72 inch TV Dimensions

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When it comes to TV dimensions, you are always looking at diagonals. Common sizes for TVs now are anything from 32″ to 100+”, but greater than 50 inches is now considered “large.” You can find huge flat-screen TVs with up to 200 inches of diagonal measurement. But what does the size – 72 inches in particular – mean? What does it tell you about the TV and its features?

What do 72 Inch TV Dimensions Mean?

72 inch TV Dimensions

A “72 inch TV” actually means 72 inches along with one diagonal measurement. Though there can be some differences in how manufacturers measure TVs (often to their benefit), the standard is that the overall depth of a flat-screen TV is about 1/8 of its diagonal measurement.

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So, a 72-inch TV would have an overall depth of just under 9 inches. This can help determine the size of your TV stand or other furniture placement – you may need a specific place to put it and measure from corner to corner (though this doesn’t need to be exact since most TVs won’t sit directly against the wall).

Why you should consider buying a 72 inch TV?

A 72 inch TV is a great way to get the best viewing experience. The latest models come with high-definition screens, built-in DVD players, and other features to make your viewing experience as enjoyable as possible.

There are many different styles of TVs from which you can choose from including a flat-screen or a curved screen. Make sure that when buying a TV for the first time, you buy one big enough so that it does not feel crowded on top of your furniture.

If you have extra space in your room for a larger set, then going with the biggest size available will be worth it because there is no such thing as too much screen space! Purchasing an inexpensive television may sound tempting but this type of purchase will likely end up costing more in the long run. A quality television will not only last longer but also do a better job of displaying your favorite shows and movies in high definition.

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Height of a 72 inch TV

The heights of TVs are usually much shorter than their widths which means that if you have a very wide living room, then this could be good news for you! After all, you will probably have to place it away from the wall so that everyone has enough space in front of it. The height does not affect the viewing distance too much – only about 1 inch is added per every 10 inches of display diagonal (so a 38 inch TV would require 38-39 inches of height).

Width of a 72-inch TV

The width of a TV is usually around 2.5 inches more than its height (so for example, a 38-inch model will measure around 40.5-41 inches in width). This depends on the manufacturer and some models do vary so you should always double-check before buying anything!

The distance from the wall where to put a 72 inch TV

Since the depth of TVs is usually proportionate to their widths, for a 72 inch TV you would probably need at least 60 inches of space since its width will be around 70-71 inches. This means that you won’t have to put it too close to the wall but make sure there are no objects or furniture behind it which could block the view. Remember that most people sit about 1-2 feet from the TV so the viewing distance depends on you and how big your room is.

Depth of a 72-inch tv

Having a deeper TV means that it won’t look as good when viewed from a very short distance since it creates a “fat” effect – this is more noticeable on smaller models. Therefore, for a 72 inch TV, your minimum recommended viewing distance would be around 6-7 feet (or 2 meters).

Power Consumption

The power consumption of TVs is usually measured in watts but you shouldn’t worry about it too much since manufacturers are now required to provide us with an Energy Guide label with their products and it includes all the important data. You can find this label on any TV so if you’re interested in knowing, then go ahead and look for it (if you can’t find it – check our other article where we discuss how to spot the best TVs).

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If you have an upper floor, then there is no reason to worry, but if your living room or bedroom is on the first level of your house, be sure to check this little specification. Some models can weigh up to 180 pounds which makes them harder to carry around and mount on the wall (especially since their mounts are usually sold separately and very rarely included for free).

The weight of a TV depends on its materials – more metal usually equals to higher mass. A good example would be the recent LG OLED TVs which come with beautiful, slim frames made entirely out of metal.

Advisable Viewing Distance

For a 72 inch TV, you will probably need at least 7 feet (2 meters) of viewing distance since smaller models can be watched from as close as 3 feet. If you sit any closer, you might get a distorted picture and lose part of the original image (due to over-scanning). This is not pleasant and most people who watch TV from very close usually do it because they can’t afford to buy a larger model.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of TVs has measured in degrees and the standard in most models is around 178° which means that if you’re sitting in front of your screen and looking at it straight on, then everyone else should see roughly the same thing as you. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true – especially when we’re talking about bigger screens or lower resolutions.

This spec is important since during the day when natural light comes into your room you might start noticing how this changes the way colors and images appear on your TV.

TV stands for large TVs

TV Stand

If you are looking for TV stands that can accommodate larger screen sizes, then buying the biggest one available is definitely what you should be doing. This way it can cover as much space on the wall as possible without appearing too crowded.

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Another reason why this may be necessary is that many times there might be some kind of obstruction where getting an even bigger stand would make more sense than dealing with different places to put your components depending on whether or not they are sticking out past the top, bottom or sides of the furniture piece. Of course, if you have enough room to get a 72 inch TV, then you should be looking at a bigger stand as well.

In any case, the best thing you can do is to take measurements of not only your room and your TV stand but also the wall where it will be placed so that you can determine what size piece will perfectly fit. This way regardless of whether or not anything is obstructing any part of the television, it will still look beautiful without feeling too cramped or too big for its environment.


Bigger models come with their unique issues concerning components like sound since they might end up using larger speakers which can take up more space than usual. And lastly, many larger TVs will not be able to fit comfortably inside small rooms with little space to work with. This is why you should always take measurements of the living room where it will be placed before buying any sort of entertainment center or TV stand that may accommodate it.

Other Things to consider before buying a 72 inch TV

Your TV and furniture can fit in the same room and that there is enough space for people to walk around.

The height of your table or sofa won’t be too close to the TV – otherwise, people will have a hard time watching it.

If you plan on mounting the TV on the wall, make sure you measure beforehand (or find out if it’s possible) and also make sure you purchase a stand or mount separately – as these are rarely included with TVs for free.

If you’re buying a new TV, look for an Energy Guide label and check how much power consumption it has and what is its distance from the walls (this is important if you live on the first floor).

If you’re buying an older or second-hand TV, then it’s worth checking out the following specs: what type of display panel is it using, how long has it been in use, does it have any visual defects (burns on the screen for example), does its remote control work perfectly and is anything included in the deal (like mounts or stands).

Last but not least – check out our other articles where we discuss parameters like display panel type and native resolutions. These can determine a lot about picture quality and overall experience while watching TV so they’re worth looking into before making any final decision.

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  • 4K X-REALITY PRO – Our unique 4K database upscales all the HD content you love to near-4K resolution bringing back real-world detail and texture.


As you can see, there are quite a few technical terms that can be confusing for most people. That is why we wrote this article – to help you understand what specs matter and how they impact your overall experience with your new TV.

Now that you have all this knowledge mostly about the width of a 72 inch TV, it’s time to think about other things like its purpose so you can decide on the model that will fit your lifestyle best.

So if you have enough room in your living room and buying a 72 inch TV seems like a great idea, then go ahead and buy one! These TVs are something completely different than their smaller counterparts even though they might seem similar at first glance. The reason why is because the huge screen size allows for more immersion and a much better viewing experience.


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