LG SPM2 Soundbar Review: The Future of Home Audio

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Introduction: The Evolution of Home Audio

Remember the days when home audio meant a bulky set of speakers? Dive into the world of sleek sound with the LG SPM2 soundbar. Over the years, sound bars have transformed our living rooms, offering cinematic experiences without the clutter.

The LG SPM2, part of the renowned LG soundbar lineup, promises to elevate this experience further.

First Impressions: Unboxing the LG SPM2

When you look at the LG SPM2 soundbar, its sleek design and premium build quality are evident.

Compared to its siblings like the LG SP8YA or LG SP9YA, the SP2 soundbar has a more compact form, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Yet, despite its size, it promises a powerful audio punch.

Sound Quality: The Heart of Any Audio Device

The primary purpose of a soundbar is to enhance audio quality. So, does the LG SPM2 deliver? Absolutely. Its channel 100w output makes the sound quality crisp, clear, and immersive. The bass and treble are well-balanced, thanks to its built-in subwoofer.

For movie enthusiasts, the Dolby Atmos feature offers a surround sound experience that rivals traditional surround systems.

Whether watching an action-packed film or listening to a live concert, the virtual surround sound ensures you’re in the middle of the action.

Test results from various audio experts have consistently praised the SP2 soundbar for its clarity and depth.

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Features and Technology: More Than Just Sound

The LG SPM2 is not just about sound quality. It’s packed with features that make it a tech enthusiast’s dream. One standout feature is the AI Sound Pro, which automatically adjusts proper modes to optimize audio sources.

Wirelessly connect your devices with ease, be it through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The soundbar supports various audio formats, ensuring compatibility with all your media.

Voice control integration, HDMI output, and audio return channel (ARC) make it a versatile addition to your entertainment setup. And if you have an LG TV, the TV remote seamlessly controls the soundbar, enhancing the user experience.

User Experience: Living with the LG SPM2

Setting up the LG SPM2 is a breeze. With HDMI ARC, you can connect the soundbar to your TV screen with a single cable. The wireless subwoofer ensures no messy cables are running across your living room.

The LG sound bar also offers multiple sound modes, catering to different media types. Whether gaming, watching movies, or just listening to music, there’s a mode for you.

And for those who crave even more depth, the wireless surround feature lets you connect rear speakers, like the LG SP11RA, for a more immersive experience.

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Value for Money: Is It Worth the Investment?

In the crowded market of sound bars, the LG SPM2 stands out not just for its features but also for its competitive pricing. Compared to other models like the LG Eclair QP5 or even higher-end models in the soundbar lineup, the SP2 offers a balanced mix of quality and affordability.

However, like all electronic devices, it’s essential to consider the repair or replacement aspect. LG offers a robust warranty and support system, ensuring your investment is protected for years.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View


  • Superior sound quality with Dolby Digital integration.
  • Easy to set up with HDMI ARC and audio return channel.
  • Versatile sound modes for varied media.
  • Wireless connectivity options, including a wireless subwoofer.


  • While the built-in subwoofer offers decent bass, some might prefer a separate bass module for deeper lows.
  • Voice control, though handy, might require a learning curve for some users.


PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTSBluetooth StreamingYes (4.0)
USB PlaybackYes
TV Sound Mode ShareYes
Built-in SubwooferYes
Total Power100W
CONVENIENCETV Remote CompatibilityYes
Smartphone Remote App (iOS/Android)iOS / Android OS
Smartphone Music File PlaybackYes
Auto Volume LevelerYes (App)
HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC)Yes
Dynamic Range ControlYes (App)
Auto Power (On/Off) Remote / AppYes / Yes
Customize EQ Remote / AppYes (App)
Night Time Mode (On/Off) Remote / AppYes (App)
Dolby DigitalYes
FLAC (Up to 192kHz) C4A / USBNo / Yes
OGG (Up to 48kHz) C4A / USBNo / Yes
WAV C4A / USBNo / Yes
MP3 C4A / USBNo / Yes
WMA C4A / USBNo / Yes
SPEAKERSFront35W x 2
Subwoofer30W x 1
LG TV Sound Sync (Bluetooth)Yes
LG TV Sound Sync (Optical)Yes
HDMI 1.4 Out1
HDMI 1.4 Input1
Optical InputYes
USB HostYes
POWERSoundbar Power Consumption22W
Soundbar Standby Power Consumption0.5W L
DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTSTV Matching43 inch ↑
Sound Bar (WxHxD)29.9″ x 2.5″ x 3.5″
Soundbar Net Weight4.7 lbs
Carton Size (WxHxD)32.7″ x 5.6″ x 5.5″
Shipping Weight5.9 lbs
BatteriesAA x 2
Optical CableYes
Wall Mount BracketYes
Warranty CardYes
WARRANTYLimited Warranty1 Year Parts & Labor
Country of originChina

Conclusion: The Final Verdict

The LG SPM2 soundbar is a testament to LG’s commitment to quality and innovation. It offers a cinematic audio experience without needing a full-fledged home theater system.

Its sleek design and top-notch features like Dolby Atmos and AI Sound Pro make it a worthy addition to any living room.

Whether you’re an audiophile or just someone looking to enhance your TV sound, the LG SPM2 is a sound investment. And with the added assurance of LG’s quality and support, it’s a purchase you won’t regret.

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Frequently Asked Questions about LG SPM2

  1. What is the difference between LG SP2 and LG SPM2?

    The LG SP2 and LG SPM2 are part of LG’s impressive soundbar lineup but come with distinct features. The LG SPM2 is known for its advanced virtual surround sound capabilities, offering an immersive audio experience. On the other hand, the LG SP2, while still delivering quality sound, might not have the same depth in surround channels as the SPM2. Additionally, the SPM2 often gets compared with other models like the LG SP8YA and LG SP9YA, indicating its premium positioning in the market. Both models support Dolby Digital, but the SPM2 might have a slight edge regarding overall audio quality.

  2. Is LG SP2 any good?

    Absolutely! The LG SP2 is a reliable channel sound bar that offers clear and crisp audio output. While it might not have the advanced surround channels found in the LG SPM2 or the LG SP11RA, it still significantly upgrades from standard TV speakers. Its integration with Dolby Digital ensures that movies, music, and games sound richer and more detailed. If you’re looking for a balance between quality and affordability, the LG SP2 is a commendable choice.

  3. Is an LG sound bar worth it?

    Investing in an LG sound bar is worth it for those seeking enhanced audio experiences at home. LG’s range, from the LG SP8YA to the LG SP9YA, showcases their commitment to delivering top-notch sound quality. With features like virtual surround sound, listeners can enjoy cinematic audio without setting up a full-fledged home theater system. It’s worth noting that while LG sound bars excel in audio, they don’t filter air pollutants – they’re purely about sound! In summary, if you want to elevate your audio experience, an LG sound bar is a worthy investment.


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