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The Most Powerful Keylogging Solution for Mac

A Keylogger for Mac is a software application designed to capture keystrokes, social network activity, and in many cases even printed documents. Their purpose is to monitor employee productivity, keep children safe online, and to oversee what data is being imported or exported to and from the Mac computer. Most of the applications designed for Mac are actually ported from the PC as there has always been a “Windows First” development cycle, and many of the core features are lost in the beta testing.

Recently, however, Many 1st party developers have begun to focus exclusively on the Mac OS. The results have been well beyond expectation as for the first time these Mac keyloggers outperform their PC counterparts. The keyloggers listed below are those applications built from the ground up for the Mac OS, with extremely powerful features that even Windows users cannot boast.


Mac keylogger

RealTime Spy for Mac is an incredibly powerful keylogger. What makes it different from the rest is the streamlined installation method. It works by simply logging in to your control panel and configuring the options you want. This can be done from any computer, smartphone, or internet-enabled device. Once your preferences have been selected in the control panel it will deliver the installation file. This file can be sent in an e-mail, dragged to a USB, or even uploaded to cloud-based applications such as Google Drive.

This installation file is tiny, smaller than a photo and because all of the options have already been preset there is no installation time required once it is opened on the Mac. It simply starts running. It already has all the information it needs to invisibly send all the Mac keylogging reports to the remote control panel and there is no further need to access the Mac computer at all.


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Installation options are nearly limitless. Plugin a USB with the installation file on it and click it. Some users prefer to install remotely by sending the application in an e-mail. Other users may wish to send the file to themselves in an e-mail and then open said e-mail at a later time when they are using the Mac. And finally, others upload the file to Google Drive and visit the URL of the stored file when they have access to the Mac computer.


In addition to logging keystrokes, the application captures screenshots, usage reports, application activity, and social network activity as well as chat applications. Concerned parents can also set usage limitations based on time, application, or even set keyword alerts if the application detects behavior that a parent would consider inappropriate.

Employers can see a simple pie chart of how the Mac user is spending their time. This allows them to instantly glance and summarize what the computer is being used for. No longer will network managers be forced to dig through endless reports to get a grasp on the activity taking place. RealTime Spy is just one of the many great new keylogging solutions for Mac. To learn more about our Mac solutions visit:


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