Yamaha Aventage RX-A2A Review and Complete Specifications

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Amplifier 8.7

Audio Features 8.8

Video Features 8.9

Connectivity Features 8.4

Overall 8.7

Setting up devices on the MusicCast app is easyHDR10 will be available via a future firmware update
WirelessStreaming services require a subscription
AV set up guide
Voice control compatibility
8K60, 4K120
Gaming Dedicated Function – QMS, QFT, ALLM, VRR
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Yamaha announced the release of their latest av receiver: the Yamaha Aventage RX-A2A. This addition to the family comes with a sleek, classy design that doesn’t just speak class, but also a monster receiver for gamers, movie watchers, and party freaks.

It stands with Yamaha’s virtues and encompasses the best of engineering and fine-tuning with a lot of attention to detail.

The individual parts don’t only have varying functions, but also work in sync to produce outstanding audio and video effects.

Humans always need perfection and satisfying their wants. The need to have a receiver that’s like no other, that channels audio messages from various devices and sends it blasting through the speakers at an optimized level.

With the ease of operation, this 2020 model redefines audio and visual experiences with high resolution and imaging technology.

Yamaha RX A2A

The design took personal matters into consideration.

Issues like an apartment that shows difficulties when it comes to running wires, ease of operating the receiver without making it stressful, amplifying already existing sounds, and transforming them into a blast.

I mean, it’s everything. And when you think it stopped with just music, you’re dealt a cinema experience which comes in the form of a cinema 3D DSP function which recreates sounds from cinemas around the world.

But no, the fun doesn’t stop there. Why should it? If you’re going to create a masterpiece why stop short of greatness.

The last of the fun comes in the form of gaming enhancements for when you want to relax and have some well-deserved fun.

Blackouts are eliminated, frames are displayed as they are processed, you can listen to songs on various platforms and also those on vinyl.

It’s a must-have if you’re still thinking of getting a receiver or you want to simply upgrade to something cooler.

The other good news, which is financial-based, is that you don’t have to break the bank to have yourself a slice of this receiver.

With a price range of 750-900 dollars and the inclusion of delivery fee and shipping fee, you’ll be a happy owner of this Yamaha Aventage RX-A2A home theatre av receiver.

To further prove their dedication to customer satisfaction, they addressed the issue of the faulty chipset used in previous models which is also in the rxa2a.

They have assured people that the same method used in rectifying the previous model’s issues will be employed here as well. So there’s nothing to fear.

Yamaha Aventage RX-A2A Receiver Features

Yamaha RX A2A Side

What makes this av receiver sleek are its various features and parts that work together to produce and balance out the sound around the home.

If you’re a home theatre aficionado, you’ll be familiar with the term listed below, if you’re not, they have been broken down to establish their usefulness and how it comes together to serve you. Yes, you.

Your needs, your pleasure, all channeled into one system.

Some of the features of this receiver include:

Yamaha RX A2A Back Side
  • Support for enhanced media and gaming (VRR, QFT, ALLM, QMS) with talks of a future update.
  • Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization, also with future updates.
  • 2 channel 100 Watt surround sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.
  • Multiroom audio with MusicCast.
  • Connectivity with Wi-Fi, Spotify, and Apple Airplay 2.
  • Ease of control with voice control Siri, with Alexa, Google Assistant.
  • Phono input.
  • Support for MusicCast speakers
  • YPAO automatic room calibration with R.S.C.
  • Digital audio inputs: 1 Toslink optical, 1 coaxial.
  • 3 analog stereo RCA audio inputs.
  • MM (moving magnet) phono input for connecting a turntable.
  • Two line-level subwoofer outputs.
  • Front-panel USB port for audio playback from USB flash drives
  • Outputs for 9 speakers (Front L/R, Center, Surround L/R, Surround Back L/R, Front Presence L/R).
  • The receiver can power a maximum of 7 channels at once.
  • Full-sized front-panel headphone jack.

Below are details on the features and how exactly they work to produce entertainment like never seen before.

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Multiroom Audio: The Fun Doesn’t Have To Be At One Place

This av receiver has a multiroom audio feature that enables music to be shared from one room to the other, no matter what form it’s in, instead of remaining in the sitting room. How? By connecting the receiver to your MusicCast app.


-Once you sync your devices, you’re free to play as you want, and setting up the devices on the app is easy and straightforward.


Over-reliance on MusicCast on WiFi routers for connectivity.

-Searching for music takes a while as the MusicCast can only search out music stored on your phone. Every other music on your device must be searched for individually.

-Inability to select a different source for each zone.

Wires? What Wires?

Seeing a bunch of wires running across your house can be a turn-off and some homes do not even accommodate running wires around the house. With this receiver, there’s no need for wires. You just have to connect the av receiver to MusicCast wireless surround speakers and you’re good to go. You won’t only be getting entertainment at its peak, but also a wire-free decluttered environment.


-Decluttered wire-free space which improves the overall look of the home.

-Ease in the flow as the music follows you wherever you are in the house.


-Reliability on strong connectivity to ensure the audio quality is the same in all the rooms.

In a case of a non-battery receiver, you would still need a power source to attach to your speakers. The presence of an available power source restricts the arrangement of the speaker in your home.

-Radio interference is also a problem. Since the connection is based on signals, other frequencies could piggyback on yours and distort your music.

The setup must be done with MusicCast speakers only.

AV Set-Up Guide App

Even if you’ve never used a Yamaha receiver before or you’re simply a new convert, setting up the receiver has never been easier.

The Yamaha RX-A2A is equipped with an av set up guide that directs you on where to insert and connect the necessary devices—speakers, tv, source devices, etc.


-Provides guidance on properly installing the receiver without having issues.


-Might contain too many jargons.

High Slew Rate Amplifier

What’s a slew rate and why would you need it amplified?

A slew rate measures the input frequency befitting an operational amplifier. To achieve a reliable output, the slew rate has to be high—which it is in this receiver. And with a high slew rate, you’re sure of a balanced sound.

Cinema DSP 3D

Cinema DSP Yamaha RX-A2A

Watching movies have never seemed more relaxing. The cinema DSP 3D feature brings the cinema to your home. And with cinemas still trying to get back from the corona outbreak you’ll have your personal entertainment.

Yamaha researched various sounds from cinemas, music clubs, and concert halls, and inputted it thereby recreating these sounds in your home.

A cinema away from the cinema.


There’s HDMI 2.1 with seven input slots and one output slot.

Each of the HDMIs supports the 4K/60 Hz video.

With the free future firmware update, the HDMIs will support 4K/120 and 8K/60.

They took it a step further to ensure compatibility of the HDMIs with Ultra HD sources and TV with HDCP 2.3 technology.

It supports HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma).

Compressed Music Enhancer

Music Enhancer Yamaha RX-A2A

With the compressed music enhancer, you can say bye-bye to any distortion in your music.

Through the use of highly sophisticated signal processing, it rids of negative and renders original clear music.

YPAO-R.S.C (Reflected Sound Control)

YPAO is charged with optimizing the sound available in a room.

Different rooms give off different acoustics, and it’s the function of the YPAO to measure the room’s sound output and automatically set your speakers to produce the clearest of sounds based on your room. Neat!

This is possible due to the Reflected Sound Control that picks out room acoustics, measures the speaker’s characteristics, and then simulates the audio to produce optimum sound no matter your listening position.

So you don’t have to worry about a speaker sounding cool in your room, it doesn’t have a choice. It fits in and blends perfectly.

Setting up the YPAO might seem difficult, but in reality, it’s not. You’ll just have to heed some instruction while setting up.

While using the YPAO you must not connect a headset. You can’t adjust the volume during the optimization. Try not to stand between the YPAO microphone and your speakers.

To achieve the best optimization, the room must be quiet, so if the kids are in, find a way to keep them quiet until you’re done optimizing.

Only use the YPAO after you must have turned on your tv and speakers, not before.

An important tip for the proper placement of the YPAO microphone is to place it at the same level as your ear when you’re seated.

If the microphone isn’t steady, use a tripod to hold it in place.

Avoid dropping the microphone directly on your sofa, it’ll mimic the muffled noise in the sofa and that would suck big time.

Voice Control

Optimal control of your devices via Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri (via Airplay 2).

With your devices, your av receiver is at your beck and call. “Hey Alexa, play a soothing love song.”

Do bear in mind that you’ll need a third-party device to activate voice commands.


Ability to command the receiver without needing a remote.

-Ease of change even when away from your receiver.


-Sometimes, recognizing your voice might not happen as quickly as you want it. It could be due to technical glitches.

-There’s a lack of accurate interpretation due to speech recognition patterns and additional background noise.

HDR and HDR10

HDR10 Yamaha RX-A2A

A high dynamic range video gives you a natural feel to your pictures as they appear on the screen, with incredibly smooth tones, vibrant colors, etc.

It expands contrast in which brighter sections of an image are enhanced to look even brighter and dark sections projected clearly and more defined.

HDR10 revamps the light to the dark ratio of videos on either a scene to scene or frame by frame method.


-Your scene bounces with vibrant color and enhances the viewing experience.


-HDR10 is an awesome package but can’t be accessed until it is made available via a future firmware update.

-Not every type of screen can display HDR.

Scene Buttons

Scenes buttons are part of the user interface, and the receiver has four of them.

Each scene button allows for preset for HDMI output, music enhancer, various inputs as the FM, Internet radio station, a USB device, etc.

Once you’re all set with the scene buttons, press one on the remote. This will power the receiver and deliver your desired music.

4K120, 8K60, 4K60

eARC 4k 8k UHD Yamaha RX-A2A

4K/60 is currently installed in the receiver, but 4K/120 and 8K/60 will be available via future updates.


-Delivers four times the value of 4k in pixels.

-Gives you an experience with twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 4k

-With the refresh rate of 60Hz, contents with high-speed action are viewed clearly and give off a sharp appearance.


-Support of Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma.

-Ultra fast motion UHD images that produce clear cut pictures

Read review of the Yamaha RX-V6A.

Gaming Dedicated Function

Having the boys over and competing in a video game is the perfect hangout for some people and for some, it’s a moment to have a romantic date.

Whatever your reasons may be, the receiver brags about enhanced media and gaming features, (QMS, QFT, ALLM, VRR).

These features translate the visuals of the game and provide an additional smooth motion while gaming.

ALLM which is the Auto Low Latency Mode monitors the signal that switches from game mode to the TV.

It gets rid of input lag which sometimes makes playing games difficult.


-Ease in transition between TV and movies, as the manual change of game mode to TV.

High level of intelligence which differentiates when you’re playing a game or seeing a movie.

VRR-Variable Refresh Rate eliminates any form of stuttering or tearing for smoother gameplay.


-A display that corresponds with the speed of its updates despite the number of frames being displayed.

QMS-Quick Media Switching just as its name suggests quickly switches movies and removes any delay that might lead to blank screens before the display of content by employing the VRR mechanism.


Absence of blank screens and an enhanced watching experience.

Quick Frame Transport transports the frames at a higher rate that decreases the display latency.

But all these features will be available via a future update.


It reduces latency and ensures a smoother game with no lags.

Anti Resonance Technology Wedge.

Located in the center of the unit as a fifth foot, the A.R.T wedge provides sound due to its ability to moderate the vibrations from transformers, heat sinks, etc.

Asides from these, it also muffles any vibration that might occur due to speakers in the home.


While watching a movie, you want it to be as realistic as possible. Even though it’s just acting, which is why many favor the 3D experience because it’s larger than life realistic.

The DTS:X improves and heightens the realism of your movies.

MusicCast App

With either your gadgets or smartphone, you can use the MusicCast App to control and operate your av receiver which offers room for prompt change to settings.

The MusicCast App mimics the function of remote control.


-Seemless connections around your speaker and homes.

-One-touch connection to your devices.


-Music Cast is cool and functions well but there’s one major fault which I hope they’ll look into and that’s the issue of navigation.

The absence of a search function is such a lag. Locating a song involves scrolling, tons of scrolling until you find what you’re looking for.

Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC)

With this advanced ARC technology, you get full resolution, and through current HDMI connections, you get a multichannel audio formats connection, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD.

This comes together to give you realistically surround sound where you get to soak in your movie and submerse yourself into every moment.

Zone 2

Sometimes arguments come up over whose genre of music should be played over the sound systems. And most times these arguments never end or you end up having a case of constant change to the songs.

Yamaha says, no more of that. Because zone 2 provides a new zone for listening to music, both similar and different.

How? It consists of a type of system that transmits what an av source is playing in the main room to another room.

The av source can be similar or different and allows an owner to listen to content in the other room.

Accessibility to Streaming Services

There’s a variety of music streaming services built into thaid design-amazon music, Deezer, tidal, Napster, Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, qobuz.

With easy synchronization, you get to kick back and listen to all your favorites tracks as well as find new music.


-Some of these services require subscriptions.

Airplay 2

Apple users get a special feature on this receiver—the Airplay 2.

It provides an avenue to spread music throughout your home by streaming Apple music through MusicCast devices in the home.

It is easily controlled with your iPhone and iPad and can also be linked to a Homepod. Tripple-threat goodness.

And if all these seem like excess work, call out her name and let her help you: ‘Hey, Siri’.

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Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization and Dolby Atmos

Audio has never sounded better with the Dolby installation.

With the Dolby Atmos, you’ll be enjoying a surround speaker system of 5.1 with two overhead speakers.

Or you can opt for two Dolby Atmos elevation speakers. All structured to deliver an effect that encompasses you fully.

Even without any in-ceiling speakers, the fun doesn’t end because the Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization encourages and vivifies the Atmos experience.

Two major options exist with this feature and it’s totally up to you to chose how you want to configure the speaker system.

Option 1: You can decide to take advantage of all the seven channels to take on the effects of the four overhead speakers.

Option 2: Set up five speakers to imitate the effect two ceiling speakers would have given.

The height virtualization will be available with future updates.


Yamaha RX-A2A Front

Producing and engineering a classic piece is one thing. Designing that piece to be user friendly is another.

But Yamaha has effortlessly done just that. The receiver has a graphical interface with scene buttons and app control, in addition to the remote.

So not only can you use the regular remote to control your device, but you can log in to the apps and take charge as you please.

But that’s not all. The control on the device can either be via an iPhone, iPad, or Android. No matter your phone’s class and grade, you’re sure to have access.


Staying connected and in touch is feeling that like no other. And this design has made it easier to stay connected.

Wi-Fi; check. Airplay 2 and Bluetooth, check. Phono input, double-check.

Music Cast surround, oh, yes.


The frequency band of the wifi is 2.4 / 5 GHz. Just like previous sets.

You can never run out of connectivity no matter your mode of transfer. It’s a blend of old and new.

Phono Input

Sometimes, records we want and desire might not be accessible via the internet and modern times, so we opt for some good old phonograph.

Not only do you get to revisit your records, but you also get to listen to them in an amazing sound experience.


The Bluetooth features come in both SBC and AAC. SBC which is a Subband codec is responsible for conveying data to any Bluetooth output device which could be speakers or headphones.

“It is a digital audio encoder and decoder.”

Check features of TSR-7850.


ModelAventage RX-A2A
TypeA/V Receiver
Power SupplyAC 120 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption360 W
Standby Power0.1 W
Warranty3 Years
Dimensions (W x H x D)435 mm x 171 mm x 377 mm
17.13 x 6.73 x 14.84 inches
WEIGHT (kg, lbs.)10.2 kg (22.5 lbs.)
Power Output (8 Ω, 20-20,000 Hz)125 W
Power Output (6 Ω)160 W
Max Effective Power Output (6 Ω, 1 kiloHertz)150 W
Signal to Noise (S/N) Ratio100 deciBel
Input Sensitivity and Impedance (Line)200 mV/47 kΩ
Input Sensitivity and Impedance (Phono MM)3.5 mV/47 kΩ
DSD Sampling Rates via HDMI2.8 MHz
DSD Sampling Rates via USB2.8 MHz, 5.6 MHz
ECO Mode / ECO
Dolby Atmos
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby TrueHD
DTS Express
DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
DTS-HD Master Audio
DSD 2-ch to 6-ch
PCM 2-ch to 8-ch
Wi-Fi Direct
Sonic Boom
Amazon Music

Final Words

There’s so much to do and expect from this latest system design. It not only appeals to movie fans but gamers and music lovers alike.

Plenty to go round for anyone and every member of the family. You can have a Netflix-and-chill setting one night, and have the boys over for some games the next.

And when there’s a party in the home or you just feel like having fun, turn up the music and dance away.

This AV receiver is tasked with one duty: to revolutionize your home cinema with quality audio and video. Its parts scream sophistication and elegance with ease for performing the basic functions.

The waiting game is the most difficult part of the receiver as updates which have been promised by the company have not yet been slated for a date.

But without the updates, there’s still so much to accomplish with this handy device.

Caveat: with the excitement, you’ll probably want to run wild. Pay attention to the volumes especially when you’re in the same room as all these speakers. Yes, they produce massive sounds that are clear, audible, and have high resolution. But your ears also need pampering.

Monitor the speaker volumes, and save your hearing. Also, download the user guide and familiarize yourself with the dos and numerous don’ts. You might be a neat freak and want to take it overboard by cleaning with water and chemical. Please don’t.

Everyone knows water and electricity or electric parts don’t go well. It’s not water-resistant and you’ll lose your device.

Also, avoid connecting the device to public WiFi. It’s unsafe and dangerous and while the effects might not be life-threatening it can be hazardous. Imagine someone taking control of your system through public WiFi.

You also know you leave your devices plugged into the socket but press the standby mode thinking nothing will go wrong. Well, as long as the device is connected, a little current passes to the receiver, so it’s best to unplug it when not in use.

The device comes with safety precautions and labels telling you where what goes and what you shouldn’t touch with bare hands.

You can’t afford to be careless with your receiver because it’ll lead to damage or malfunction. Which I’m sure you don’t want.

With dedication and commitment, you’re sure of a long-lasting home theater.

Of course, it’s not all rosy as people experienced glitches with their older Yamaha receivers. We’ll just have to hope and believe that Yamaha got its issues taken care of.

You know how alcoholic beverages always add the drink responsible tag to their ads. Same here. Listen responsibly. Don’t make your neighbors call the cops on you for disturbance and noise pollution.

After all, that’s said and done, you don’t need to ask if this is the one, because it is. With people still recovering from the pandemic and trying to get back to how things were, staying home has become a vital part of our living.

So why not revamp your home to channel your favorite clubs, favorite cinemas, and favorite gaming centers?

You’ll be the belle at the ball with the home theater system, and become the envy of some.

Yamaha aventage RXA2A for movies, gaming, and music, a three in one hamper from Yamaha.

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Yamaha Aventage RX-A2A Frequently Asked Questions

Since the announcement of the receiver by Yamaha, fans and customers have been burning with questions about the receiver? How much does it weigh? How large is the receiver? Does it come with a guide?

We’ll be answering some of these questions below.

Q. How much does it weigh?

It’s not much heavy-duty equipment, the Yamaha Rx-a2a weighs around 10.2 kg approximately 22.5 pounds. It’s easy to carry around and doesn’t involve so much lifting.

Q. How large is the av receiver?

There’s no need to be worried about the space the receiver will occupy. It’s a compatible device that measures 17-1/8″W x 6-3/4″H x 14-5/8″D (9-5/8″H with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas raised). It fits into a spot perfectly and blends with other source devices.

Q. Can I stream with my receiver?

Absolutely. The receiver comes with access to streaming music via your phones, or iPad.

Q.What’s the warranty on the av receiver?

Yamaha provides a 3-year warranty on their devices. That’s three years of consultation and repairs.

Q. Does it come in other colors?

No. For now, it doesn’t. Just black.

Q. Does the receiver have seven HDMI outputs?

No, it doesn’t. The Yamaha Aventage RXA2A 7.2 channel AV receiver has seven HDMI inputs instead and only one output.

Q. Can I control the receiver if I’m using an Android?

Yes, you can. It supports both iPhones and Androids alike.

Q. How does the phono input work?

The receiver has a provision for connecting your turntable. Once the connection is made, your records blast their way through the speakers and fill your home. Note: it’s only an input option, there’s no output to the phono.

Q. When will the future update take place?

For now, there’s no slated date. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

Q. Can I play different things on my receiver?

Yes, you can, by switching to zone 2.

Q. What watt of power supply does it support?

110 v.

Q. Does the receiver come with a users’ manual?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. But the good news is that it’s on the Yamaha website where you can easily download it.

Q. Can I use any wireless speaker I want?

No, you can’t. The receiver only works with MusicCast wireless speakers.

Q. Is the rxa2a a replacement for RX a880?

Yes, the rxa2a is an upgrade to the rxa880.

Q. Is there a way to connect my computer via a USB port?

Yes, the receiver provides a space for USB connection to any device.


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