Best Soundbar under $300

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With LED Technology the overall structure of our home TVs has become quite slim. This improvement is quite positive but what suffered the most is the TV sound quality.

The slim frame of modern TVs cannot support the old deep body speakers as it could in the past. Soundbars are here to solve this problem quite well.

With a variety of options ranging from high sound quality, surround sound, home theater experience, wireless and wired connectivity, and much more. The modern manufacturers have put all the available options in a compact home use soundbar.

All these have put the buyers in trouble as it’s very hard to choose from a huge variety with each product offering different options at different prices. We here will try to shortlist 3 of the best sound bars in the market just under $300.

Top Three Soundbars under 300 Dollars

Klipsch bar 40 soundbar

Klipsch Bar 40 Soundbar

First in line is the Klipsch Bar 40 that comes just under USD 300. With HDMI, HDMI Arc, Bluetooth, and Aux and a wireless subwoofer; Bar 40 is a basic level but packs all that’s needed for a good audio experience at home.

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Coming to the Bar 40 design it’s a simple 40 inch wooden textured rectangular Bar with metal highlights. Horn speaker at sides and front-facing grill further pronounces its design well. Behind the grill are 3 LEDs that indicate mode, power, and source status.

Coming to the performance the Bar 40 supports Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus, the sound quality it generates is impressive.

The dialogs are crisp and clear even with sound effects surround sound experience was good enough too. Although it couldn’t become quite loud it’s good enough to entertain you in a medium-sized room.

Overall it proves to be a good option considering the price and normal home-usage.

Polk Audio Signa S2

Polk Audio Signa S2

Second, in line is Polk Audio Signa S2 with a wireless subwoofer that comes just under USD 200. It’s a simple 2.1 channel soundbar that comes with HDMI, HDMI ARC, and Bluetooth which is a plus when considering Signa S1. It has good sound quality and is designed basically for a home theater system.

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Coming to the design Signa S2 has a pretty straight forward design that is suitable to a 55 inch TV option and with a height of just 2.1 inch its slimmer than many yet not the slimmest. It’s completely plastic with a tight fabric in front as compared to YAMAHA YAS209 products. The Subwoofer is similar to looking in the same material.

Coming to the performance it’s simply outstanding as compared to price. In default settings, the sound performance was very smooth. It produces good music with a clear voice even at a high bass medium level. It’s an impressive experience when bass enhancement mode is selected for Movies and TV shows.

Overall in the price, it simply does the job and does it very well.

Klipsch RSB3

Klipsch RSB 3

RSB3 is an entry-level soundbar with a price tag just under USD 300 it includes no Subwoofer as compared to the other two products we have discussed.

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Connectivity includes only its analog and digital inputs with no HDMI ports, however, it has built-in Bluetooth connectivity option. With Dolby digital support ad Klipsch Virtual Surround options it’s a good basic level product.

When it comes to design the device is 2.6 inches in height means it fits under the TV well. It has a plastic body with front metallic grill and is well suited to be placed below or above the TV or mounted to the wall.

Discussing the performance it’s a good listening experience and it was found to be an all-rounder with a crisp and clear voice, music, and sound effects. Without the external woofer, it lacked the bass in some cases s but considering the price tag it suites well for a normal home.

Overall it could be said that every home has its unique needs. We simply tried to shortlist best-suited products that fit well for a normal home and is also not too expensive on the pocket.

USD 300 is an amount that can be easily spent for the purpose and normally high-end products with a lot of options are simply too much for home usage and only prove to be waste over the long run.

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The Best Soundbar under $300 – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sony Product is the best?

Sony is among the leading brands in the Audio market with normally high tech and expensive product range. However, the HT-X8500 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos is the perfect match for price and options. Ranging just below USD 400 it packs all the modern connectivity and sound decoding options.

What the difference between 2.1 and 3.1 soundbar

2.1 soundbar as both a left and right sound channels along with a Subwoofer. 3.1 Soundbar has one additional central channel along with the subwoofer as compare to 2.1.

How much should I spend on the soundbar?

It simply depends on your needs, for a normal home TV, 250-500 USD is the best budget however if you demand extra high-end products there are products in the market that are much more expensive.


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