MARANTZ SR6014 Review and Specifications

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AV Receivers are a vital part of a home theatre setup. They are the hub and brain of your entire home audio and video setup.

They process audio, send it as signals to a speaker, giving you that perfect sound. They also process video signals, send them to your display, and decode all the display types of surround sound, giving you that superb home theatre experience you need.

Making A Choice

Choosing the receiver to buy can be sometimes confusing, most especially if this would be your first time getting one. Even for people seeking to replace an old one, it can still be-a little bit.

This is usually because there are various makes of AV receivers to choose from. Ranging from Marantz to Denon, sonny, Yamaha, just to mention a few. As if these aren’t confusing enough, different manufacturers now have various models released yearly, trying to include every bit of new tech they can, even if it offers a very subtle difference from the previous model.

But if you carefully consider it like you’re doing right now, you’ll realize that making this choice might not be as difficult as you think. This is because there are some essential factors you need to consider, which will ease your decision-making. These factors include specific features you’ll like to enjoy, your budget, and they make you prefer ( if you already have one).

Certain brands are known for their quality products; an example is Marantz – of which we’re reviewing one of their latest release, SR6014. We’ll consider its features, pros, and cons as objectively as we can to aid your decision-making.

Marantz SR6014 Review

Marantz SR6014 Receiver

About Marantz Reciever

Marantz has been a premium brand for more than 65 years now. Marantz and Denon are both a part of Sound united and have been known to produce great products. Marantz receivers are essentially unique as they retain old-school features such as composite and component video switching. Yet they offer every wireless connection and recent technology you find today. Making them the best fit for you, whichever way you prefer, Amazing right!!.

In 2019, Marantz released four new models as upgrades of its 2018 models. They include SR6014 and SR5014 as well as NR1710 and NR1510. Marantz SR6014, when compared to its predecessor, doesn’t seem to have much difference on the surface level. But when you dig a bit deeper, you’ll find some minor improvements which we will consider.

But before we get started on that, Let’s take a quick peep into some features present in Marantz SR6014 that’ll surely interest you and are worthy of highlighting.

Marantz SR6014 supports Dolby atmos, Dobly Atmos Virilization Technology, Dobly Vision, Hybrid Log-Gamma; you can now maximize your 4K Ultra HD TV. Immerse yourself into movies with high-resolution pictures and surround sound.

Marantz SR6014 has all it takes to surround you with sound effects that will put you in the action center of your favorite movie and seat you in a concert hall with your favorite artists playing at their best. Yet handling audio and video switching, room corrections, streaming, and room commands in its best

If you prefer to enjoy music from your turntable or the modern way of streaming multiple pieces of music from Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Airplay. Marantz SR6014 got you covered. You can stream the same or different music in different rooms in your house.

It also supports voice control like Amazon Alexia, Google assistant, Apple Siri. In which case, you might not need the remote. You can use it for your smart home voice control as it supports Josh. ai Smart Voice Automation. Now let’s get started:

Marantz SR6014 Features


Available in silver and gold, its design is typical of Marantz SR60XX models. This is probably because Marantz SR60XX generally has a great design. Well, to a large extent, this is true, but not entirely, as are some faults we will point out later.

It has two big knobs on each side with a typical display in between; the right knob is for the volume control with the IR sensor close to it. The left knob is for input selection, and under it is the power button.

There is a central hatch under the circular display, which covers all the other buttons, giving it a tidy, clean “not too busy” look. Behind the central hatch, you’ll find a group of buttons placed in a straight line and a few ports under it for easy access. These buttons are the Pure Direct, M-DAX, ZONE 2 and tuner controls, status and sound mode selection, and Dimmer.

The ports under the central hatch are the headphones jack, an HDMI input for connecting input sources, a USB port for connecting external storage, the Audyssey calibration microphone port, and composite video input and analog stereo input.

Though this design is excellent, I mean, it looks presentable and has a bit of everything in front for easy access. The circular display is very small and can prove problematic when viewed from a typical sofa distance like mine.

Some say the small circular display is to aid the viewer’s focus on the movie or music rather than the receiver. But for someone like me who loves to always be in control, changing one thing or the other to my style, I would prefer a more prominent display and not mind the distraction it might bring. Anyways, I developed a coping technique that involves switching on the video monitor even when it’s not in use to provide the information.

The SR6014 has a size suitable for a 9.2 -channel AV, not too big, and is built with thick components.

High-Quality Audio Components

It is no news that Marantz uses high-quality audio components. Some of which are exclusive to their sonic signature; the one used here is not different.

Internals Marantz SR6014

SR6014 contains Marantz proprietary HDAM circuit boards, which replace the standard IC’s found in other AVs. This device does the same thing as the IC p-amps but greatly outperforms it. Resulting in a more detailed, dynamic, and accurate sound. This, to a more considerable extent, aids its 13.2 channel processing and 3D audio capabilities.

Its AKM AK4458 32-bit D/A Converter delivers music with more precision. Also, in SR6014, there’s what we call a Hybrid PLL Clock Jitter Reducer, which makes it immune to disruptions of the surrounding circulatory.

Lastly on this, let’s see Its Remote

The remote is well designed, good, and functional. Its buttons are arranged in a practical layout, which makes it easy to remember. The buttons have a nice rubber feel, enough space between them, and are very responsive.

Remote Control Marantz SR6014

It’s the only downside is that it lacks a backlight. Instead, the buttons are luminescent and glow in the dark. This makes them quite challenging to locate when lights are down, but at least aids my movie night’s total blackout, so I don’t mind.

But if you prefer an alternative. You can use your phone for control; I’m sure it has a screen light. Marantz offers a remote app for both Android and iOS, which has all the control you need. The remote also works with HEOS multiroom app and aids Audyssey room correction, so it is worth having, right? The good thing is, it’s free.

It also has an IR flasher input, in case you want to hide AVR in a cupboard. We’ll discuss the back panel in the connectivity section.

Lots of Power, Versatile Connectivity

The Marantz SR6014 has a 9.2 channel discrete power amplifier, 110 watts per channel with 2 Channels driven rated (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20kHz, 0.08% THD). It offers stability and support to a wide range of speakers for quality sound.

Though it has a lot of power, it still saves power via its Eco Mode and Auto stand-by function. Auto Eco Modes adjusts power output based on the on-screen eco meter and volume level, reducing power consumption, yet delivering quality sound for you to enjoy. Also, the auto stand-by function automatically turns off the power supply when not in use.

Connectivity; Value Packed

When we talk of connectivity, SR6014 has more than enough ports to satisfy even the most demanding users. Though it has the same ports as last year’s model, it differs in functionality and has new features.

Back Marantz SR6014

The Marantz SR6014 has 8 HDMI inputs (7 at the back with one at the front panel for easy accessibility) and 3 HDMI outputs. They all support the new HDCP 2.3 (different from last year’s model with HDCP 2.2 ), making it compatible with 4K Ultra HD sources and TV, Doubly Vision, HDR, HDR 10, HLG, and BT 2020.

Out of its 3 HDMI output, 1 is eARC compatible, thus supports the most advanced sound formats, including Dobly Atmos, Dobly Atmos Height Virilization Technology, and DTS. Another of its output supports zone 2, making it possible to enjoy the same or different songs in the various room.

We also have HDMI Auto Low Latency Mode, which can be used with an Xbox and TV giving you a more immersive gaming experience.

Still speaking of the ports, two new features have been introduced into this model, which is worthy of mention. They are the HDMI auto-input rename and the HDMI multi-input assign. The HDMI auto-input rename functions just like its name. If you connect it to a device that supports this, you will be spared the stress of renaming the ports manually, saving you a bit of time. We’ll consider the second new feature as we continue.

The SR6014 has 11 speaker terminals, but only 9 can be used. However, with external amplification, you can drive the other 2 channels. Therefore, with only the internal amplification, it can either do 5.2.4 or 7.2.2 Dobly atmos set up. It also has 7 channel preamp inputs and 11 channel preamp output, allowing to the connection of two subwoofers, which aids flexibility.

Also, there are 6 analog Stereo RCA audio inputs, with one dedicated to for phone, 2 component video inputs and 1 output, 3 composite video inputs and 1 output, 2 optical and 2 coaxial digital audio inputs, 1 remote control input and output, one 12 V trigger and Ethernet port for wired internet connection, an antenna for the Bluetooth, WiFi and radio tuner and a phono input for connecting a turntable.

Connectivity-wise, the SR6014 is packed with value. Although there are a couple of specialized ports found in more expensive models that are missing here, it has enough and even more than enough for its price range.

Bluetooth Headphone Transmission

This is one of the features of SR601&4. The Bluetooth in SR6014 is a newer version. This means you’ll be able to relay audio from the receiver to your wireless headphones. This is a handy addition as you’ll be able to enjoy quality music all alone if you do not want to disturb others around you.

Excellent Performance


One of the things I love doing during my leisure is watching interesting movies with surround sound. I check out the latest Hollywood HD or UCH movies and stream them. Every now and then, I also stream a TV show. With SR6014, you can enjoy your favorite TV show and even watch the latest movies with quality pictures and excellent sound.

A great example of what SR6014 can do is with The old Gaurd, especially the scene where Nile and Copley stormed Merrick’s London office to release the immortals. With SR6014, this scene was spectacular. The fight through Merrick’s security sounded and felt so amazing and real. Audio effects were in abundance here; the gunshots felt as though they were flying all around my room, plenty of projectiles flying around with sounds traveling along the channels with great precision and resolution.

It felt so real that towards the end scene, one of my friends came in, just as hell was breaking loose in Merrick’s office. She looked quite startled because she heard sounds that genuinely sounded like WW2; she dropped what she had in her hand and fled. I was also completely immersed in the movie. With the sound alive all around me, it felt like Merrick landed right beside me as he fell from his skyscraper with an ax in his neck.

Curious as to how the Marantz SR-6014 will handle less bombastic movies. I chipped in my all-time favorite “Sound of Music” on blue ray. This movie even looked and sounded better. From the soprano in Maria’s voice to the bass in Captain Vonn trap voice with all the musical instruments, Marantz delivers everything perfectly. I was utterly enthralled as I felt immersed and enveloped all around by the dynamic sounds from songs sung in this movie.

This is the exact kind of performance we expect from a brand such as Marantz. And they always come through- never disappointing.

HDMI Multi-Input Design

Another notable feature of SR6014 that aids audio and video performance is the HDMI multi-input assign. This is how it works; let’s say you want to watch a video from your satellite and at the same time, listen to your favorite radio show or audio from your CD player, you can do it.

When I was watched the Arsenal Vs. Chelsea game last month, I streamed it on my TV. However, I tuned in to the WFAN-AM sports radio 66AM for the commentary. I prefer Radio commentaries to TV as it makes the match sound more dramatic and takes control of my emotions. Now with the SR6019, It was a first-rate experience, especially when Aubameyang scored the two goals, winning the game. It was ecstatic, It felt just like I was right on the field.

IMAX Enhanced Technology

With SR, you can now enjoy the most premium at-home entertainment experience. Watch cleared pictures and brighter images with IMAX Enhanced- the latest technology from DTS that has set the standard for home theatre imaging, sound, clarity, and scale.

Bringing the Latest in Video Compatibility

This home theatre receiver supports the latest HDR formats, including HDR 10. 4K/60 Hz full pass-through rate, 4:4:4 color resolution. It also supports Hybrid Log-Gamma, Dobly vision, and BT 2020- you can now maximize your 4K Ultra TV. Immerse yourself into movies with high-resolution pictures and surround sound.


Gaming, to me, is a big deal. Streaming my top X box games such as Sekiro, Resident Evil 2 remake with SR6014 is even a bigger deal. I didn’t only enjoy the 3D immersive sound, but I also enjoyed the precise location of cues and ambient space. While playing as Leon S Kennedy, the Rockie police officer in the Resident Evil 2 remake, I was completely immersed as I could hear directly above me the arsenal I fired up in the game to destroy one of the zombies, the wonders of 3D Sounds.

I concede that you invest in SR6014 as a gamer. It is capable of elevating your whole experience to a whole new level, creating a sense of you being right “there” in action.

The cool thing about games is that they rotate with your character’s point of view because it is relative to your viewpoint. These effects make the scene look more real and believable, and they often require a system that is well-calibrated to pull off this effect. The ALLM in SR6015 archives this as it reduces delays making the game experience feel more responsive.

Don’t let me even get started on Atmos games; my top three are the battlefield, Star Wars, and Gears 5. with SR6014, they have an enveloping effect, creating an illusion of putting me right “there” in the center of the game.


The SR6014 supports the majority of the audio formats available, ranging from the old Dobly digital and DTS to the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It also supports both Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X. These mixes simple stereo audio tracks fully into a high tech surround sound, creating life-like multi-dimensional audio.

Dobly Atmos Height Virilization

Experience sound in the 3D form with a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound speaker system and 4 overhead speakers or 4 Dolby Atmos elevation speakers – The Ultimate home theatre experience.

Even without overhead speakers, you can still enjoy music in surround sound formats. Thanks to SR6014’s new feature: Dobly Atmos Height Virilization, which creates an illusion of height effect.

Until last year, SR6013 was supporting only DTS Virtual:X, but now also supports Dobly Atmos Height Virilization. This is good news, as surveys indicate that fewer than 10% of people with DTS Virtual:X receivers have installed overhead speakers or Autumnal modules in their home theatre.

Whether it is due to budget reasons, apathy, difficulty in installation, we don’t know. But we can safely conclude that many home theatre lovers and review readers buy Atmos capable receivers but do not connect it to Atmos Capable Systems. And therefore do not experience the unique 3D surround sound, But with this new feature, more people, including you, can be immersed in surround sound. Not only with DTS tracks but also with Dobly digital tracks.

The only downside to this is that enabling the Dobly Atmos Height Virilization may be puzzling. It took a while for us to figure it out as there is no direct option with this feature anywhere on the receiver or remote.

We can make this easier for you; all you need to do is to find the speaker virtualization option in the Audio menu, located under the surround parameter, and enable it. Then, make use of one of the sound modes that include the Dobly surround. This is a feature we hope Marantz works on and make easily accessible in the future. Read Marantz SR7013 review.

High-Resolution Audio Playback

This unit supports the most usual music format and can also decode the high-resolution audio format. Whether it is the lossy MP3, WCA, and AAC or a FLAC, ALAC, and WAV file up to 192/24, SR6014 got you covered. Enjoy your favorite music, just as the artist intends.

Easy Access to your Favorite Song

You can stream your favorite audio tracks through WiFi and Bluetooth. Even if you live in congested urban areas, the dual diversity antenna that the SR6014 possess ensures stable streaming.

Stream music directly from Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, and more through Apple Airplay 2. And if you have a library of incredible music, you can play high-resolution tracks from a USB drive or networked computer.

If you prefer the warmth of vinyl records? This receiver has a built phono input for your turntable. Connect your analog turntable to the receiver easily and enjoy the warmth and purity of each record within your collection. The HDAM ensures a clean audio signal for extraordinary sound performance.

HEOS Built-in

HEOS built-in technology enables you to access all your music. Enjoy music from your library, internet radio, and even more from famous streaming sights like Pandora, TIDAL, etc.- through SR6014.

You can stream to Heos wireless speakers and components in different rooms. Control each room’s sound independently with the HEOS free app. With this app, you can select the rooms you want to use and the specific music you want in each. You may choose to listen to the same songs throughout your home or something different in each room- the choice is yours.


AirPlay 2 + Apple Siri Voice Control

Enjoy music in its pure form—stream audio from your favorite music service like Apple store, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and more. Also, watch videos from YouTube, Netflix from your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV.

For wireless multi-room audio, Stream content to multiple airplay 2 compatible devices at the same time. Airplay helps in grouping and controlling compatible audio devices within the Home app or Apple Music. Use your voice via Siri or AirPlay 2 in-app.

Simply ask Alexa

Works with Amazon Music Remote Control Marantz SR6014

SR4016 is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Alexa can help you search for music and stream it across your different rooms. You can also control volume, switch inputs, and playback on the receiver and other devices that support HEOS; all you need to do is to issue a voice command to SR6014. The HEOS Home Entertainment skill for Amazon Alexa enables this.

Or your Google Assistant

The SR6014 also supports all Google Assistant-enabled devices, start music in the HEOS app, then tell Google home or pixel to pause, play, stop, skip a track. You can also control smart devices compatible with Google assistant like Philip’s Hue, Nest products, etc

Josh ai can also be of help

SR6014 can serve as a high volume for smart homes. Josh offers flexible control to almost all aspects of day-to-day entertainment and experience. Control your lights, thermostat, speakers, windows, and home appliances, etc., using your voice.


Marantz uses Audyssey for calibration and room correction. SR6014 comes with Audyssey MultiEQ XT32, Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Audyssey LFC, and Audyssey Sub EQ HT.

Audyssey MultiEQ helps in-room calibration, which can be done either through the built-in UI design or the Auddysey Multi EQ dynamic app. With supplied measurement, MultiEQ analyzes each speaker’s output at up to eight measurement locations. It then generates digital filters that optimize each channel for correct time domain response and frequency.

Audyssey Dynamic Volume maintains the desired listening level for all contents. It automatically adjusts volume balancing sudden volume spikes between TV programs and commercials.

When two subwoofers are placed in a room, they can cancel out each other’s effect or even create standing waves that will affect sound quality. Audyssey Dynamic EQ prevents this. It allows the proper function of subwoofers resulting in rich sound in every angle of the room.

Audyssey Low-Frequency Containment allows you to enjoy low bass sounds without disturbing neighbors. It does this by reducing the volume of low-frequency waves that pass quickly through the walls (usually low frequencies, which aren’t easily stopped by walls unlike high frequencies) and apply psychoacoustic processing to restore the effect of bass for listeners in the room.

Audyssey MultiEQ Editor App.

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It offers much more options for room correction than the in-built UI. It also relieves the stress and inaccuracy of measurement.

It can be used to view and adjust settings for detailed tuning and tweak the Audyssey target curve to your taste. It can also be used to customize the sound more accurately to specific problem areas in the room and tailor sound to your exact preference.

This app is available for download on Google play store or Apple play store. However, it isn’t free. It offers a one-time download fee, which we think is worth the outlay if you want to get involved in system calibration.


Another feature that just appeared last year, which we must mention, is its support for easy custom integration. SR6014 features “ihiji” remote system network technology and ” Dormotz pro” remote managing and network technology. These allow you to monitor the unit while being remotely connected and troubleshoot on the go from a different location.


AV receivers can be very difficult to install, most especially if it’s your first time because of the number of ports and buttons.

But if you’re used to Marantz products, you’ll know that setting them up is relatively easy. Immediately you switch on the receiver; you’ll be greeted with screens that guide you through the setup process; tells you where to connect the speakers you have, help test the connections, and identify any problem with the setup.

Physical setup is also easy with Marantz products due to its standard layout. All the speaker terminals are color-coded and are placed across the bottom of the binding cabinet with a set of matching cables to ensure correct hook-up.

One thing I can’t do without mentioning is how hot the Marantz AVR SR6014 runs. It becomes so hot to the extent that you’ll be scared it might burn inside. For this, Marantz suggests that you use the Eco feature, which will lower the overall power output, thereby reducing the temperature.

To reduce the heat, I’ll also recommend that you ensure your AVR has enough ventilation. And if you can get a cooling solution, such as ample airflow, that would be better. I believe this is something Marantz must work on, as a lot of their models, not only the SR6014, have this same issue.


Roon transforms the experience of browsing music. Browse lyrics, composers, artist bios, photos, tour dates, reviews, and lyrics through Room from Marantz. Build a surfable, searchable digital magazine about your music collection easily with Roon.


  • Excellent Sound and Performance
  • Plenty options for Connectivity
  • Numerous Features
  • Flexible Speaker configuration option
  • Easy setup
  • Easy Calibration and Room Correction with Audyssey App
  • Multiroom Connection
  • ALLM aids superb game experience
  • Compatible with Voice Control
  • Headphone Bluetooth Connection
  • Supports ihiji and Dormortz pro


  • Small-sized display zone
  • Non-backlight remote
  • Audyssey remote has to be purchased separately.
  • Lack of Manual as part of the package
  • Prize on the high side, compared to competitors.


TypeA/V Receiver
Power SupplyAC 120 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption680 W
Standby Power0.2 W
Warranty3 Years
Dimensions (W x H x D)390.7 mm x 441.4 mm x 162.1 mm
15.38 x 17.38 x 6.38 inches
WEIGHT (kg, lbs.)15.05 kg (33.2 lbs.)
Rated Power Output (8 Ω, 20-20,000 Hz)110 W
Rated Power Output (6 Ω)150 W
Max Effective Power Output (6 Ω, 1 kiloHertz)220 W
Signal to Noise (S/N) Ratio100 deciBel
THD + N0.08% (20 Hz – 20,000 Hz)
Input Sensitivity and Impedance (Line)200 mV
Input Sensitivity and Impedance (Phono MM)2.5 mV
Rated Subwoofer Preout Level and Impedance1 Vrms/470 Ohms
Signal to Noise (S/N) Ratio (IHF–A weighted, Direct mode)100 decibel
Signal to Noise (S/N) Ratio (IHF-A)74 dB
DSD Sampling Rates via HDMI2.8 MHz
DSD Sampling Rates via USB2.8 MHz, 5.6 MHz
Video Input Sensitivity/Output Level and Impedance1 Vp-p/75 Ω (Component Y)
0.7 Vp-p/75 Ω (Component PB/CB, PR/CR)
1 Vp-p/75 Ω (Composite)
ECO Mode / ECO
Dolby Atmos
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby TrueHD
DTS Express
DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
DTS-HD Master Audio
DSD 2-ch to 6-ch
PCM 2-ch to 8-ch
Wi-Fi Direct
Sonic Boom
Dolby Vision


SR6014 vs SR6013

The main difference feature-based, such as HLLM, Doubly Atmos Height Virilization, and HDCP 2.3

Marantz SR 6013 vs Denon AVR x3600H

This depends on the specific feature you want. ST6014 features Dobly Atmos Height Virilization, newer HDCP and Bluetooth version, more analog audio line input, and composite video input. In comparison, AVRX3600H features Auro 3D with Auro Matic Upmixer, Bass sync, and more powered zones.

Last Words

If you’re just shopping for a new AVR, a comparison with previous models might not be needed. While for those seeking an upgrade, it is essential. Therefore we’ll make a brief comparison of SR6014 with SR6013 (released before it), SR5014 ( released together with it), and SR6015 (released after it).

As stated earlier, SR 6014 doesn’t have much difference when compared to its predecessor. However, we’ll still point what SR6014 has that SR6013 doesn’t. They include Dobly Atmos Height Virilization, the primary feature that gives you the Dobly feature even when you don’t have overhead speakers installed. Auto Latency Pass through mode also isn’t found in its previous model; you might need to play an Xbox game SR6014 to realize how great this feature is. SR6014 has a newer version of Bluetooth (4.2) compared to that of SR6013 (4.1). It also has Ihiji and Dormotz compatibility, which is lacking in the previous model.

SR6014 and SR5014 though released together, has a notable price difference as the former goes for $$$ and the latter $$$. So, pointing out their differences could be worthwhile. SR6014 has an additional power of 10 watts per channel and a more powered channel (nine Vs. seven).

The SR6014 has better room corrections (Audyssey MultiEQ XT32 versus MultiEQ XT). The Zone 2 HDMI, multi-channel analog audio input, and 11.2 channel preamp outs were mentioned earlier. And the independent level and delay controls for dual subwoofers, unlike the SR5014, which is a single out for its dual subwoofers.

The newer version of SR6014 was released earlier this year and goes for $$$. It’s quite similar to its predecessor but has additional features, which include Dynamic HDR, HD10 +, QMS, VRR, QFT, a newer Bluetooth version (4.2), and a video signal upscaling up to 8k. It also has a bit of as it has lesser HDMI input (7 as compared to 8 in sr6014) and analog line input ( 5 compared to sr6014, which has 6).

Although technology will keep advancing and manufacturers will try to keep producing new receivers yearly. The SR6014 offers everything you’ll need now and for the next couple of years. This is presently one of the most satisfying AVR you can get. Its connectivity is class-leading, its performance is breathtaking, and its features are excellent. Indeed, what it does it does well. Though a bit on the high side when compared to its competitors, I assure you it’s worth every penny.

SR6014 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Marantz SR6014 work with my speaker setup?

    Yes, it can. However, we recommend it’s used with loudspeakers with 6-16 ohms impedance. Speakers with lower impedance (e.g., 3.2, 4ohms) increase power output, resulting in over-heating

  2. How many speakers can I connect with?

    Marantz SR6014 can process 11 speakers. However, it can only power 9. But with external amplification through its subwoofers, it can support 11 speakers.

  3. Does it have enough connectivity options for me?

    SR6014 has more than enough connectivity options for you. It has 8 HDMI inputs, 3 HDMI outputs with 1. And other various connectivity options.

  4. Can I use 4mm Banana Speakers plugs with it?

    Yes, it is possible to use 4mm banana connections on your speaker cable.

  5. How much power does SR6014 give?

    It is a 9.2 channel discrete power amplifier with 110W per channel (8-ohm, 20Hz – 20kHz, 0.08% THD 2ch. drive)

  6. Does it contain preamp outputs and input?

    Yes, it has 7 channel Pre-amp inputs and 11 channel pre-amp inputs. This aids flexibility.

  7. Can I use a turntable with Marantz SR6014?

    Yes, it has a discrete phono input for turn-table. Enjoy your Vinyl records.

  8. Does the remote have a backlight?

    No, It doesn’t have a backlit remote. However, you can download the remote app as a substitute in the dark. It’s free.

  9. Is there a warranty with my purchase?

    This depends on your method of purchase. Marantz offers a 3-year warranty if purchased Amazon directly or through a Marantz authorized dealer on Amazon.

  10. Does it support voice control?

    Yes, it supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Josh ai smart home.

  11. What’s the big deal about HEOS?

    With SR6014, you have access to a free HEOS account. Through which you can have easy access to a ton of music. Enjoy your favorite music from Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, etc. Play the same song throughout your home or different songs in different rooms.

  12. What are the different setups I can use?

    The SR6014 at 9.2 channels, can be configured for 5.2.4 set up. It can also support a 7.2.4 as long as 2 external power amps to power 2 of the 11 channels.


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