Home Theater Lighting Ideas

Home Theater Lighting

Too much room lighting degrades the picture quality. Your goal is to have a 100% black room. In fact, you should not be able to see your hand.  However, too little room lighting can fatigue your eyes and make the room creepy and unlivable. Therefore, it is permissible to use just enough light to illuminate the room to limit eye strain. However, if you use a light projector it throws just enough light in the room to remedy this problem. Turn off the lights. If you must use lights, use NTSC standard 6,500o K light bulbs so the light will not …

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10 reasons why you should buy a Smartwatch?

Why buy a Smartwatch?

Are you tired of opening your phone every time a notification comes? Or do you want to upgrade your watch? Then the answer is right here, a smartwatch is what you need. What is a smartwatch? A smartwatch is a wearable computing device that is connected to your phone and comes in the form of a watch. Over the years, other than smartphones, smartwatches have gained a lot of popularity for all the right reasons possible. Let’s look into the top 10 reasons why you should buy a smartwatch? Everything at wrists The last time you bought a fancy watch …

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5 Reasons why you should have a workbench in your garage?

Workbench in Garage

Workbench is a necessity for every man who is serious about completing his garage. It can be a valuable addition to your garage and house in general. Besides having shelves for placing things, having a workbench station can help you get your organization to the next level. Not only you will have a place to work on your projects, but you will also be able to place lots of things beneath it and above it. Its functionality is truly exceptional – it can serve as your creative nook, where you can work on your crafts and relax. Working in peace …

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The science behind electronic rat traps


When we talk about the ever-evolving technology world, things like new gadgets or VR (virtual reality) glasses come into our mind, but technological development also affected such trivial subjects as home & cleaning. In this article, we will talk about how electronic rat traps help to keep our homes clean and rodent-free. Electronic rat traps are the most effective trapping systems of rats and mice. To effectively destroy rodents you need to choose the right places to catch them – it can be a basement, cellar, technical room, warehouse or garage. Once installed, the trap should be charged with bait, …

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Everything you need to know about playing Pubg on your PC in 2020

Pubg on PC

Do you call yourself a mobile gamer? Did you ever play a First Person Shooter battle royale game? If no, what are you all waiting for? Just go and download the most epic and popular battle royale game that has ever existed. Yes, I am talking about Player Unknown’s BattleGround aka Pubg. But wait, does your phone support such a resource-intensive game? If no, I have got a perfect solution for you. Yes, it has nothing to do with your phone being crappy. Instead, you will not have to touch your phones to play this game. In fact, you will …

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Onkyo TX-8140 Review | Essential Buyer’s Guide

Onkyo TX-8140 Review

The receiver will appear pretty stylish in an apartment or house. The Onkyo TX-8140 is very easy to set up and has a comfortable instruction manual. So, you can link your receiver to your house theatre, in addition, to have speakers in another room wherein it is possible to send music wirelessly. In spite of the abundance of buttons on the front panel, this receiver isn’t difficult to manage. If you are searching for a wonderful AV receiver to choose your home theatre system, then look no more. Our Review of Onkyo TX-8140 Receiver   Onkyo TX-8140 Specifications Each input …

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Bose Solo TV Sound System Review | Powerful Soundbar

Bose Solo TV Sound System Review

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System is very good to be used as a media to produce a nice sound for your favorite music, not only pop music but also rock music and jazz music. The Bose Solo system comes with a universal remote control to command your Blu-ray player as well. Having a good quality sound system for your home theater is very important because it will allow you to have better experience in viewing your favorite movies. Buying the best home theater system is crucial because it will ensure that you will have fine quality and clear sound …

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What you really should be asking your home theater installer?

Home Theater Installer

It is in your best interest to drill down and know about each Home theater installer you interview for hiring. This might cost a little extra to find details about every installer, but mark my words, it will pay off in the long run! Fun Fact: Many times, installers leave incomplete jobs with dead systems and unworthy performance of the home theater. Hiring a cheap and wrong person will cost you, even more, when you’ll have to start from scratch. So, here a list of question you should be asking your home theater installer Any contractor you hire, no matter …

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How Spotify’s Algorithm Knows Exactly What You Want to Listen To

Spotify logo

Spotify is doing everything it can to get you to listen to more music. The company has created algorithms to govern everything from your personal best home screen to curated playlists like Discover Weekly, and continues to experiment with new ways to understand music, and why people listen to one song or genre over another. While competitors like Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, and Google Music rely on a mix of paid humans and community-created playlists, Spotify’s main differentiating factor is the level of customization and expansion of music knowledge offered to customers. Spotify needs to continue building out these …

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I Regret To Inform You the Comedians Are Filling Their Big Diapers Again

Joker Comic Character

You know you’ve made it in the comedy business when you get to publicly bitch to large audiences about how your precious jokes are under attack. That was the case again this fall when Saturday Night Live annulled its hiring of comedian Shane Gillis after everyone found out that Gillis said nakedly racist shit on his own podcast just a year prior. Click the link right here and you’ll find that Gillis’ comments aren’t coded racism, nor are they cleverly worked into good material. It’s just basic, clumsy racism, as easy to diagnose as a severe case of herpes. Not that such racism ended …

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