Creating a true home-theater experience means satisfying the eyes with a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (yes, that’s a word) picture and the ears with mellifluous sound.

Spurred in part by the advent of 4K and 8K Television, their makers have done a very good job of meeting the first requirement, creating sets that often deliver jaw-dropping images. When it comes to sound, however, things sometimes fall a little short.

The eminence of Sound produced by today’s TVs is typically leaps and bounds ahead of the norm of just a few years ago, but even the best TVs can’t really produce authentic sound.

An authentic surround-sound field requires at least five speakers positioned in precise locations at recommended elevations relative to your seating position.

While TVs have improved dramatically in their ability to deliver bass frequencies, sometimes using signal processing techniques or even modest integral subwoofers to flesh out the low end, they pale next to floorboard-rattling bass pumped out by a suitable subwoofer.

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ColorViewFinder was born to help people through their extensive research on sound systems. Our Home Theater System Guide takes you through every aspect before you even take out your wallet.

Richard J. founded ColorViewFinder in 2015 with the intention of helping people find the perfect sound machine, whether it be personal or professional. He started the company in New York, USA and it has since been a trusted source of inspiration by music lovers, artists, and entertainers all over the world.

Some experts suggest spending nearly as much on your home-theater speakers as you do on your Projector or Television. While that might be overkill for many, if your home theater will have a twofold purpose, i.e., as a primary spot for serious music listening, that might not seem so unreasonable.

Music demands much more from speakers, since they need to be able to handle anything from delicate string instruments to driving percussion to deep bass equally well, and without adding coloration or distortion.

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