Facebook screenshots are in the Facebook tab and the same applies to Instagram and all other social networks and chat applications.

In previous versions the user would have to start with a Facebook screenshot and sort through dozens of non-related screenshots just to get back to the Facebook conversation that may have taken place over a period of a week. FlexiSpy has made assimilating this data so much simpler, allowing the parent to focus other parental activities. Other features include the capture of keystrokes made from wireless keyboards as well as browsers surfing in incognito mode. The application can even track data sent to or from the Mac via USB’s or other external media devices.

If parents opt they can choose to be notified via text message if a predetermined keyword is detected on the computer, allowing them to respond to urgent situations such as online harassment quickly. This has become one of the applications most popular features as cyberbullying has increased with more sophisticated methods.

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While employers can track the transfer of sensitive data such as the business’s intellectual property. The new Mac keylogger application is priced at just over $10.00 per month and a yearly subscription offers substantial discounts. When the subscription terminates the administrator can choose whether or not to renew it and there is no new billing or notification made on the Mac.

At present the application is compatible with all modern versions of the Mac OS ranging from OS X 8 (Mountain Lion) to Mac’s latest OS’S including High Sierra and Mojave. In the event that the software fails to install FlexiSpy offers a white glove remote installation option that will take care of the installation process hands free.


The Mac keylogger was released in October of 2018 and at present is fully functional In its most recent update WeChat and WhatsApp were added to its list of integrated chat applications and it continues to improve with every version.

To learn more about the Mac keylogger and the benefits it provides to employers, parents and network managers visit and subscribe for further updates.


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