Career @ CVF

We are searching for talented sound engineers to join our dynamic team. The primary responsibility of your role will be to conduct thorough, in-depth assessments of audio products. Our portfolio encompasses a broad range of equipment, from sleek soundbars and high-performance receivers to powerful amplifiers. In addition, we work with an impressive variety of speakers and headphones, offering comprehensive insights into the world of professional audio.

As a vital part of our team, you’ll collaborate with seasoned professionals who share a mutual passion for audio technology. Together, we’ll leverage our collective expertise to ensure every product is reviewed with meticulous attention to detail.

We believe that a product review is not just a technical critique but also an embodiment of our brand’s image. Therefore, we’re counting on your dedication and professionalism to provide unbiased, detailed reviews that reflect the high standards our brand upholds.

In this role, your contribution will be pivotal in ensuring our customers have all the information they need to make informed decisions about our products. We trust you will put your best foot forward in representing our brand with integrity and excellence!

Here are some things that we look for:

  • You have excellent listening skills.
  • You understand the importance of making good decisions regarding engineering.
  • You are willing to take advice from others but also listen to your intuition.
  • You are creative, curious, and willing to explore new technologies.
  • You are a go-getter ready to jump into anything anytime.
  • You love music and want to play an active role in helping people enjoy it as much as you do.
  • You are passionate about helping people find the perfect fit between their hearing needs and the technology available.

Location – Remote

We are currently only hiring freelancers and contractors, so please note this position may not be full time although it is possible and desired. Please apply via email ([email protected]); thank you!