Everything you need to know about playing Pubg on your PC

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Do you call yourself a mobile gamer? Did you ever play a First Person Shooter battle royale game? If no, what are you all waiting for? Just go and download the most epic and popular battle royale game that has ever existed. Yes, I am talking about Player Unknown’s BattleGround aka Pubg. But wait, does your phone support such a resource-intensive game?

If no, I have got a perfect solution for you. Yes, it has nothing to do with your phone being crappy. Instead, you will not have to touch your phones to play this game. In fact, you will not be playing this game on your mobile. Sounds weird right? Read below to exactly understand what I mean by the above statements

Today, PUBG Developers have, after huge public demand- developed their first-ever Pubg emulator to make it simple for all of us to enjoy PUBG mobile. Before, you needed to map the Game Keys that were not so valuable and rather tricky for many people. To Run all of AAA games, you will want a great computer for better FPS.

This emulator developed by the Tencent Mobile team is so good that in terms of FPS, stability, controls, and support, it will never disappoint you. But conditions are- you at least have a decent PC to run the emulator.

Where to Download the Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Tencent does not have an offline installer at this time, which is kinda unfair. So, folks, make sure that you only play the game when you’ve got a fantastic online connection. After downloading it shows if you would like to Download PUBG that it will install online. There wasn’t any Interface, also you can’t do browsing along with other jobs compared to downloading PUBG. There’s not any support for downloading different games and programs from the Play shop.

Playing Pubg game

The visual appeal of PUBG in cellular platforms certainly becomes a favorite amongst gamers. This match was popular once the PC version introduced for the very first time. The cellular version has skyrocketed this game’s popularity and make those casual players may try out this battle royale game in their apparatus. However, not all gamers can enjoy Tencent Gaming Buddy download on their devices, especially the ones that are low in graphics and RAM. You will find many people complaining that they encounter some issues like lag on their smartphone when enjoying, and there are several that do not get accustomed to the controls with PUBG Mobile. To overcome these difficulties, Tencent makes a fascinating breakthrough by releasing emulator to perform PUBG Mobile on PC known as Tencent Emulator.

Not just for PUBG Mobile, Tencent Gaming Buddy may perform with your other Android games. To find out more about this remarkable Android emulator, check its superiorities here. Tencent Gaming Buddy may seem like a normal Android emulator on PC. However, this emulator has its superiorities that are unavailable on other similar programs. Which are those?

You simply require a Dual-Core processor, 4GB RAM at least, 1GB NVIDIA/AMD picture card, and capability of nominal 3GB, you can run this emulator:

Download and Setup The Tencent Emulator for Pubg

You only have to download Tencent Gaming Buddy on their official website. To set up games, you merely have to click it. That’s it. After the installation, it will guide you to the steps that you need to complete to entirely install the setup. This will then let you play the Tencent pubg emulator on your PC. First of all, you do not need to have a high-end PC. This emulator will run smoothly on low-end PCs like butter. But having a higher configuration does help the player to get a better refresh rate and less lag. Also, you surely need to have a decent wifi connection.

Best Features In Tencent Emulator

Characteristics of Tencent Gaming Buddy has fulfilled all of your requirements. Starting from chip and ram setting, macro-control attribute, full-screen mode, in addition to recording your gameplay for loading purpose. Why Should Tencent Gaming Buddy?

This official emulator out of China’s largest gaming business is a must-have for you if you prefer to play Tencent games. Since Tencent Gaming Buddy was assembled precisely so it may operate Tencent games optimally. Additionally, with macro control attribute or keyboard use setting are already whole. You can play with PUBG PC on a cellular telephone.

What Games Can You Perform in Tencent Gaming Buddy?

though this emulator was constructed by Tencent does not signify this emulator simply plays their games. Tencent Gaming Buddy really can play different games easily! So that is three major differences that point out Tencent Gaming Buddy and separates it from the other battle royales. What do you believe about this emulator? Are you interested to try out this one? If so, you may download it from the web link below!

This item may be an alternative that you play with PUBG PC but now still saving money to purchase a new PC mouse, and headset to play the game optimally! Follow Dunia Games for much more info about video games!

After installing our Pubg cellular official emulator was providing a horrible performance, thus we decided to tweak the settings for much better performance. Even after tweaking we were not getting sufficient functionality, thus we decided to alter some of those tweaks. We needed to reduce our graphical down setting to the bottom.

Despite GTX 1060, we were not getting the desired functionality. You could even learn about the finest gaming CPU in 2019, but that won’t make any sense since it barely requires CPU usage. Together with the Pubg Mobile official emulator, the controllers of this match were topnotch. The controllers we had been searching for Official PUBG computer the same is used within this Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator.

Tencent Gaming Buddy

In case you’ve got an issue with any keys, you may also map the keys based on your preference. And yes, that is quite important because you do need to keybind the autorun feature with some other key. Also, you need to map the keybind of “Hold Breath” to the left shift which will make it easier for you to snipe precisely.

Concluding the discussion:

If you wish to download this emulator then put in if you’re experiencing control mapping problems. This emulator isn’t suggested for competitive players. The computer software isn’t optimized properly and considering it’s still in its beta phase it’s simple for people who wish to use it early. Therefore, we should wait for a while for an Official steady release, without too many bugs and glitches.

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