Top 21 Best Earbuds for Motorcycle

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Our article explores the essentials of choosing the best earbuds for motorcycle helmets, considering comfort, durability, and sound quality. We then dive into an in-depth review of the top 21 earbuds on the market, carefully curated to suit various needs and preferences. The piece concludes with key insights from our findings, followed by a helpful FAQ section addressing common queries related to motorcycle earbuds. Whether you're a seasoned biker or a beginner, our comprehensive guide can help you enhance your rides with the perfect sound companion.

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably know that wearing a motorcycle helmet while riding can be quite uncomfortable.

The noise of the wind and the vibrations from the road can make it hard to hear and concentrate on what’s happening around you.

In addition, the lack of airflow can make breathing hard when you need to, especially when you’re trying to ride at high speeds.

Motorcyclists often get a bad rap for being loud, dangerous, and rude. The truth is that motorcyclists are some of the most responsible, conscientious drivers.

They care about other people, and they always wear their helmets. But when it comes to earbuds, everyone’s got an opinion.

It’s not easy to find a pair of earbuds that are not too bulky and can also fit inside a helmet.

Most headphones don’t work because they tend to fall off when riders turn their heads. And the ones that do fit are usually too big.

This article will give tips on finding fitting earbuds for motorcycle helmets. I’m also going to tell you which are the best earbuds for motorcycle helmets.

Here are some key things to consider when choosing the best earbuds for motorcycle riding:

  1. How often will you be wearing them?
  2. Will you be riding on rough roads, or will you be on smooth roads?
  3. Do you need to hear well in your ears?
  4. How comfortable will they be?
  5. How much will you be using them?
  6. Will you be using them while working?
  7. How long do you think you’ll be wearing them?
  8. Will you be traveling with them?
  9. How much do they cost?
  10. Will you be wearing them for an extended period?
  11. Are they durable?
  12. Do they have a microphone?
  13. Do they have noise-canceling capabilities?
  14. Are they wireless?

What To Look For When Buying Earbuds For Motorcycle Helmet?

Make sure the buds are sewn into the earphone jack

Your motorcycle helmet should have an embedded or integrated earbud socket, also known as a bud plug. The size of this socket is standardized, so any headset that fits in it will fit perfectly.

The only time you would not need to use earbuds is if your hearing has already been tested and found healthy enough to hear without them.

To protect your hearing from noise damage, avoid using earphones unless you are planning to listen to music. A full conversation is fine, but screaming into your ears is not helping yourself at all!

Look for waterproofing

Even if you plan on using your earphones only during winter, it also makes sense to buy waterproof earphones. This is because even when not wearing your helmet, you may still get wet (e.g. while swimming).

If you plan to use your earphones inside the vehicle, ensure they’re waterproof. You can test them slightly soaked to see whether this gives you some protection.

Also, do not rely too much on the sealing between the outer shell and your ears. At best, it will prevent water from reaching your ears; but that is about it.

Memory foam inserts also fit into small holes so you can put them in place to block out noise.

However, these cannot be removed easily (if at all), which means you will have trouble isolating yourself if you want to hear something specific, like someone else’s song.

Isolating sound is easier with our bass boost feature, but you must already know what you’re looking for.

Look for soft buds

Though they are less durable, softer sound devices have larger speakers that offer poorer quality audio than harder models. These factors make them better options for motorcyclists who suffer from loud noise disorders such as tinnitus.

However, despite having relatively bigger speakers, it still is difficult to get a decent bass response with these devices.

This becomes even more apparent when you switch between modes (i.e., listening to music vs. hearing something on your phone).

Additionally, hard earphones create too much noise due to their large size and need an external microphone to filter out this excess noise.

Last but not least, motorcycle riders that use hard earphones report pain at the bottom of the skull where the drum-like bones connect to the joint because of constant friction.

Check for a carrying case.

There are a couple of things you should look for when buying earphones for your motorcycle helmet. The first is a carrying case for the earbuds. Cases keep the buds safe, so they are not damaged or destroyed in a crash.

The second feature is protection from damage. You want safety features to ensure that the people using the earbuds set do not hurt themselves while wearing these earphones.

Another useful feature is called an indicator light. Some sets have this built-in; it illuminates to show that listening material is being recorded. This helps users know at a glance if there’s any content playing through their earbuds.

Also, some sets have an automatic volume control, which can be helpful when driving. If you feel stressed about your ride, get yourself a pair!

Make sure the cords are dark.

There is a good reason that motorbike helmet earphones have two lengths! The longer cord on some models can lead to one of the biggest sources of error when riding, losing signal while charging.

The mistake many riders make is connecting both ears phones at once or holding one in each hand and keeping them connected.

This doesn’t seem right because a slight electrical delay becomes significant after several meters (several feet of testing have shown this).

By having separate plugs for each ear, your brain gets a chance to cancel out any offset voltage caused by the second phone. The problem is that you lose around 68-70% of your hearing capability due to nerve feedback between the eardrum and inner ear.

This is not because the earbuds suck or something; it’s how our bodies are designed. Having shorter cords on some models allows more room for adjustment, resulting in better auditory perception.

Check for a charging case.

More manufacturers include vehicle-specific accessories in their packages. These usually come in a charging case, which adds storage space to keep cables out of the way.

You can find cases online that offer very reasonable prices. Otherwise, you could use something from your kitchen!

Some include wheels, so it is easy to move them when needed. Measure the casing is sturdy, as motorcycles require extra security.

Also, remember helmets have different types of vents, so you will need to know what type of helmet you have. You also want to see how easily they can be removed since this indicates how effective they are at keeping the noise down.

These vents range from a simple hole to one wide open to all ambient airflow to one with a special butterfly valve mechanism.

There is no right or wrong size; it depends on your preference. If you like how the vent closes, then go with that design.

Please make sure they are small and fit properly in your motorcycle helmet

If you hear something while riding, but it isn’t very loud, it may be because your ears are large enough to hear. People with microphones have smaller ears than people who does this kind of noise.

If you’ve never noticed how much sound differs between people, try putting some earbuds on and seeing what changes you notice. You will probably find that you can hear things you didn’t realize were there.

For example, water bottles make decent noise if you place them right next to your ear. Some people claim that they can hear individual drops of water being dropped into the bottle.

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Look for inline volume controls.

Most motorcycle helmets have two rear-facing speakers for enhanced audio performance. But the sound comes through only from one direction, so if you’re coming at your bike from the right side, the voices will be coming from your left.

Look for earphones with separate volume controls to enable you to hear this voice.

When you move your ears away from the headgear, you can adjust the loudness of the sounds. These little adjustments make it easier to hear what is happening around you.

Look for acoustic isolation in noise reduction technology

This reduces vibration and impedance while keeping noise levels low. They also offer comfort features such as leather covers that absorb shock.

The earbuds’ fit impacts how well they work and how much you enjoy them. The thinner the driver, the better the quality of sound but the more expensive they are.

Consider buying a pair that folds down or comes apart to make storage simpler when they are not being used.

Look for a brand logo.

Even if you are not sure about the quality of the earbuds, it is always good to go for branded products, as they will tell your story.

Most likely, you bought them because you like their style or design; therefore, we recommend you choose stylish helmets with great airflow so that you can wear them comfortably.

If you find any sticker damage on the helmet, you should be aware that this could weaken the structure significantly.

Finally, ensure the earphone tips are in good condition before replacing your motorcycle helmet. They should fit properly and seal correctly, keeping the noise down and protecting your hearing.

Pick a flat cord

Flat cords are best for using your motorcycle helmet as a headset because they tightly fit into your bike’s receiver. If you use coiling cords, you will have more slack in the connection, which can be dangerous if you make any adjustments while riding.

If you buy something that requires charging, check its documentation before buying.

Do not buy an over-the-air modem to save money on cables or other accessories. It is only necessary for your phone unit, but purchasing one saves you money.

Pick an all-in-one package.

Even if you are not using your phone much, keeping your smartphone battery healthy is still very important by putting in a good charger at least once a week.

When you buy earphones or earbuds, try buying an all-in-one package. This way, you will save time going back and forth to find different things.

Also, having everything in one place helps maintain order as well. It also puts your important items near the center of your attention so that they have more control over you.

Look for stickers

Helmets are often made from plastic, which is great when warmed by the sun but can be uncomfortable if it gets cool. Hot or warm weather means fast movement and rapid breathing, which increases pressure inside the helmet.

This can result in headaches and migraines that last for days. To avoid this, put your motorcycle helmet on with the visor down so you cannot breathe as much air-conditioned (or cooled) air.

More importantly, try new ways of wearing your helmet.

You may find that putting the strap over one shoulder and under the other is more comfortable than running an earbud into one side of your head or tucking the back of the helmet behind your ears.

Look at reviews about different styles of helmets before buying them. There’s lots of info about what suits one person well, and tips on how to best wear your motorcycle helmet.

Also, ask others who wear motorcycling gear such as boots and vests whether they would recommend these earbuds.

Look for a hard coating.

Many new earphones have a soft plastic casing. While this makes them softer to hold, water can easily damage them.

You will want more resistant earphones if you are hiking or cycling in the rain. Some cheaper earphones don’t have a true hardened shell; they use a thicker wire than more expensive models.

Look for earphones with a plug that folds over when you put them in a hole. This creates a better seal so no water gets inside your helmet. It also reduces the risk of straining the wires.

Look for soft pads

If you are experiencing helmet vibration while riding, then it may be time to upgrade your earpad installation.

The easiest way to improve vibrations is by changing out of the hard plastic pads and into softer ones. You can keep the same earphones you had before, but ensure they are wrapped in a soft material like silicone or rubber.

This way, when you place these earbuds near your ears, the vibrations will have less impact. It will also reduce some of the noise that comes through your vehicle’s speakers.

You may need heavier earpads installed if this doesn’t solve the problem. Heavy padding fixes the issue because it reduces the sensitivity of your eardrums. Less sensitivity means fewer vibrations reaching your inner ears.

Look for replaceable tips.

More and more brands are making earbuds that can be replaced easily. This is especially helpful if you want to spend less money or match your helmet design to your outfit.

There are several types of replacement pads, so check what type of friction pad they use before buying. While flat rubber may seem a better option at first, it’s much harder to remove than traditional ones.

Lastly, make sure the replacement pads have no stitching showing. The stitching will show even after repeated washes and wear, especially if you plan to wash them in hot water (above 50 °F/10 degrees celsius).

Look for acoustic dampening.

Helmets have built-in speakers that emit sound. However, if you use a helmet with external earphone (headphone) slots, you will rely on your earbuds’ amplifiers to hear anything.

Amplification is when one signal is boosted over another signal so you can hear it above the background noise. Your ears need quite a bit of amplification because they are not designed to listen at full strength.

However, most people don’t know this. And while many companies advertise “amplified” hearing aids, what they mean is they increased the output so you can hear something softer like the wind or words closer to you.

It does not mean they increase the sensitivity of your ears.

That is why dogs can still hear things after wearing hearing devices. People get better volume control by switching from expensive hearing aids to inexpensive audio processors.

These items usually work well because they are specifically made for consumer use. You pay a lot more for them because you cannot access large-scale production costs like hearing aid manufacturers.

Look for strain relief.

One of the most common problems with earphones is stress. Nowadays, more and more people are exposed to sound, making headphones a hot commodity.

When shopping for motorcycle sun visors that include earbuds, look for a model without microphone spindles. This helps prevent the bending of the headphone jack, making it easier to break or crack.

Also called bridge plugs, these kits typically consist of three pieces that fit into each other like a jig saw puzzle. The two ends then hold the plug together, helping protect against both breaking and audio feedback.

Look for some versions designed specifically for microphones and headsets, but also see if any versions have been made for speakers.

This way, you will know whether or not they will be appropriate for your needs. 

Look for optimized sound quality.

Despite their importance, headphones don’t usually make you feel very comfortable. This is because they do not fit properly over your ear.

Most of them come with adjustable cups that allow you to buy them in different sizes depending on the angle of your head.

When shopping around, try several pairs of in-ear buds before finding one that fits comfortably and has good acoustic properties (looks/feels nice).

It should also have well thought and engineered controls and buttons so it can be used while riding or working out.

If an item plays music through external speakers, it becomes more evident how much better fitting these headphones are. You will enjoy listening to our songs more when we use external speakers than the ones built into my helmet.

Furthermore, buying expensive earphones may seem like a great idea; however, keep in mind that they might get damaged if they fall and probably won’t play as well after being replaced by cheaper models.

Last but not least, ensure the packaging is sturdy, and the products inside contain no harmful chemicals that could damage your ears.

Top 21 Motorcycle Earbuds

Best Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycle

No products found.


  • Outstanding audio clarity during calls and intercom.
  • Easy to operate Jog Dial interface.


  • Less than satisfactory battery life.
  • Occasional lags in the Bluetooth connection.

NikoMaku Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Helmet Headphones Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Earphone Intercom for Helmets Wireless Headphones with Microphone Sound System for Motorcycle 0.27 Silm
The NikoMaku Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset offers clear, immersive sound quality, proving a reliable companion for motorcycle rides. Its slim design fits effortlessly in most helmets, while its wireless functionality and intercom features provide a hassle-free experience. However, its battery life could use an upgrade.


  • Impressive sound quality – the audio is crisp and clear, even at high speeds.
  • Intercom feature – allows for easy communication with other riders, contributing to safety and convenience.


  • Average battery life – frequent long rides may require additional charging.
  • It may not fit perfectly in all helmet types – user reviews suggest occasional fitting issues.

Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom (Single) , Black
The Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset is a high-quality device offering excellent sound clarity and robust intercom functionality. Its build is sturdy and stylish, with user-friendly controls. However, potential issues with compatibility and updating the device firmware are worth considering.


  • Sound clarity – The audio is clear and loud, making communication at high speeds effortless.
  • User-friendly controls – The buttons are easy to operate even with gloves on.


  • Compatibility – Some users have reported issues pairing the device with different Bluetooth systems.
  • Firmware updates – Occasional difficulties in updating the firmware have been noted.

Sena SRL Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System for Shoei Neotech II
The Sena SRL Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System is a top-notch, seamlessly integrated solution for Shoei Neotech II helmets. Its superior sound quality and the range of features, including intercom and music streaming, are commendable. However, it’s battery life, and occasional software glitches may deter some users.


  • Seamless integration – Designed for the Shoei Neotech II, resulting in a flawless fit.
  • High-quality sound – Offers excellent audio clarity, making it suitable for music and communication.


  • Limited battery life – Users reported shorter than expected battery life, particularly during prolonged usage.
  • Software glitches – A few users encountered occasional software issues affecting the device’s performance.

Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control (Single)
The Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System is a reliable product featuring HD audio and Advanced Noise Control. Its robust build, crystal clear sound, and range of connectivity options make it a superior choice for bikers. However, it has a slightly steep learning curve, and its range may not meet everyone’s expectations.


  • High-definition audio – Provides excellent sound clarity, ensuring seamless communication.
  • Advanced Noise Control – Effectively reduces ambient noise, improving the overall audio experience.


  • Complexity – New users may find navigating the range of features difficult.
  • Limited range – The intercom range may not be sufficient for riders in more extensive groups.

Best wireless earbuds for motorcycle

Etymotic Research ER4XR with Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable, Black (ER4XR-BT)
The Etymotic Research ER4XR with Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable offers superb sound quality with deep bass and excellent noise isolation. The wireless design adds convenience, but the high price point and durability concerns should be considered before purchasing.


  • Sound Quality – Produces high-fidelity audio with impressive bass response.
  • Noise Isolation – Provides superior noise isolation, enhancing the overall listening experience.


  • High price – The premium sound quality comes with a price tag, which may deter budget-conscious customers.
  • Durability – Some users have reported issues with the longevity of the Bluetooth cable.

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom - SMH10R-01
The Sena SMH10R Bluetooth Headset and Intercom is a solid performer with its low-profile design and powerful features. However, minor battery life and audio quality compromises in loud environments need attention.


  • Compact and lightweight – Ideal for riders who prefer a less bulky setup.
  • Easy to operate – Intuitive controls provide a user-friendly experience.


  • Battery life – Some users reported less than satisfactory battery performance.
  • Audio quality – The sound may not be as clear in noisy environments.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with Camera [G-Sensor Lock][Unlimited Battery], 2-6 Riders 1000M Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Systems, Motorcycle Camera 64G TF Card, 1080P/Music Sharing/IP65 Black
FreedConn’s Bluetooth Headset integrates camera and G-Sensor features, making it an innovative all-in-one solution. But its heavy build and complicated setup can deter potential users.


  • Integrated Camera – Convenient for capturing rides without additional equipment.
  • G-Sensor Lock – Ensures your footage is saved in case of an accident.


  • Hefty design – Some may find it bulky compared to other options.
  • Complex setup – Learning to operate all features may require some time.

BIKECOMM BK-S2 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headset (Single Black) - Audio Multitasking Group Communication Intercom System - Music Sharing - Noise Cancellation - Voice Comm Mic
The BIKECOMM BK-S2 Bluetooth Intercom Headset offers seamless group communication and music sharing, but users should be aware of the limited range and potential durability issues.


  • Music Sharing – Unique feature that enhances group rides.
  • Noise Cancellation – Provides clear audio even in windy conditions.


  • Limited Range – Some users reported less range than advertised.
  • Durability – Concerns were raised about the longevity of the product.

JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset,Outdoor Headset,Waterproof Sports Headset,Speakers Hands Free,Music Call Control,Automatic answering,60 Hours Playing time High Sound System
JZAQ’s Bluetooth Headset provides automatic answering and long playtime, making it a reliable companion on the road. However, its waterproofing capabilities and sound quality at high speeds could be improved.


  • Long Playing Time – Up to 60 hours of music or call control.
  • Automatic Answering – Ensures hands-free operation during rides.


  • Waterproofing – May not perform well in heavy rain.
  • Sound quality at high speed – The audio quality may diminish at higher speeds.

Motorcycle Helmet Headset Motorcycle Headphones, Universal Racing Helmet Speakers for Motorcycle, Wired Helmet Sports Headset Helmet Earphone with 3.5mm Male Connector
Yosoo Health Gear’s wired Helmet Headset is an affordable and straightforward solution. However, the lack of Bluetooth functionality and lower audio quality are areas for improvement.


  • Easy to install – Simple design ensures quick setup.
  • Affordable – A budget-friendly option for those seeking basic functionalities.


  • Lack of Bluetooth – The absence of wireless connectivity could be inconvenient.
  • Audio Quality – The sound quality may not match that of higher-end models.

LEXIN B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, 10 Riders Helmet Bluetooth Intercom, Universal Communication Systems with Music Sharing/Noise Cancellation/FM Radio for Snowmobile/ATV/Dirt Bike, 2 Pack
The LEXIN B4FM Bluetooth Headset provides robust features like music sharing and noise cancellation, making it ideal for group rides. However, the battery life and the occasional pairing issues may be of concern for some users.


  • Music Sharing – Enhances the group riding experience.
  • Noise Cancellation – Ensures clear communication, even in noisy environments.


  • Battery Life – Some users have reported shorter-than-expected battery life.
  • Pairing Issues – Occasional difficulties when trying to connect with multiple devices.

Soundcore Anker Life Dot 2 True Wireless Earbuds, 100 Hour Playtime
The Soundcore Anker Life Dot 2 earbuds deliver superior sound and impressive playtime. The secure fit design is a plus, though the touch controls might need improvements.


  • Long Playtime – A notable 100-hour battery life sets it apart from competitors.
  • Secure Fit – AirWing’s design ensures a snug fit, making it ideal for sports and commuting.


  • Touch Controls – Some users reported the touch controls to be overly sensitive.
  • Connectivity – Occasional issues with maintaining a stable Bluetooth connection.

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset Bone Conduction Motorcycle Headset for Helmet, Super Bass IP68Waterproof Bluetooth Helmet Speakers 10hrs Play Time Ski Helmet Speakers with Separate Microphone
This Bone Conduction Headset offers an innovative approach to helmet audio with commendable waterproofing. However, the bass levels and overall audio quality may not meet all users’ expectations.


  • Innovative Design – The bone conduction technology allows for awareness of surroundings.
  • Waterproof – The IP68 rating ensures protection from water and dust.


  • Bass Quality – The bass performance might not satisfy all users.
  • Sound Quality – Some users reported mediocre audio quality in noisy environments.

Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom (Single) , Black
The Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset offers impressive sound clarity and robust intercom functionality. However, potential issues with compatibility and firmware updates are worth noting.


  • Clear Sound – The audio quality remains consistently good, even at high speeds.
  • User-friendly – The intuitive interface makes it easy to use.


  • Compatibility – Some issues were reported when pairing with different Bluetooth systems.
  • Firmware Updates – Users occasionally experience difficulties updating the device firmware.

I A S U S Premium Audio Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Work with Most Helmet Comms with Earbud Ports - The XSound 3 Drop in Headphones Speaker Kit Includes Accessories for a Quick Install
IASUS Premium Audio Motorcycle Helmet Speakers deliver clear sound, working seamlessly with most helmet comms. Yet, their high price point and lower bass response could be a letdown.


  • Sound Clarity – The audio quality is impressive, ensuring clear communication.
  • Compatibility – Designed to work with most helmet communication systems.


  • Price – Its premium price may deter budget-conscious customers.
  • Bass Response – Some users might find the bass underwhelming.

Sena SPH10H-FM-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmets, black
Sena’s SPH10H-FM-01 Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom stand out with its built-in FM tuner and compatibility with half helmets. However, sound quality and battery life may disappoint some users.


  • FM Tuner – Conveniently listen to your favorite radio stations during rides.
  • Half Helmet Compatibility – A rare feature that expands the product’s utility.


  • Sound Quality – Some users reported audio distortion at higher volumes.
  • Battery Life – Battery longevity might not meet the expectations of frequent users.

THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset,New Version BT-S3 1000m Helmet Bluetooth Intercom, Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System for Ski/ATV/Dirt Bike Up to 3 Riders(Boom Microphone, Pack 1)
The THOKWOK BT-S3 offers a solid Bluetooth intercom system suitable for multiple outdoor activities. Although the intercom range and microphone quality could be improved.


  • Versatile – Can be used in various scenarios, including skiing, ATV riding, and biking.
  • Multi-rider connection – Supports up to three riders simultaneously.


  • Intercom Range – Some users have found the range less than advertised.
  • Microphone Quality – The boom microphone may pick up excessive wind noise.

FODSPORTS Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset M1-S Plus Music Sharing/Mute Microphone/FM 8 Riders Intercom Helmet Communication System Voice Dial/ 900MAH/ Boom & Soft Mic (1 Blue + 1 Pink)
The FODSPORTS M1-S Plus Bluetooth Headset offers features like music sharing and a mute microphone, making it user-friendly. However, the quality of the voice dial and overall durability can be better.


  • Music Sharing – Enhances the group riding experience.
  • Mute Microphone – Useful feature to reduce ambient noise.


  • Voice Dial – Some users reported issues with the voice dial functionality.
  • Durability – Questions have been raised about the product’s longevity.

Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth, Drop-in Headphones - HD Speakers Compatible Any Audio Ready Ski/Snowboard Helmet Headphones. Glove Friendly Controls, Microphone for Hands-Free Calls
Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth Headphones offer HD sound quality and glove-friendly controls. However, the fit within some helmets and battery life could be improved.


  • HD Sound – Delivers high-definition audio for an immersive listening experience.
  • Glove-friendly Controls – Ensures ease of use even in cold, snowy conditions.


  • Fit – It might not perfectly fit all ski/snowboard helmets.
  • Battery Life – The battery life might not suffice for extended use.

FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset with Music Sharing,TCOM VB 2-Way 800M Intercom,Universal Pairing Motorcycle Communication System kit for Ski/ATV/Dirt Bike(FM/IP65/2 in 1 Mic.Siri) 1Pack
The FreedConn Bluetooth Headset provides music sharing and a range of other features that enhance the riding experience. However, the sound quality at high speeds and the setup process may not meet everyone’s expectations.


  • Music Sharing – A feature that adds to the enjoyment of group rides.
  • Universal Pairing – Allows connection with various Bluetooth devices.


  • Sound Quality – Some users report that sound quality diminishes at high speeds.
  • Setup Process – Initial setup might be complex for some users.

Why Choosing the Right Earbuds Matters

Motorcycle enthusiasts know the thrill of the open road, the wind against your face, and the roar of the engine. But amidst this exhilaration, there’s a need for quality sound, be it for music, calls, or GPS directions. This is where the right earbuds for motorcycles come into play.

Safety Concerns

Safety should always be a rider’s top priority. Using regular earbuds can be a hazard. They might not fit securely, leading to distractions as they fall out.

Moreover, they might not offer adequate noise cancellation, making it hard to hear important ambient sounds. It’s crucial to note that it’s not legal to wear earbuds while riding in some places. Always check local regulations before hitting the road with your tunes.

Comfort for Long Rides

Anyone on a long ride knows the discomfort of ill-fitting earbuds, especially when combined with a helmet.

The shape of your ears plays a significant role in this. Earbuds like the Jabra Elite Active and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless come with multiple silicone ear tip sizes, ensuring a snug fit regardless of your ear’s shape.

Sound Quality

The engine’s roar is music to a biker’s ears, but sometimes you want actual music. High-quality earbuds for motorcycles like the Bose Sport Earbuds or the Samsung Galaxy Buds offer crystal clear sound, ensuring you don’t miss a beat even on the noisiest rides.

The Science Behind Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation technology is a marvel that’s especially beneficial for motorcyclists. But how does it work?

How It Works

There are two types of noise cancellation: active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation involves microphones picking up external sounds and producing sound waves that are the exact opposite, effectively canceling them out.

Brands like Bose Soundsport Wireless and Sennheiser Momentum have perfected this technology. Passive noise cancellation, on the other hand, is about physically blocking out noise, often through the design and materials of the earbud and silicone ear tips.

Benefits for Motorcyclists

For riders, noise-canceling earbuds like the Jabra Elite 75t or Jaybird Vista offer a dual benefit.

They block out potentially harmful noise from traffic while allowing important sounds, like horns or sirens, through. This ambient-aware feature ensures safety without compromising on the audio experience.

Real-life Stories: Riders and Their Earbuds

Every rider has a story; for many, their earbuds for motorcycles play a starring role.

James, a cross-country motorcyclist, swears by his Bose Soundsport. “I was in the middle of nowhere when my GPS failed. But with my earbuds’ clear sound, I could call a friend and get directions without pulling over.”

On her first big ride, Linda was grateful for her Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. “The active noise cancellation meant I could listen to my playlist without the distraction of traffic noise. It made my ride unforgettable.”

Caring for Your Earbuds

Investing in quality earbuds means you’ll want them to last. Here’s how to ensure they do.

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean Regularly: Use a soft cloth to wipe down your earbuds. For silicone ear tips, please remove them and wash them with mild soap.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Don’t leave your Sesh Evo or Elite Active earbuds in direct sunlight or cold environments.
  • Check the Charging Cable: A faulty cable can damage your earbuds’ battery. Always use the cable that came with your earbuds, be it for your Bose QuietComfort or JBL Reflect.


When not in use, store your earbuds in their case. Brands like Sena 50s and Skullcandy Sesh Evo often come with hard cases that protect against physical damage and the elements.


When you’re riding a motorcycle, the last thing you want to hear is the annoying sound of your earbuds being sucked into your helmet. That is why you need to invest in a pair of quality earbuds.

Make sure they fit comfortably and securely to your head. If you don’t like the look and feel of your earbuds, you can always swap them out for a different pair.

You can also consider the new trend of Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycles. They’re lighter than traditional earbuds and feature built-in microphones that allow you to make calls without taking off your helmet.

So are you ready to improve your riding experience by listening to music or audiobooks on the road?

The sooner you start, the more you’ll get out of your investment!

Best Motorcycle Earbuds – Frequently Asked Questions

Do earbuds work on a motorcycle?

If you’re taking a ride on your cruiser and enjoy music on the go, this is an important question. After all, earbuds are designed to fit snugly inside your ears, making them great for listening to music.

However, that is not always possible when riding. There are benefits and drawbacks to using earbuds while riding a bike.

What are the Best Motorcycle earbuds?

For an on-the-go ride, earbuds are essential because of their convenience. Whether you prefer to listen to music or podcasts while commuting or even doing your grocery shopping, they are the best option.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to make a stop at a local store, you can always listen through your earbuds.

What are good helmet earbuds?

Finding the best motorcycle earbuds can be a little tricky because of the limitation that comes with the helmet.

Once you install them, you won’t be able to take them out without removing your helmet. If you do, it will make your helmet not only messy but also very uncomfortable to wear.

 If you have a comfortable pair of comfortable earbuds, it will be a good gift for your commute on your bike and for other things like jogging in the morning or grocery shopping on the weekend. 

How do you keep earbuds when riding a motorcycle?

The first problem that you will encounter is the unavoidable problem of dirt. After all, you’re on a motorbike, and dirt will be everywhere.

The earbuds are your headphones and will get dirty very quickly.

Aside from the dirt factor, the second problem that you should worry about is the inevitable rainy season.

Riding in the rain can be a scary experience because of slippery roads and puddles of water on the road. 

Can you use Bluetooth earbuds on a motorcycle?

Depending on your earbuds, you can use Bluetooth ones. However, sometimes finding the right one can be a difficult task.

If you don’t see any problems with riding on the road, you can use it to listen to music and other stuff like podcasts or audiobooks.

There are a lot of benefits from the use of earplugs during a ride on a motorcycle.

It will be better for you to wear them before riding on your motorcycle to avoid this problem.

Why should you wear earplugs when riding a motorcycle?

There are a lot of benefits from the use of earplugs during a ride on a motorcycle.

Aside from protecting your ears from the noise and wind of the road, you can also use them to protect yourself from hearing loss.

Can earbuds hurt your neck?

You should know that they can hurt your neck if you have a pair of earbuds. This can be very uncomfortable, especially if you’re using them for a long period.

The thing here is that everybody is different, so it will also depend on your riding position and the kind of helmet that you are using. 

What type of motorcycle earbuds should I get?

The best motorcycle earbuds are lightweight and easy to install quickly on your helmet before riding out.

Some riders also get soft and flexible earbuds so they can fit in their helmets easily. Many out there have the shape of a helmet, so you can also get those if you want to look cool.

Are motorcycle earbuds waterproof?

Your earphones will be fine if you do not submerge them in water.

What are the best earbuds to wear while riding a motorcycle?

The best earbud for motorcycle riding offers a combination of noise cancellation, comfort, and sound quality. Brands like Elgin Ruckus, Klim Fusion, and TWS earbuds are highly recommended by riders. Always check the latest prices on platforms like Amazon before making a purchase.

What are the best Bluetooth earbuds for riding a motorcycle?

Bluetooth earplugs like the Treblab X3 Pro, Avantree Apico Mini Bluetooth Earbud, and JBL Reflect Flow are top choices for those who prefer wireless options. They offer excellent sound quality and stay connected even at high speeds.

Are earbuds good for motorcycle riding?

Absolutely! A quality earbud for motorcycle riding provides riders with clear audio, be it music, calls, or GPS directions, without compromising on safety. Features like ambient aware ensure riders are still tuned into important ambient sounds around them.

Do earbuds fit under a motorcycle helmet?

Yes, most motorcycle-specific earbuds, including Snug Phones and those with ear hooks, are designed to fit comfortably under helmets. Their slim profile ensures they don’t press into the ear canal, offering comfort even on long rides.

Is it legal to wear Airpods while riding a motorcycle?

Laws vary by region, but in many places, it’s not legal to wear any earbuds, including Airpods, while riding due to safety concerns. It’s essential to check local regulations and prioritize motorcycle earphones designed for riding, often allowing for crucial ambient sound awareness.

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