55 Inch TV Dimensions

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A 55-inch TV typically has dimensions of around 47.9 inches x 27.9 inches x 2.2 inches. This TV size is a great option for a medium to large-sized room. A 55-inch TV is big enough to provide a great viewing experience but not so big that it overpowers the room.

Dimensions of 55 Inch TV

The screen size is one of the most important factors in choosing a television for your home, as it will determine how much you can see on the screen at once and what kind of picture quality you get.

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Need to know the 55 inch TV dimensions? We’ve got you covered. Check out our quick and easy guide to find out all the measurements you need to know.

Why should you consider buying a 55-inch TV?

55-inch TV has become very popular these days. What kind of size should I consider buying?

The 55-inch TV is becoming extremely popular nowadays. People love watching movies or playing games on their big-screen TVs. If you want a 55-inch TV, you should choose bigger sizes.

1. A 55-inch TV is usually recommended for those who watch many movies or play video games. This type of TV is perfect for home entertainment purposes.

2. You should also consider the space where you plan to place your new TV. Make sure you have enough room to move freely without bumping into things.

How to measure the dimensions of a 55-inch TV?

55 Inch TV Measurement
inch5545 – 50272 – 3.5
cm139.7114.3 – 12768.65.08 – 8.89
mm13971143 – 1270685.850.8 – 88.9
feet4.583.75 – – 0.29
m1.3971.143 – 1.270.690.05 – 0.09

A video display’s diagonal measurement is the Distance from one corner to another directly across the way. A diagonal ruler can measure a 55-inch TV’s diagonal perfectly.

Hold the ruler to the screen and line it up with the opposing corners. Measure the distance between the two points, and you have the TV’s diagonal measurement.

55 inch | 139.7 cm | 1397 mm | 4.58 feet | 1.397 m

If you’re looking for a larger size, check 72 inch TV dimensions.

Width of a 55-inch TV

The width of a 55-inch TV refers to how wide it is from one side to the other. The widths for a 55-inch tv vary depending on the manufacturer. You can find different widths ranging from
45 – 50 inch | 114.3 – 127 cm | 1143 – 1270 mm | 3.75 – 4.17 feet | 1.143 – 1.27 m

Height of a 55-inch TV

If you have a huge TV set, this may be good news for you because the screen’s height is usually much shorter than its width. The average height of a 55-inch tv is around
27 inch | 68.6 cm | 685.8 mm | 2.25 feet | 0.69 m

Depth of a 55-inch TV

This refers to the depth of the TV from front to back. Depth varies with each model, but most are about

2 – 3.5 inch | 5.08 – 8.89 cm | 50.8 – 88.9 mm | 0.17 – 0.29 feet | 0.05 – 0.09 m

Weight of a 55-inch tv

A 55-inch TV weighs around 18 – 20 kg (39.68 – 44.09 lbs), making it heavier than smaller models.

Viewing Distance of 55-inch TV

The viewing distance varies depending on the resolution. You can sit much closer to a 4K TV than an HD TV. The viewing distance of a 55-inch TV is 83 inches (210.82 cm).


A 55-inch tv typically has dimensions around 47.9 inches wide and 27.9 inches tall, with the entire unit being around 2.2 inches thick.

This size tv is a great option for many people, as it offers a good balance between a large screen size and a manageable overall size.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a 55-inch TV a good size?

    People always judge the size of a TV from their perspective, whether they are looking at it from 10 feet or 10 inches. 55-inch TV is a good size for most rooms unless you need it for a large room.

    If you are planning to buy a TV for your living room or a large family room, then a 55-inch TV is perfect. It will surely fill your entire field of vision. It would be best if you did not buy a TV that is larger than the room because it will make the room look even smaller.

    If you plan to buy a TV for your bedroom or a small office, then a 55-inch TV is not a good size. It would be best if you had a smaller TV than in your room. You don’t want a large TV to dominate your small room.

  2. What size room do I need for a 55-inch TV?

    If you have a 55-inch TV, you should have at least an 11 feet by 12 feet room. If you have more space, the better it is.

    In small rooms, large TV will look great. If three people sit in the room, it is better to use a 32-inch TV. If you have limited space, you must go for a large-screen LED TV, which consumes less power.

  3. Is it worth buying 55-inch TV?

    This does not apply to everyone. Only if your living room is big enough, a 55-inch TV might look great compared to a 32-inch TV, but the screen size can cause eye strain.

    So if you are looking at the TV for more than 4 hours a day, then it is worth it. It is not worth it if you sit around it to watch TV for fun.

  4. Is a 55-inch TV big enough for the living room?

    A good TV size should be determined by the room size, where it will be placed, and the viewing distance. In most living rooms, a 55-inch TV is large enough. However, you might want to measure the space first to be sure.

    There is absolutely no point in buying a TV more prominent than your room. But if you are sure, you can buy a 55-inch TV. At the same time, it is fine if you have a smaller TV than the standard 55-inch. You can watch your TV comfortably if you have a good viewing distance.

  5. Are 55 inches good for 4K?

    You can get away with a 55-inch for 4K. The picture quality on a 55-inch 4K TV can rival that of some larger models. It all depends on the quality of the TV.

    Cheaper 55-inch 4K models won’t look as good as their more expensive counterparts. However, the difference between a 55-inch 4K TV and a larger one might not be as significant as you think.2


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