Tips for Buying Home Theater Receiver

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Some people like to get cinematic experience in their homes. Some of them use woofers and speakers with an LED and boom they have enough.

If it is not enough for you so let me share with you some tips.

The Home theater receiver is the main unit on the base of which the whole system will perform. If this is chosen rightly, you get the best result. The problem is that with the advance in technology, many features in different models are being offered. This makes choosing the right one confusing.

Tips to help you find the best home theater receiver:


Look for best Connectivity options:

The newer versions come with HDMI 1.4 which has many benefits as compared to the previous versions. HDMI brings simplicity with better features for the receivers.

USB connectivity is pretty important these days. You must get the receiver that has a port for USB and can play the audio and video files stored in the USB. Other than that with the help of USB connectivity, you can simply avoid a docking station.

HDMI ports more than 4 are better so that if you have to connect more devices in the future, the old receiver can work. The same is the case with other ports for speakers and other stuff.

Other than these, look for the receivers that have built-in WiFi or at least Bluetooth so that you can connect your phones or other devices without wires. Through WiFi, these devices connect with some channels like DLNA through which you can playback the videos again.

Having Internet connectivity has its perks. You can update the firmware easily if it has this option along with other streaming options.

Component and composite video connectivity ports are also good to have as these can help you to connect the old devices like VCRs to get attached to the receiver.

Video and Sound processing:

The latest models that are coming these days can offer to process every type of video and sound file.

DTS, Dolby DTS-HD, Dolby True HD, and other soundtracks are pretty common. Your device must be able to handle these and all other types also. If the receiver can process these, it can give a good audio surrounding experience as the Cinemas give.

The latest models are capable of running all sorts of video files. Not only that, but these can also convert and upscale the videos. Look for the ones that offer these types of features as well.

Power output:

The power output is essential for the speakers to function. You need the receiver that is powerful enough for the speakers that you have. The receiver must have the power output near to 100 watts for every channel. This can give you the optimum performance.


Choosing a reliable brand is of the utmost importance. Brands like Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo are reputable and provide excellent after-sale service.

Other features:


Although you don’t need this feature essentially it doesn’t hurt if you get this too. It is always nice to get tuned to the local radio channel and listen to some local stuff.

Remote Control:

Now, this is a must. Sure some of these can offer controlling options that are far more sophisticated than a remote but you must get one with a remote.  The remote must have a long rage functioning and also it should be able to control all the features of the receiver. The more the buttons, the more best your remote is for controlling.

Simple Control Options:

The receiver must have built-in control on its hardware. Preferably the touch ones are good but if they offer a good outlook along with buttons on the hardware then it is also good.


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