Can you Hang a 85 inch TV on the Wall?

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Can an 85 inch TV be Wall Mounted?

Yes, you can. The important thing is that you should use the right wall mount. You will need to ensure that your wall is strong enough to hold the weight of this television. But if you have it mounted securely, you should be fine.

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The wall has enough studs to hold the TV, depending on the wood type and condition. It’s very heavy, though, and will require a strong wall mount and significant wall reinforcement. Before drilling, ensure you get a stud finder and know exactly where the studs are.

The wall studs must be 57″ apart. Anything less won’t hold up the TV. The TV must be mounted to the wall studs. It can not be cantilevered. Some TVs are much lighter than others, so the TV’s weight isn’t always an issue.

The standard wall stud size is 16 inches in the center, and the top is usually 1.5 inches from the finished wall. That would leave you with about 13.5 inches of clearance for a 75-inch TV if it were being hung at the top of the stud and about 18 inches for an 85-inch TV if it was being hung at the top.

If you hang the TV above the top of the stud, then the standard height for a single stud is 24 inches or 4 feet. In that case, you would have roughly 15 inches of clearance for a 75-inch TV and roughly 21 inches for an 85-inch TV.

85 inch TV Weight in kg / How Heavy is an 85 inch TV?

The weight varies from model to model, but your 85-inch TV would generally weigh about 40 kg (~90 pounds). It is a good idea to measure your cabinets and furniture to get an exact measurement for your TV. Or you can add some cushion on the numbers to ensure the TV will fit and install.

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Can a TV be too Heavy to Mount on a Wall?

It’s usually better to use weight rather than size as the determining factor when selecting a TV. The weight of a TV is an important thing to be aware of. You don’t want to put a TV on a wall that will fall when someone walks into the room.

For example, if you want an 85-inch TV, you should get a wall mount rated to hold at least 120 pounds. You can do this by looking at the mount’s specs or checking that it’s been tested by an independent third party like UL.

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What’s the Heaviest TV you can Mount on a wall / How Heavy a TV can I Mount on Drywall?

This depends on the type of wall.

How Big is an 85 inch TV?

Here are dimensions of an 85 inch TV.


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