How to Connect Speaker Wire?

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Many people are intimidated by the idea of installing speaker wire. They may have had a bad experience with it in the past, or they might just think that all of those wires and connections look complicated. But there is no need to be afraid; speaker wire installation isn’t as hard as you might imagine!

Striping Speaker Wire
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Connecting Speaker Wires

Step by Step Process to Connect Speaker Wire

Step 1

The first step is finding out what kind of wiring your speakers use- a single strand or dual strand. Single strand wiring has only one set of power lines for both positive and negative, while dual strand has two separate sets (positive/negative) to power each side.

Step 2

The next step is figuring out how many channels you will need (the number on the left). For example, if you want 5 channels then 3 pairs would be required.

Step 3

Now, take your speaker wire and cut it to the appropriate length– this will be determined by how far you run the cable from your speakers to the receiver.

Step 4

Strip off about 1/2 inch of insulation from both ends of each piece of wire using a pair of wire strippers. Do not use a knife because it can damage or sever the wires inside. Be careful not to nick or cut any bare wires as you strip them.

Step 5

What you have now is a bare speaker wire with exposed metal on either side. If your speaker doesn’t have exposed terminals for this type, you’ll need to purchase banana plugs so that they attach securely to your speakers.

Step 6

Each wire that connects to your speaker will be connected to the corresponding terminal by placing one bare wire into each terminal, then screwing down the connector till it’s tight.

Step 7

If you are using banana plugs, just attach them with pliers if needed. Then plug in your speakers and enjoy!


  • Speaker
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  • Wire cutter


Speaker wire installation may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow these steps, the process will go smoothly and quickly.

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You can also feel more confident when adding new speakers or wiring in a surround sound system because this article walks you through every step of the speaker wire installation.

The next time someone tells you that they don’t want to mess with wires because they’re too complicated– tell them about your experience!


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