Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Review and Specifications

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Sound 8.6

Design 8.9

Battery Life 8.7

Comfort 8.5

Noise Cancelation 8.8

Overall 8.7

ComfortableLooks could have been better
Active Noise cancellationCan be activated accidentally
Adjustable bass level
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Everyone who buys a headphone trusts that that headphone shall satisfy his needs and preferences. Although most people want headphones that have great sound, people tend to choose from the list of available headsets their favorites. If you ask someone, you can get some recommendations on the best headphones in the market.

For a majority of music lovers, they will recommend to you Skullcandy maybe since the company is well-known or the products deserve the accolade.

Skullcandy S6CRW-K591 Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone - Black

Skullcandy S6CRW-K591 Crusher is a modern and high-quality wireless headphone. It has unique features that make it the best headsets in the market. They exist in diverse colors among them black, red, white, and others at an affordable price including shipment costs. This is the original version of all Skullcandy wireless headphones.

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Features

The Crusher wireless over-ear headphones have not only the best qualities of a wireless headset one can look for but also have an immersive experience while using it.

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Features

Its unique features include:

They have Bluetooth wireless technology:

Nowadays music lovers prefer using Bluetooth headsets since it allows for multitasking. Work is made easier and productive since you can give more attention to the work you are doing while still enjoying a quality music system. For instance, when you are having a call either business type or personality type, one can engage in other constructive activities such as laundry work, driving, or cooking while still not losing what is addressed by the caller. This has improved work output.

They have the best frequency response within a wide range of up to 330 ft. while still producing quality sound.  When using Bluetooth, the response range is determined by the device the headphones are allowed to be connected to and its frequency range that the device can transmit audio over Bluetooth. Therefore, the headphones are limited to the range that the electronic device can transmit.

Rapid charge of 10 Minutes=3 hours, 40 hours of total battery life

The Skull Crusher has an extended battery life of up to 40 hours therefore one has nothing to worry about power issues such as charging and low power frequency also known as low voltage. The Skull Crusher saves power therefore it can be used in areas where access to a power supply such as some parts in the rural areas is limited. It’s an excellent option for hiking activities. Most people consider the battery life of a gadget before they purchase thus Skull Crusher headphones can never be a disappointment.

Skull Crusher headphones can recharge faster as an additional feature to the long-lasting battery life.

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones catch attention not only to the battery life but also on their ability to recharge faster.

Adjustable Sensory Bass

Crusher headphones have a powerful adjustable sensory bass system that allows you to regulate the bass response to accommodate your required level. These features allow you to have a quite wonderful experience.

Noise isolating Fit

This isolation involves the use of the best materials in design to resist as much noise interference as possible entering your hearing system. It acts as a barrier to ears or sound absorbers. Earpad and a thick memory form help in noise isolation.

Microphone, Call, Track, and Volume Control

Headset microphones work hand in hand with earphones or headphones. Some headsets have two ear cups and an attached microphone that supports stereo sounds. Crush headphones have a button for muting the headset microphone anytime and with ease. They have a head attachment with a volume control bar to enable multitasking. You can do diverse works with ease while still making a call.

Which Upgraded Versions of Skullcandy Wireless Over-Ear Headphones do we have currently on the market?

Technology will never remain static. It will always keep on changing from better to best and no manufacture will want his device to remain in a state it was 10 or 20 years ago. Though some will never be ready for change due to the cost involved in upgrading one version to a new improved version with better features. New versions have more improvements as compared to the oldest version.

As time goes by the Crusher series has been upgrading itself from the original S6CRW-K591 series to a more powerful and improved version.
There are two improvements to the original version of the candy series. Let us have a look at the new series with their unique qualities.

Crusher Evo model

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphone - True Black
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This is a Wireless Over-Ear Microphone whose features have audio quality improvements over the original Crusher model. Its ability to give a fine quality sound can tell us if a person is enjoying the flow of the music or not. If the quality of the audio produced is low or very poor, you will not enjoy the music or conversation given the song playing is either one of the songs you love in your list of songs you have selected.

When the quality of sound audio is better, it is able to motivate one to be even highly attentive to the music in the playlist in a way that you will find yourself always rewinding it in order to hear the quality sound with quality music. You will find it more fun having to listen to the Crusher Evo sound system and realize how addictive it can be.

The relatively quality audio of this series has attracted more people who are lovers of quality things. But you are responsible for measuring the sound quality since this is by one’s test and preference. Nevertheless, enjoyability is always subjective since everyone has their preference of what good music tastes like.

The upgraded version of Crusher wireless is unique with a better performance compared with the original version. From the given name, the model name is Crusher Evo, and the brand is known as Skullcandy. Connections of this device can either be through Bluetooth or wired connections.

The Pros

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Features

It has an Adjustable Sensory Bass

This new model is now retailing at a $50 discount. It is characterized by a powerful bass slider and a personal sound that is able to control the level of sound to users. Bass is one of the greatest aspects of sound which will make people decide either to use headphones or speakers that give their music system vigor while some may always prefer sounds with the same formality as the songs of the music being played. This is always significant for your enjoyment and happiness.

Evo series Bass system is the main reason why You should consider these headphones as compared to other wireless devices within the same price margin

Has Personal Sound customization through a Skullcandy App

These Personal Audio Turning properties from Skullcandy can be guaranteed and thus suits the headphone’s performance. This app personalizes your preference by using tests and exams in which your proficiency in evaluating some frequencies at different capacities. Provision of EQ adjustments is made in a way that you switch it on or off at your pleasure.

Information from Skullcandy suggests that for better and enhanced performance for a wireless headphone after some tests have been performed, then the model should have a personalized auditory property which is for the case of the Evo model. The registration regarding the capability of gauging certain frequencies at different volumes is done and then one is given EQ adjustment that you can switch on or off.

During the first stage of the visual glance, crusher Evo may seem undistinguishable from its other competitors though its wonderful make-up quality, design of favorable colors depending on choice is one of its strongholds that makes it stand out from the rest. They have ear cushions known as foam and a thick soft layer underneath the headband for protection and comfortability. More so they are lighter than other headsets thus you can wear them for a long period without you feeling over exhausted.

Another area of focus while using this model is concerning use of controls while gaming or just listening to music. Its control is arranged in such a way that on the vertical arrangement in the right side we have 3 button keys in which the upper one is for increasing the volume, the lower button for decreasing volume and the middle button is for holding the playback just by a single click. If you want to skip the music either a head or backward, you just need to hold the volume key.

There are good apps on Play Store which you can download into your smartphone or laptop device to help give you a good audio experience since they can offer good adjustments of the bass when listening to your music. When the EQS has been activated, the bass is optimized making you have a good taste of the music or video you are watching.

The Evo has a deep bass when compared to other models like ANC. For the bass lovers, this is the characteristic they look for though people’s taste and preference vary: while we may have someone who likes it when quiet music is playing, others won’t mind it if the music is booming and of a higher bass level. The output of its haptic bass signature can easily be controlled.

Crush Evo version will work well for them because of their addiction to high music.

The quality of sound produced is on another level making this version the most bought version on the Amazon platform. People have different ways of choosing headsets and they have different reasons as to why they chose one and left another even though their price range was not so wide. In my opinion, however, the best ones are those you can increase the bass volume to.

During my high school times, people used to gauge one another’s bass system by turning the volume of the bass high on the music they played. The higher the bass of your music than the rest the greater you were respected. If the Skullcandy series was there during those times, the owners indeed could have the whole world looking and admiring them, but it’s here now. These on-ear headphones have a powerful bass level meaning the volume bass is higher than the normal original version of the Skullcandy.

The developers of this model made a system for Personal Sound which begins to work immediately pairing either your smartphone or laptop device in which the Candy app prompts for a test using voice in order to configure Personal Sound. This Candy app releases a form of disturbance in your ears leaving you with a choice of either accepting the notification or not. This app makes you to be aware when someone is either calling or aa text has been sent to you and it works by overriding the song being played. Even though this sounds weird, it is unique in its own way. This effects can be shown when app turns on and off in the middle of a song and this powerful musical element can begin to manifest when this app is switched on.

Despite the Personal sound customization being one of its strength, it still has its own limitations including:

The original settings of this app sounds flat although this does not mean that they are awful. This Crusher Bluetooth overear headsets have still the best in-built quality in terms of sound, making Evo the headset of choice.

Though personal sound has some significance, it is still difficult and not sufficient to substitute the lack of bass when its slider is at point zero. How awesome it is when you have a bass you can feel on your music. Trying to turn the bass level makes elements of the bass to become flat, making it difficult to find the appropriate level of the slider and this can interfere with change of music from one song to another.

Longer time of battery life

There is nothing so annoying as having your overear headphones switch off due to power issues. It is always in one’s best interest that the device they are using be economical in terms of power use as possible. Everyone prefers that the battery should take as many hours as possible so that all the playlist they have is complete. I prefer longer hours of an interrupted Battery life, those in my category can attest that Skullcandy Crusher is still the best overear headset.

It can take this model up to about 41 hours for the battery to die This approximately longer than other headphones. The fact that your battery has a longer life can make you listen to a variety of music on your headset without worrying about charging them. When the power has been exhausted, it can take you up to 1 hour of uninterrupted charging and the battery shall be full and ready for use. The USB port on the headset is where you connect to your power source for charging.

This battery is ideal for persons who don’t love listening to a few kinds of music and the battery does not allow for more but with Crush Evo you are free to listen to as much music as possible due to the longer battery life span.

Build-in Tile Finding Technology

Tile technology involves using Bluetooth to track something and in our case is to track a headphone in case of misplacement or it has been lost. Crusher Evo has in-built tile which in case you lose it, you can easily find them through tracking.  The connection is mainly through Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) and using a phone which has the tile app.

This model has dealt with the worry of losing your expensive headphone since there is a possibility of recovery after lose making Crusher Evo model the best for you.

Pocket-lint company offers a diverse tracking devices including; Tile Mate, Tile Pro, and even Tile Slim together with other models different from the older or original version. They still offer other wireless products like Bluetooth wireless headsets.  When using this unique Evo series one may not require another Tile tracker since the tracker’s system work using the default Bluetooth hardware that is always known by Find with Tile since the tracker is supporting it.

Assuming you have lost your Crush Evo wireless headsets, the location of the device can be easily done using the Tile. Its system will use BLE to connect to your Evo headset. The requirement is just the connection of Bluetooth.  The battery should be charged to avoid powering off while in the middle of the search mode. Whenever the Evo headset shall be near, what is just required is switching to the app in the smartphone and you will just click on Tile. The missing Evo will then be located. The tracker then plays a unique sound that will direct you to finding the missing Evo. Whenever one may be far away from the location, you will always be able to visualize the last place on which it was registered. This is taken from the location of your smartphone at that particular time. You are then having to trace your steps back to the location where it was first registered to locate the treasured lost headphone.

When one is not near the location where it was traced, he will have to press the node which will then notify you whenever it has been located. The people surrounding you who own Tile are also of significance since the Evo headset can be tracked by another person in the neighborhood. If your device is tracked or discovered by another user, where it is located shall be returned for you to identify it. It is difficult though to have in mind who will locate your missing Evo headset and even themselves will not be aware that they have located the Evo headset. The location shall be reflected in your smartphone app and thus you will be able to go and recover it.

Using the large surrounding community makes Tile have an upper hand. If by chance one is in a city or town environment you have a probability of having a large number of tile users.  It is very easy to locate the lost device.

Call, Track, and Volume Control

Another wonderful feature of this pair of headphones is the ease of call track and volume controlling system which permits you to efficiently adjust the volume to either high or low depending on your comfortability. You are also able to skip tracks to those you want to play or replay your favorite ones. You call also receive calls or activate assistant, change EQ modes without even having your lovely smartphones in your hands.

This particular wireless headphone begins to pair when you just power your device on, where they then enter the auto-pair to the last device you connected it with.

Wired connectivity Technology

Wired technology such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is widely used. Nevertheless, wired connective is still of great significance. Crush Evo covers this by having an alternative means of connecting other than through relying only on wireless means. External connections can be done through an aux cable which comes together with this version of headphones when you purchase.

Included Components: User Guide

When you purchase or order for the Crusher Evo Wireless headphone, you will get a Guide which contains product information to help you during configuration or when you have more information concerning the product. The manual helps in the functioning of certain features.

The Cons:

The bass can flatten the sound

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo headsets have the best features and their merits outweigh the demerits. Nevertheless, the only disadvantage I cannot when using the Evo series is that its bass slider is a little very basic. More improvements have to be made on the same.

Crusher ANC model

Skullcandy Crusher ANC Personalized Noise Canceling Wireless Headphone - Black
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This is a noise-canceling headphone and is capable of bringing music to a new greater level. Have you tried a pair of noise-canceling headset, if you are yet to try out then this model is your chance Its music is fantastic and feels better on a pair of earbuds. This new model is immersive with the capability of combining the powerful Adjustable Sensory Bass, the Active Noise Cancellation, and the Personal Sound to provide us with deep bass for an extraordinary audio experience.

The Crusher ANC series is retailing at 34% discount. This series has haptic feedback and a stronger cancellation of the noise.

The crusher ANC is catchy not only due to its bright colors that are very attractive to buyers but also for its extraordinary bass level. Especially for those people who have fallen in love with these features and want them in their headsets.
The connections using Bluetooth are of high quality and can cover a larger distance. The lovers of high-quality and loud stereo systems, you can try these headsets, they are one of the best in the market. More so, its treble range is very high.

This Skullcandy Crusher headset has currently two competitors: The famous Sony WH-100XM3 and the Bose No Cancelling Headset. This headset is unique with great features for a just and affordable price.

Features of Crusher ANC

  • Its brand name is Skullcandy
  • Colors are diverse ranging from black, maroon, black/tan
  • The model name is Crusher ANCThe headsets form is Over-Ear
Skullcandy Crusher ANC Features

Its Designs

The model may tend to look similar to Crusher Wireless headphones with just some notable improvements such as bulging of the ear cups and the microphones having noise cancellation technique. This model comes in various colors for example we have those whose colors are maroon, blackish, or black /tan colors. The design is according to one’s taste and preference.
This amazing headset is made in such a way that you are comfortable. They completely cover your ears offering to shield them from external noises and at the same time making the sound not to leak outside when the volume is very high. Your friends won’t have a taste of the music you are listening to.

The make is in such a way that around the ear cups it is thickened acting as a shock absorber from extra-high frequency noise.

The headband has a thickened underside for comfort while wearing them. These headphones can be folded so that you can store them easily more so, they also come with a carrier case. All this design is mainly because of protection purposes.

When you purchase them, they will be packaged together with a cable if in case you choose not to use a Bluetooth connection and a USB cable used for charging. Its ear cup on the right has volume control buttons for volume regulations and a 35mm aux socket for connection of the audio cable when you choose to use a wired connection.

The right side has more buttons (the power and a bass slider) which also regulates Noise Cancellation with just two presses on the power key. The bass functions if and only if the headsets are switched on.

The performance

Are you interested in quality not only about the bass but also audio performance? Then ANC is the favorite headsets for you. It comes in quality not only about its price but you shall love its improved hardware and software. Sensory bass is having a powerful sound which by just a few increases in the volume level you can have a good experience. The great performance of its features can motivate you to purchase the series if you have not yet tasted this.

The ANC when in use can reduce any insignificance noises wherever you are for example when in a non-conducive environment like horning vehicle engines or a crowd of people, it can stop these noises from interfering with your conversation on the other end of a call or the music that you were listening to. The Active noise cancellation was thus helpful as compared to some other models.

The noise isolation is what attracted me to this amazing ANC and it has not disappointed giving me a great audio experience. It seems the audio drivers in this series were improved greatly therefore one can have an audio of his preference.
It seems to work perfectly when I connect it to my TV, when I play the video the effects in the movies are felt perfectly by this bass ANC headset.

You will not regret buying this noise cancellation headset because of the quality sound it delivers and you will feel a great bass.

I had to test the ANC stereo haptic headset on making a call and its results were just wow. I did not struggle hearing and even my response was heard well by the recipient. Though the voice of the caller was somehow softer.


The Crusher ANC are the headphones to go for due to their great and improved features in control and the favorite Noise Cancellation technique. The level of bass has been taken to another higher notch with fine sound quality.

This is so because all features are being controlled by you. You are to choose the level of bass you want to hear if it is enough or not.

It comes in different colors where you have to choose one depending on your taste and choice preferences.
The question one has to ask himself before purchasing it is if all these qualities are worth spending. I f you find it is worth it then you have the right to buy it to experience the great taste.

When compared to other alternatives like Sony WH-1000XM4 their quality deserves this money due to the better style and super noise cancellation technique. These are the best that we have in the market so far. They provide greater and excellent audio and video experience.

The Pros

  • Have great comfortability and wonderful passive noise isolation.
  • They have a powerful adjustable bass level.
  • Have a digital active noise cancellation
  • Has a personal sound with candy app

The Cons

  • It looks a little bit ordinary when you associate it with the likes of the Sony-WH-100XM4
  • The active noise cancellation may overwhelm you.
  • It can be activated easily and accidentally.

Final Verdict

In case what you want is a bass that shakes all the area whenever you turn it on, then Skullcandy Crush wireless can offer you what you are looking for. Amazon offers shipment arrangements to the location you want, nevertheless, you can also find it at lower prices from a variety of sellers that do not offer free shipping.

Crusher gives the consumer a quality audio experience as compared to other headsets in the market. It gives great satisfaction while listening to your best songs and even when watching your fascinating videos.

It uses 40mm audio drivers and other two bass drivers that turn the audio sound into an immersive experience you can never forget. You just want to hear the song being played time and again due to the nature of the sound system, you have a good feeling which is what most people love, feeling the music.

The crusher wireless technology has made work easier since one can multi-task, with no time wastage. Technology changes and so the Crush headphones, the new series seems to be what people have been waiting for, I included prefer using a Bluetooth headset to using a wired connection, maybe I can call it fashion.

Its batteries have a long life going up to 40 hours with a rapid charge, its saving power nature makes it ideal. Whenever the battery powers off, 10 minutes of charging will give you enough time approximately 3 hours to hear more music. It has a micro USB power cable for charging.

The Crush wireless offers a great sound quality only that it does not have active noise cancellation. The plush earpads help to block any unnecessary noises around. These are the best headphones for someone in a busy and noisy place.

The folding hinges make it very easy for keeping them or even to carry them around without having to worry about them being destroyed. They are comfortable even when you wear them. The rubber padding on the headband is more comfortable as compared to other headsets I have used before. This to me is a good step and I can recommend it to someone who always feels uncomfortable while wearing other types of headsets.

If you are a bass favorite who admires more and unique types of genre, then I can advocate this for you. It is very clear and if not the personalized directions in the Skullcandy app can be useful.

When the slider is at the lowest level, you can choose to adjust the haptic bass so us you get a good taste of the music. To everyone who wants a pocket-friendly price for the candy Crushers headphones will have to settle for the Crusher wireless due to its relatively low prices as compared to other series in the same class. Nevertheless, they aren’t bad pair headphones given the good features we have discussed.

I had to test the headsets on making calls both voice calls and even on the video ones and found the sound to be decent on the callers and recipients side though the voice of the caller was a bit very soft.

Skullcandy Crusher Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

If you are purposing to shop online for quality headphones, you will likely come across Skullcandy headphones. Maybe you are familiar with this brand from its popularity of their products and you have not tried out the headset but you want to know if:

Are the Crushers good?

Skullcandy has a wonderful series of headphones that can fit your desires in terms of color, model, price, and even bass response. Its varieties have some great features others being improvements from the original Overear headphones.
If you are a lover of music and not only music but the quality of it then Skullcandy has a few series which you should take a look at. The sound has a high bass level but the sound quality is somehow average depending on the series you are interested in.

If the color of the headphone is the motivator for you desiring to buy a pair of headphones the Candy has something good for you. It comes in a different color of great designs which can be your better option.

Is Skullcandy Crusher wireless noise-canceling?

Is wireless noise cancellation your topmost priority in any headphones you choose to buy? If the answer is yes then don’t worry, Skullcandy Crusher has something great for in-store. Its features have a sensory bass with new drivers which makes you be not only a hearer but also have an amazing feel at it when in use. It has an active noise cancellation that turns the music audio into uniquely great sound. It is also able to help in monetarization and elimination of any outside noises thereby giving you a very good clarity of the music.

Do Skullcandy Crusher headphones work with ps4?

Are you a lover of computer games such as PS4 and PlayStation VR and you are wondering if Skullcandy headphones can be useful while you are enjoying the video games? The answer is an absolute yes. Using the controller of this adapter headset using a 3.5mm cable it is well compatible but is not a guarantee to headsets that are of the third party. The main disadvantage is that it is not possible to use the microphone which after a very long period of listening they may become very sweaty.

Is Skullcandy better than Sony?

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself what taste do I have in music? What is the maximum price I’m able to pay so that I can get the headphones? I’m I a person in love with great and quality bass? If Yes, then what I can recommend to you are the Crusher Headphones. But if you want something with a better build quality then Sony is recommendable. The choice depends mostly on one’s preference though I prefer Skullcandy since I am a bass head.

Are the Crusher headphones durable?

Apart from the Crushers being of good quality, they are even more durable. They can withstand so much pressure due to their heavy and stronger nature but still lighter to carry around. Furthermore, they can be folded for easy storage in your bags.

Do they work well on PC?

Does your PC have Bluetooth? If yes, then it is very possible to connect your wireless Headsets with the PC by simply turning on the Bluetooth settings on your PC and pair them. If your PC does not support the Bluetooth device, then don’t worry. Crusher headphones always come hand in hand with an auxiliary cable which you can use to connect them and still have a wonderful experience.


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