Top 21 Best Earbuds for Motorcycle

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If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, then you probably know that wearing a motorcycle helmet while riding can be quite uncomfortable. The noise of the wind and the vibrations from the road can make it hard to hear and concentrate on what’s going on around you. In addition to this, the lack of airflow can make it hard to breathe when you need to, especially when you’re trying to ride at high speeds.

Motorcyclists often get a bad rap for being loud, dangerous, and even a little rude. The truth is that motorcyclists are some of the most responsible, conscientious drivers out there. They care about other people, and they always wear their helmets. But when it comes to earbuds, it seems like everyone’s got an opinion.

It’s not easy to find a pair of earbuds that are not too bulky and that can also fit inside a helmet. Most headphones don’t fit because they tend to fall off when the rider turns their head. And the ones that do fit, are usually too big.

In this article, I’m going to give you some tips on finding the right earbuds for motorcycle helmets. I’m also going to tell you which ones are the best earbuds for motorcycle helmets.

Here are some key things to consider when choosing the best earbuds for motorcycle riding:

  1. How often will you be wearing them?
  2. Will you be riding on rough roads or will you be on smooth roads?
  3. Do you need to hear well in your ears?
  4. How comfortable will they be?
  5. How much will you be using them?
  6. Will you be using them while working?
  7. How long do you think you’ll be wearing them?
  8. Will you be traveling with them?
  9. How much do they cost?
  10. Will you be wearing them for an extended period?
  11. Are they durable?
  12. Do they have a microphone?
  13. Do they have noise-canceling capabilities?
  14. Are they wireless?

What To Look For When Buying Earbuds For Motorcycle Helmet?

Make sure the buds are sewn into the earphone jack

Your motorcycle helmet should have an embedded or integrated earbud socket, also known as a bud plug. The size of this socket is standardized, so any headset that fits in it will fit perfectly.

The only time you would not need to use earbuds is if your hearing has already been tested and found to be healthy enough to hear without them.

To protect your hearing from noise damage, avoid using earphones unless you are planning to listen to music. A full conversation is fine, but screaming into your ears is not helping yourself at all!

Look for waterproofing

Even if you plan on using your earphones only during winter, it makes sense to buy water-proofed earphones as well. This is because even when not wearing your helmet, you may still get wet (e.g. while swimming).

If you are planning to use your earphones inside the vehicle, make sure they’re waterproof. You can test them slightly soaked to see whether this gives you some level of protection.

Also, do not rely too much on the sealing between the outer shell and your ears. At best, it will prevent water from reaching your ears; but that is about it.

There are also memory foam inserts that fit into small holes so you can put them in place to block out noise. However, these cannot be removed easily (if at all), which means that if you want to hear something specific, like someone else’s song, you will have trouble isolating it.

Isolating sound is somewhat easier with our bass boost feature, but you must already know what you’re looking for.

Look for soft buds

Though they are less durable, softer sound devices have larger speakers that offer poorer quality audio compared to harder models. These factors make them better options for motorcyclists who suffer from loud noise disorders such as tinnitus.

However, despite having relatively bigger speakers, it still is difficult to get a decent bass response with these devices.

This becomes even more apparent when you switch between modes (i.e. listening to music vs hearing something on your phone). Additionally, hard earphones create too much noise due to their large size and need an external microphone to filter out this excess noise.

Last but not least, motorcycle riders that use hard earphones report pain at the bottom of the skull where the drum-like bones connect to the joint because of constant friction.

Check for a carrying case

There are a couple of things you should look for when buying earphones for your motorcycle helmet. The first is a carrying case for the earbuds. Cases keep the buds safe so that they are not damaged or destroyed in a crash.

The second feature is protection from damage. You want safety features to ensure that the people using the earbuds set do not hurt themselves while wearing these earphones.

Another useful feature is called an indicator light. Some sets have this built-in; it illuminates to show that listening material is being recorded. This helps users know at a glance if there’s any content playing through their earbuds.

Also, some sets have automatic volume control which can be helpful when driving. If you feel stressed about your ride, get yourself a pair!

Make sure the cords are dark

There is a very good reason that motorbike helmet earphones have two different lengths! The longer cord on some models can lead to one of the biggest sources of error when riding, losing signal while charging.

The mistake many riders make is connecting both ears phones at once, or holding one in each hand and keeping them connected. This is wrong because there is a slight electrical delay that becomes significant after several meters (several feet of testing have shown this).

By having separate plugs for each ear, your brain gets a chance to cancel out any offset voltage caused by the second phone. The problem is you start to lose signal around 68-70% of your hearing capability due to nerve feedback between the eardrum and inner ear.

This is not because the earbuds suck or something, it’s just how our bodies are designed. By having shorter cords on some models, they allow more room for adjustment resulting in better auditory perception.

Check for a charging case

More manufacturers are including vehicle-specific accessories in their packages. These usually come in a charging case, which adds storage space to keep cables out of the way.

You can find cases online that offer very reasonable prices. Otherwise, you could use something from your kitchen!

Some include wheels so it is easy to move them when needed. Having said that, make sure the casing is quite sturdy, as motorcycles require extra security.

Also, remember helmets have different types of vents, so you will need to know what type of helmet you have. You also want to see how easily they can be removed since this indicates how effective they are at keeping the noise down.

These vents can range from a simple hole to one that is wide open to all kinds of ambient airflow, to one that has a special butterfly valve mechanism built into it.

There is no right or wrong size; it depends on your preference. If you like how the vent closes, then go with that design.

Make sure they are small and fit properly in your motorcycle helmet

If you hear something when you’re riding, but it isn’t very loud, then it may be because your ears are large enough for hearing them. People with microphones have smaller ears than people who doer this kind of noise.

If you’ve never noticed how much sound differs between people before, try putting some earbuds on and seeing what changes you notice. You will probably find that you can hear things that you didn’t realize were there.

For example, water bottles make a pretty decent amount of noise if you place them right next to your ear. Some people claim that they can hear individual drops of water being dropped into the bottle.

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Look for inline volume controls

Most motorcycle helmets have two rear-facing speakers for enhanced audio performance. But the sound comes through only from one direction, so if you’re coming at your bike from the right side, then the voices will be coming from your left.

To enable yourself to hear this voice clearly, look for earphones with separate volume controls.

When you move your ears away from the headgear, you can adjust the loudness of the sounds. With these little adjustments, it becomes easier to hear what is going on around you.

Look for acoustic isolation in noise reduction technology

This reduces vibration and impedance while keeping noise levels low. They also offer comfort features such as leather covers that absorb shock.

The fit of the earbuds has an impact on how well they work and how much you enjoy them. The thinner the driver, the better the quality of sound but the more expensive they are.

Consider buying a pair that folds down or comes apart to make storage simpler when they are not being used.

Look for a brand logo

Even if you are not sure about the quality of the earbuds, it is always good to go for branded products as they will tell your story.

Most likely you bought them because you like their style or design; therefore, we recommend you choose stylish helmets with great airflow so that you can wear them comfortably.

If you find any sticker damage on the helmet you should be aware that this could weaken the structure significantly.

Finally, make sure the earphone tips are in good condition before replacing your motorcycle helmet. They should fit properly and seal correctly which will keep the noise down and protect your hearing.

Pick a flat cord

Flat cords are best for when you’re using your motorcycle helmet as a headset because they fit into the receiver of your bike tightly. If you use coiling cords, then you will have more slack in the connection, which can be dangerous if you make any kind of adjustment while riding.

If you buy something that requires charging, check its documentation before buying.

To save money on cables or other accessories, do not buy an over-the-air modem. It is only necessary for your phone unit, but purchasing one saves you money.

Pick an all-in-one package

Even if you are not using your phone much, it is still very important to keep your smartphone battery healthy by putting in a good charger at least once a week.

When you buy earphones or earbuds, try buying an all-in-one package. This way you will save time going back and forth to find different things.

Also, having everything in one place helps maintain order as well. It also puts your important items near the center of your attention so that they have more control over you.

Look for stickers

Helmets are often made from plastic, which is great when warmed by the sun but can be uncomfortable if it gets cool. Hot or warm weather means fast movement and rapid breathing, which increases pressure inside the helmet.

This can result in headaches and migraines that last for days. To avoid this, put your motorcycle helmet on with the visor down so you cannot breathe as much air-conditioned (or cooled) air.

More importantly, try new ways of wearing your helmet. You may find that putting the strap over one shoulder and under the other is more comfortable than running an earbud into one side of your head or tucking the back of the helmet behind your ears.

Look at reviews about different styles of helmets before buying them. There’s lots of info out there about what suits one person well, and then tips on how to best wear your motorcycle helmet.

Also, ask others who wear motorcycling gear such as boots and vests whether they would recommend these earbuds.

Look for a hard coating

Many new earphones have a soft plastic casing. While this makes them softer to hold, they can be easily damaged by water.

If you are hiking or cycling in the rain, you will want a more resistant earphones. Some cheaper earphones don’t have a true hardened shell; they simply use a thicker wire than more expensive models.

Look for earphones with a plug that folds over when you put them in a hole. This creates a better seal so no water gets inside your helmet. It also reduces the risk of straining the wires.

Look for soft pads

If you are experiencing helmet vibration while riding, then it may be time to upgrade your earpad installation.

The easiest way to improve vibrations is by changing out of the hard plastic pads and into softer ones. You can still keep the same type of earphones you had before, but just make sure they are wrapped in a soft material like silicone or rubber.

This way, when you place these earbuds near your ears, the vibrations will have less impact. It will also reduce some of the sound noise that comes through your vehicle’s speakers.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need heavier earpads installed. The reason heavy padding fixes the issue is that it reduces the sensitivity of your eardrums. Less sensitivity means fewer vibrations reaching your inner ears.

Look for replaceable tips

More and more brands are making earbuds that can be replaced easily. This is especially helpful if you want to spend less money or match your helmet design to your outfit.

There are several types of replacement pads, so check what type of friction pad they use before buying. While flat rubber may seem like a better option at first, it’s much harder to remove than traditional ones.

Lastly, make sure the replacement pads have no stitching showing. The stitching will show even after repeated washes and wear, especially if you plan to wash them in hot water (above 50 °F/10 degrees celsius).

Look for acoustic dampening

Helmets have built-in speakers that emit sound. However, if you are using a helmet with external earphones (headphone) slots, you will rely on your earbuds’ amplifiers to hear anything.

Amplification is when one signal is boosted over another signal so you can hear it above the background noise. Your ears need quite a bit of amplification because they are not designed to listen at full strength.

However, most people don’t know this. And while many companies advertise “amplified” hearing aids, what they mean is they increased the output so you can hear something softer like the wind or words closer to you.

It does not mean they increase the sensitivity of your ears. That is why dogs can still hear things after wearing hearing devices. People simply get better volume control by switching from expensive hearing aids to inexpensive audio processors.

These items usually work very well because they were specifically made for consumer use. You pay a lot more money for them because you do not have access to large-scale production costs like hearing aid manufacturers.

Look for strain relief

One of the most common problems with earphones is stress. These days, more and more people are exposed to sound, making headphones a hot commodity.

When you’re shopping for motorcycle sun visors that include earbuds, look for a model without microphone spindles. This helps prevent bending of the headphone jack which can make it easier to break or crack.

Also called bridge plugs, these kits typically consist of three pieces that fit into each other like a jig saw puzzle. The two ends then hold the plug together helping protect against both breaking and audio feedback.

Look for some versions designed specifically for microphones as well as headsets, but also see if any versions have been made for speakers.

This way you will know whether or not they will be appropriate for your needs. 

Look for optimized sound quality

Despite their importance, headphones don’t usually make you feel very comfortable. This is because they do not fit properly over your ear. Most of them come with adjustable cups that allow you to buy them in different sizes depending on the angle of your head.

When shopping around try on several pairs of in-ear buds before finding one that fits comfortably and has good acoustic properties (looks/feels nice). It should also have well thought and engineered controls and buttons so it can be used while riding or working out.

If an item plays music through external speakers, it becomes more evident how much better fitting these headphones are. You will enjoy listening to our songs far more when we use external speakers rather than the ones built into my helmet.

Furthermore, buying some expensive earphones may seem like a great idea; however, keep in mind that they might get damaged if they fall and probably won’t play as well after being replaced by cheaper models.

Last but not least, ensure the packaging is sturdy and the products inside contain no harmful chemicals that could damage your ears.

Top 21 Motorcycle Earbuds

Best bluetooth earbuds for motorcycle

Sena 5S Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System, Black, Model Number: 5S-01
  • Pair the device to your smartphone to enjoy your music, hear GPS navigation, and make phone calls
  • Communicate with another nearby 5S user by pairing up with Bluetooth Intercom
  • HD Speakers optimized for audio quality, delivering a boost in volume, bass, and clarity
  • Built-in LCD Screen displays statuses such as battery life, radio frequency, and volume level
  • Easy to use and setup with included clamp kit and boom microphone

NikoMaku Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Helmet Headphones Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Earphone Intercom for Helmets Wireless Headphones with Microphone Sound System for Motorcycle 0.27 Silm
  • [SLIM DESIGN] The earpiece is only 0.27 inches thin, thinner than any other similar products. Super comfortable to wear!
  • [DENOISING & ECHO CANCELLATION] By using windproof and noise cancelling technology this headset provides clear sound and high-quality stereo music.
  • [LONG WORKING TIME] By using integrated rechargeable Li-ion batteries, the device has long stand-by and working time. Stand-by time can last 70 hours. Working time is up to 7 hours.
  • [EASY TO INSTALL] With a hook&loop the headset can be installed in the helmet and will be perfectly fit with your helmet. It only takes few minutes to setup and doesn’t need more time for maintenance.
  • [BLUETOOTH 4.0] CSR Bluetooth 4.0 chip keeps the headset connected to your phone. It provides efficient and convenient communications during riding.
Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom (Single) , Black
  • Long-range music sharing and intercom for motorcyclists--up to 900 meters (980 yards)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity to listen to and share music, make phone calls with speed dialing, and participate in a four-way intercom conversation
  • Advanced Noise Control technology cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio.Do not use harsh chemicals,cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the device
  • Universal Intercom protocol for cross-brand intercom compatibility. Up to 12 hours of talk time and 10 days of stand-by time on a single charge
  • Note : SMH10-10 is not for the Bell Mag 9 and is meant to be secured via a clamp kit, which is not possible if you are using a half helmet.
Sena SRL Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System for Shoei Neotech II
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • Unibody design is built specifically for your helmet and fits into the helmet ear pockets
  • Universal Intercom to communicate with other brand headsets
  • Group Intercom
  • Built-in FM radio tuner
Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control (Single)
  • Bluetooth 4.1 and universal intercom keeps you in touch up to 2.0 km (1.2 miles)
  • Crystal-clear HD audio with Sena's Advanced Noise Control to block ambient noise
  • Audio Multitasking technology allows you to have an intercom conversation while simultaneously listening to music, FM radio, or GPS
  • Motion sensor technology lets you pair Bluetooth devices with a shake of the 20S
  • Intuitive control with hands-free voice commands.Sample rate: max. 48 kHz (DAC)

Best wireless earbuds for motorcycle

Etymotic Research ER4XR with Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable, Black (ER4XR-BT)
  • High performance balanced armature drivers are precision matched to within 1 dB
  • Specially designed for uncompromising accuracy in the mid to high frequencies with a bit of extra presence in the lower end
  • Built in functionality to answer calls, play/pause, and change tracks
  • 35-42 dB of noise isolation with a max output of 122 dB
  • Included Components: Earphones, Bluetooth Cable, Eartips

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom - SMH10R-01
  • Bluetooth 3.0 with up to 8 hours of talk time. Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Universal Intercom: Allows allows pairing to another brands of Bluetooth headsets. Operating temperature: -10˚C – 55˚C (14°F – 131°F)
  • AudioVideo Remote Control Profile AVRCP technology allows you to play, track forward and track back while listening to music using your Sena 10R
  • The Sena 10R features a four-way conference intercom capability. This feature also allows intercom participants to join cell phone conference calls
Motorcycle Helmet Headset with Camera, FreedConn R1plus 1080P Motorcycle Camera 6-Way Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Wireless 1000M Waterproof Intercom with FM/Bluetooth 5.0/64G TF Card/2 in 1 Mic
  • [Motorcycle Helmet Headset with Camera]: Built in HD 1080P camera with 120 degree wide angle lens, motorcycle helmet headset will record and capture exciting moments clearly (need a SD card and need to Format your SD card in the GoPlus Cam APP after you install it), and WI-FI function allows you to view videos and pictures recorded by motorcycle intercom with your phone( please download GoPlus Cam in APP store firstly )
  • [Ultra Long Battery Life Motorcycle Camera]: The 1500mAh high performance lithium battery ultra long battery life, after 2 hours of full charging, this Bluetooth communication device supports 12 days standby time, 30 hours phone talking, 4.5 hours video recording, or 48 hours music time., and can be used while charging, it won’t affect your riding
  • [6-Way 1000 M Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet]: Support 6 riders group intercom/walkie-talkie with maximum distance up to 3,280 feet/1,000 meters, and Bluetooth 5.0 provides the stable connection, which can connect 2 Bluetooth device simultaneously, so you won‘t miss any calls while listening to music
  • [Rotate Button One-key Operation]: One touch control for answering and rejecting incoming calls, voice calling by activating Siri/Bixby and etc., volume adjustment, play/pause music, FM Radio and GPS Navigation Audio. High quality earphones and HiFi speaker with full stereo sound comes with the package.
  • [Bluetooth 5.0 and IP65 waterproof]: Bluetooth 5.0 Technology ensures more stable helmet communication, wireless intercom and Bluetooth connectivity. Rated IP65 waterproof under IEC standard 60529. If you have Any problem with Motorcycle Bluetooth With Camera Intercom, please contect with us, well reply to you in 24 HOURS
BIKECOMM BK-S2 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Intercom, Wireless Group Helmet Communication with Music Sharing, Noise Cancellation for Motorcycle/ATV/Dirt Bike/Off Road on Biker Voice Comm Mic (Single)
  • 【BLUETOOTH V5.0 】: Support HSP、HFP、A2DP、AVRCP , Instant Link Mode (Conference Group Intercom): Conference group intercom up to six headsets & intercom distance up to 1200 meters. Charging Time: Approx. 2.5 ~ 3 Hours. Talking Time: Approx. 14 ~ 15 Hours. Listening to Music Time: Approx. 16 ~ 17 Hours. Certificates: FCC, ROHS, BQB.
  • 【7mm EXTRA SLIM HIGH SOUND QUALITY SPEAKER】: All new redesigned 7mm extra slim HD speakers for best sound performance with comfortable fit. Optimizes for both powerful and clear audio performance plus absolutely physical comfort. More volume! More bass! More clarity! BIKECOMM will rock you!
  • 【AUDIO MIXER & DUO MUSIC CHATTING】: Background Mode: Able to listen to music or GPS in intercom mode. DMC Mode: Music sharing in intercom mode.
  • 【IPX7 Waterproof】: Solid waterproof feature ensures the motorcycle headset is resistant to sweat, water and rain.
  • 【DUAL NOISE FILTERING PROCESS 】: By microphone and DSP: The first filtering process is by microphone to eliminate low frequency noise (such as wind noise), and the second filtering process is to eliminate non-human audio by DSP (such as motorcycle engine noise), so the audio quality could achieve utmost perfection.
Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset,Outdoor Headset,Waterproof Motorcycle Sports Headset,Speakers Hands Free,Music Call Control,Automatic answering,60 Hours Playing time High Sound Quality System
  • 【Effective Distance 20m】One Helmet Bluetooth Headset wirelessly connected to two mobiles at the same time,Automatic connection and enjoy music,strong signal connection.Provide efficient and convenient communications in the riding.
  • 【Long Play Time】 Built in 900mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery,Long stand-by and working time.Support 60 hours continuous talking and playing time, 500 hours standby time.Charging time 2 hours.Support display battery on phone.
  • 【Waterproof Technology】No disturb Dustproof and IPX7 Waterproof by using Nano coating technology,Can protect the headset safely in Outdoors.No worry about the rain or snow even.
  • 【Perfect Sound Quality】By using windproof and more stable connection.DSP noise cancelling technology,Loud volume,this helmet headset transfers clear and high-quality stereo music sound.Compatible with all the smartphones with Can be used for Riding motorcycles, skiing, horseback riding,MP3,GPS are supportable independently.
  • 【EASY To In Stall】Design with detachable velcro,Easy to install it into the Helmet,fixed firmly. CE and FCC certification.Appearance patent, Bluetooth Association certification.Important: please check whether the size of your helmet is appropriate before buying, and look at the size of our headphones. You can see the size of headphones in the picture introduction.
Motorcycle Helmet Headset, Universal Racing Helmet Speakers for Motorcycle, Wired Helmet Sports Headset Helmet Earphone with 3.5mm Male Connector
  • [Motorcycle Helmet Speaker]: This helmet speaker is fully compatible with racing scanners and radios that use a 3.5mm (1/8") plug; Perfect for motorcycles, motorbikes, cycling, MBX, off road riding, etc
  • [Perfect Sound Quality]: With a hard shell, the motorcycle helmet speaker is windproof and more stable connection. Great noise isolation and loud volume, this helmet headset can transfer clear and high-quality stereo music
  • [Hands-Free]: This headset supports hands-free calling; Plug and play, easy to use, you can listen to music and answer calls, 1.2m / 3.9ft headphones cable length ensures free activities while driving
  • [ABS Material]: The shell of the helmet headphone is made of ABS material, strong and durable; 1.2m / 3.9ft headphones cable length ensures free activities while driving
  • [Easy to Install]: Backside with self-adhesive tape sticker and hook&loop closure, you can easily install the flat helmet earphones into your motorcycle helmet
LEXIN 2pcs B4FM 10 Riders Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with Music Sharing, Helmet Bluetooth Intercom with Noise Cancellation/FM Radio, Universal Communication Systems for Snowmobile/ATV/Dirt Bike…
  • 【10-Way Conference Intercom & Universal Pairing】The LX-B4FM motorcycle bluetooth headset share the riding experience and enjoy conversation with up to 10 riders talk at one time at an intercom range of 2000 meters. Universal pairing feature, compatible with most of the Bluetooth headsets or earpiece in the market.
  • 【Music Sharing & Noise Cancelling】This helmet bluetooth headset featured music sharing that allows two riders enjoy the same song during their trip. And it also functions well for speeds up to 120km/h with DSP& CVC advanced noise cancellation technology.
  • 【Hands-free Speaker & Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality】 The LX-B4FM motorcycle helmet bluetooth provides easy hands-free communications for you while riding. And it featured Bluetooth 5.0 with access to Siri and S Voice commands, you can call or answer hands-free calls, listen to the best Hi-Fi stereo music, FM radio or listen to GPS voice guidance.
  • 【Exchangeable Microphone & Great Helmet Compatibility】 The LX-B4FM motorcycle intercom has two interchangeable microphones – allows you the choice between a boom microphone for open face or flip-face (convertible) helmets, or a button microphone for full face helmets.
  • 【IP67 Waterproof Design & Long Battery Life】 The LX-B4FM helmet communication systems featured IP67 waterproof tecnology can handle all weather conditions, and even work for temperature -15°F. And features an 800 mAh battery provides up to 15 hours music or intercom talk with over one week of standby time.
Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 True Wireless Earbuds, 100 Hour Playtime, 8mm Drivers, Superior Sound, Secure Fit with AirWings, Bluetooth 5, Comfortable Design for Commute, Sports, Jogging
  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • Extreme 100-Hour Playtime: The charging case has 4× the battery capacity of other cases’—allowing you to extend the earbuds’ 8-hour playtime over and over. If you’re short of time, a 10-minute charge will provide 90 minutes of listening.
  • Superior Balanced Sound: Life Dot 2 true wireless earbuds have 8mm triple-layer dynamic drivers to deliver 40% more bass and 100% more treble for rich, expertly balanced sound.
  • Zero-Pressure AirWings: Our hollow AirWings have a flexible, soft silicone build that partially deflates to conform to the shape and size of your ears for a secure fit with unmatched comfort.
  • One-Step Pairing: Life Dot 2 true wireless earbuds automatically connect to the last paired device when removed from the charging case thanks to our proprietary Push and Go technology.
Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset Bone Conduction Motorcycle Headset for Helmet, Super Bass IP68Waterproof Bluetooth Helmet Speakers 10hrs Play Time Ski Helmet Speakers with Separate Microphone
  • 【Please Note】Due to the principle of the headset technology, please install the headset on the helmet before performing the sound test. Otherwise, the sound quality may be unclear. Smof helmet headset is suitable for any use scene where you need to wear a helmet, such as: riding a bicycle, motorcycle, skiing etc. The headset installed on the outside of the helmet enables the driver to hear the external environment clearly while answering the phone and enjoying music, thus ensuring safe driving.
  • 【HIFI LOUDSPEAKER+ 50% UP BASS EFFECT】 Smof helmet headphone use home theater-level speakers, will bring you a perfect stereo and HIFI-level bass experience, get rid of the shortcomings of traditional bone conduction headphones that have low sound and poor sound quality, restore non-destructive sound quality. Use bones to transmit sound, do not damage the eardrum, and avoid earache caused by wearing earphones for a long time.
  • 【10 HOURS BATTERY LIFE】 The motorcycle helmet headset has a built-in super high-capacity high-performance lithium battery, which can continuously play music/talk for 8-10 hours after being fully charged in about 1.5 hours, and the standby time can be up to 10 days. Using the highest level of Bluetooth chip version 5.0, the connection signal can reach more than 10 meters, low latency, more stable, and wider compatibility. (A USB charging cable is included in the package)
  • 【ONE-HANDED OPERATION】 Through Bluetooth pairing, you can control the smartphone through the headset. The whole body has only one button with a rotary knob. You can only use one hand to switch songs, adjust the volume, answer calls, hang up calls, or send commands to Siri. One-handed operation greatly improves the driving safety factor.
  • 【HIGHEST LEVEL WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF】 The waterproof helmet headset uses a fully enclosed component system and a nano-level waterproof isolation coating design, which meets the highest level of IP68 waterproof and dustproof standards. Even in bad weather conditions, there is no need to worry about the headset being damaged.
Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom (Single) , Black
  • Long-range music sharing and intercom for motorcyclists--up to 900 meters (980 yards)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity to listen to and share music, make phone calls with speed dialing, and participate in a four-way intercom conversation
  • Advanced Noise Control technology cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio.Do not use harsh chemicals,cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the device
  • Universal Intercom protocol for cross-brand intercom compatibility. Up to 12 hours of talk time and 10 days of stand-by time on a single charge
  • Note : SMH10-10 is not for the Bell Mag 9 and is meant to be secured via a clamp kit, which is not possible if you are using a half helmet.
IASUS Premium Audio Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Work with Most Helmet Comms with Earbud Ports - The XSound 3 Drop in Helmet Headphones Speaker Kit Includes Accessories for a Quick Install
  • [PERFORMANCE] Providing premium helmet audio experience since since 2005. Over 15 years to PERFECT the audio experience. **WARNING** When properly installed, the audio volumes can reach as high as 100dBs (dependant on the audio device). The XSound 3 helmet speaker delivers full range clarity with solid clean bass and crisp highs, rivaling some of the best full sized headphones. Follow the installation guide in the instruction manual for the optimal audio experience.
  • [SPEAKER KIT INSTALLATION] Speaker placement is critical for audio quality and volume. The XSound 3 kit includes super strong 3M velcro stickers, foam spacers, foam covers and an extension cable.. The accessories keep your speakers stay in place and to align the speaker as close as possible to your ears for the ultimate audio clarity and volume in your helmet.
  • [WARRANTY] 30 days money back guarantee and 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • [COMPATIBILITY] The XSound 3 helmet speaker uses a 3.5mm audio pin. Compatible with most bluetooth comms, smartphones and mp3 players. Please ensure that your device has a 3.5mm earbud jack/female plug (only compatible with motorcycle intercoms with a 3.5mm earbuds jack))
  • [DIMENSIONS] 45mm drivers tuned and packaged in a thin lightweight aluminum chassis (0.99cm/0.39" thin, 34g/1.2oz). Varied length Kevlar-reinforced wires stand up to 10lbs of pulling tension. Left wire - 40cm and right wire - 20cm for a tidy install.
Sena SPH10H-FM-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmets, black
  • Talk time: 7 hours; Stand-by time: 6 days
  • Fit type: Universal.Do not clean the product with cleaning solvents, toxic chemicals, or strong detergents as this may damage the product
  • Package Dimension : 8.4 cms L x 15.2 cms W x 25.4 cms H
  • Package Weight: 0.544 kilograms
Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom,New Version THOKWOK BT-S3 1000m Helmet Bluetooth Headset, Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System for Ski/ATV/Dirt Bike/Off Road Up to 3 Riders(Boom Microphone, Pack 1)
  • CSR Bluetooth Chip: It can realize full-duplex intercom with the highest ideal speed of 80km/h-110km/h(50mph-68mph) and the longest distance of 800-1000m (no obstacles). After Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone, priority switching between phone, intercom and stereo music can be realized. When intercom, it can automatically answer incoming calls, and can automatically resume intercom after hanging up.
  • Noise Cancelling Technology: DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology ensures clear voice quality at high speed.
  • Easy Hands-Free Communication: Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for access to Siri and S Voice commands, you can call or answer hands-free calling; listen to Hi-Fi stereo music; FM radio or use GPS voice guidance. Also Supply 2.5mm Audio Socket as wired connection , so you can connect the BT-S3 to cell phone, tablet PC, GPS or other devices which can transfer the music/voice into the earpiece through a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Convenience: Suitable for any full-face helmets and most half-face helmets which can cover ears. Bigger push-button make it easy to operate even with gloves. And it adopts the buckle type connection between the headset and the clip, easy to assemble / disassemble.
  • Excellent Waterproof: The all-silica gel waterproof is adopted. Even in rainy or snowy days, it will not affect the use, make your outdoor riding more exciting.
Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset FODSPORTS M1-S Plus Stereo Music Sharing/Mute Microphone/Built in FM 8 Riders Intercom Helmet Communication System Voice Dial/ 900MAH/ Boom & Soft Mic (1 Blue + 1 Pink)
  • 【Share the Same Music with Passenger/ Rider】Since 2020, riders bought FX6/ M1-S PRO motorcycle helmet communication system asked if they can listen to the same music with partner? We achieve it! Now, you can share favorite tunes between 2 M1-S Plus through intercom ability. When 2 M1-S Plus motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset pair with each other, one unit receive music from cellphone, it will transmit music to the other simultaneously.
  • 【Mute/ Unmute Mic Anytime】Have you ever sneeze or cough on call? Are buddies' external audio too noisy when team leader notifying route & gas station? If there's conference call while chatting with friends, you want the other line hear him? You'll like mute microphone feature, meet various talking needs. Press Volume+ for 2 sec, M1-S Plus Bluetooth motorcycle communication help you receive critical info efficiently, keep private talk secret.
  • 【Built in FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, 8 Riders Group Communicators】From new rider to tech lover, M1-S Plus motorcycle Bluetooth headset meet your needs. The intercom for motorcycle helmet keep you connect with up to 8 riders. You're able to voice dial, sing along tunes & follow GPS navi. With Bluetooth helmet headset built in FM radio, you'll get real-time traffic condition and weather forecast.
  • 【Talk In Natural Voice, High-Fidelity Sound Experience】Against roaring engine and constant wind noise, helmet to helmet intecom equipped with CSR chip and 40mm dynamic speakers ensure clear sound, you'll feel more expansive & wonderful music. Aim at echo generated on calls, CVC intelligent noise cancellation tech reduce ambient noise through wind-proof microphone, you'll hear crystal clearly during call, no need to say " Again" anymore.
  • 【Universal Motorcycle Intercom with 900mah Larger Battery】Compared to other 500mah motorcycle helmet Bluetooth unit, 2~3 hours single charge give you 12~20 hours talk, 15 hours music stream and 300 hours standby. Bluetooth motorcycle headset comes with 2 interchangeable microphones: boom mic for 3/4 open face, modular and flip up helmet, soft-wire mic for full face helmet. Waterproof motorcycle helmet intercom keep you connected even in rainy day.
Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop in Headphones- HD Speakers Compatible Any Audio Ready Ski/Snowboard Helmet - 3 Button Glove Friendly Controls Microphone for Hands Free Calls, White/Blue
  • PREMIUM BALANCED SOUND - Shred the slopes listening to your favorite tunes in high definition sound with the Alta Bluetooth Audio system. Using 40mm Drivers and a premium Bluetooth 5.0 wireless chip set, the Alta wireless Bluetooth speakers deliver balanced dynamic sound with deep bass at any volume level.
  • CRISP HANDS FREE CALLING - No more digging for you phone or taking off your helmet to make a call. Simply press the right button twice to activate Siri or Google Voice to make a call or change your playlist using the built in microphone.
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE - Works with most audio ready helmet brands including Wildhorn (Checkout out our Drift helmet!), Smith, Poc, K2, Giro, Bolle, Anon, Burton and others. At 2.2 inches high, 1.8 in wide and .5 in thick the Altas easily drop into the ear pads and run across the backside of our Drift helmet for comfort and easy use.
  • INTUITIVE DESIGN - Designed in Utah by skiers and snowboarders that wanted a hassle free premium audio experience. You will never have to remove your phone from whichever coat pocket it's hiding in again. The Alta features 3 over-sized buttons (one on the Right and two on the left) so you can easily control almost every function of your phone without removing your helmet or gloves. Control the volume, change tracks, activate Siri or Google Voice, make calls, pause music and more.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION WITH ALL DAY PLAYTIME - The Alta is sweat resistant and has been tested in extreme cold, 24 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius). With 10 hours of playtime you can shred the gnar all day and never run out of juice for your tunes.
FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet Communication Systems,TCOM VB Helmet Bluetooth 2-Way 800M Intercom for Full Face& Flip-up etc Motorbike Helmet Intercom kit(FM Radio/IP65/with 2 in 1 Mic.Siri) 1Pack
  • 『FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset 2-Way Intercom』: TCOM-VB motorcycle communication system is designed specifically for motorcycle riders. It can connect up to 3 riders, but only 2 riders can talk at the same time, maximum helmet intercom communication distance up to 800m ( 2625 feet)
  • 『Helmet Intercom with Bluetooth』:Built-in bluetoot system helps you connect smartphone stably, you can receive call on your phone, listen to music GPS navigation and talking to other paired riders through the intercom. Auto answer/ reject Hands-free call function let you ride more safely and enjoy fun on the road with our motorcycle Bluetooth communication system .
  • 『Advance Noise Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset』: It uses advanced DSP to eliminate echo and surrounding noise. You can hear clear voice quality even when you are riding at a high speed. Also we have hard microphone and soft microphone for choose. The Hard mic for modular and half-face,3/4 helmet and soft mic for full-face helmet
  • 『Waterproof Wireless Motorcycle Communication Headsets』: The water-resistant motorcycle bluetooth headset allows you to use it in any weather condition, no need to worrying it no matter rainy or snowy days. Ideal gifts for motorcycle riding, skiing and other adventurous sports.(Please keep it dry if it get wet)
  • 『100% After-Sales Guarantee&Large Battery Motorcycle Intercom』: Bluetooth headset has 400mAh rechargeable battery . It supports phone talk time up to 10 hours ,intercom time up to 5 hours and 300 hours standby time. You can enjoy longer accompany on the road with our motorcycle headset. For any quality or use questions, you can click ask a question, we will get back to you within 12 hours [After-sales click "Zongreat-US" ASK A QUESTION] we'll reply to you in 12 HOURS


When you’re riding a motorcycle, the last thing you want to hear is the annoying sound of your earbuds being sucked into your helmet. That’s why you need to invest in a pair of quality earbuds.

Make sure they fit comfortably and securely to your head. If you don’t like the look and feel of your earbuds, you can always swap them out for a different pair. You can also consider the new trend of Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycles. They’re lighter than traditional earbuds and they feature built-in microphones that will allow you to make calls without taking off your helmet.

So are you ready to improve your riding experience by listening to music or audiobooks on the road?

The sooner you start, the more you’ll get out of your investment!


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