Onkyo TX-NR777 – 7.2 channel AV Network Receiver Review & Specs

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Introduction to Onkyo TX-NR777 – 7.2 AV Receiver

Onkyo TX NR777 7.2 is an audio system with AV components performing the functions of a digital player, internet radio, and AV network receiver. The Onkyo TX NR777 7.2 draws movie soundtracks to real life with trembles and intensified realistic accuracy.

Each channel has 110W, which enables the stereo receiver to give you the ability to move a full-scale speaker system to thx theater reference levels quickly.

Onkyo TX-NR777 7.2 channel AV receiver has a maximum vision and sound, which are very clear, producing the best picture quality. The Chromecast built-in enables you to use a computer or laptop, tablet, or phone to play a piece of advanced music.

Onkyo’s controller apps built-in and allows you to control the music streaming from your device. The media content source is Bluetooth, network, and USB-host. The audio formats supported by the Onkyo AV receiver are AIFF, ALAC, DSD, FLAC, and WAV with a 32 bit/38kHz Audio D/A converter.

The audio system has a 4k ultra HD upgraded experience that supports Dolby vision and audio, hybrid-log gamma, HDR10, and Bluetooth. In an environment of Dolby Atmos, Dolby surrounds upmixes legal formats of sound for a 3D dimensional playback experience.

The DTS neutral:X helps to recognize effects like space in the many channels soundtracks and upmixes the soundtracks for 3D playback with an object audio-ready speaker system.

 Onkyo TX-NR777 7.2 Receiver

The Onkyo TX NR777 7.2 has an in-built Wi-Fi, second HDMI output, nine speakers output, and a stereo receiver connection through the line-level zone with two links. Onkyo has a wide variety of contexts that can appeal to you to go for one, including both the input and the output.

These connections include the USB, LAN for internet, audio line-in and audio line-out, HDMI input and HDMI output, component video inputs, composite video input, the coaxial and optical digital audio inputs, the remote app controls input, phone input, headphones subwoofer output, nine speakers output, and stereo receiver connection.

The maximum number of attachments for a device ranges from 2-6 and 9 for the speakers.

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The audio system has appealing additional features, including; fire connection technology, compressed music enhancer, dual-zone capability, Bluetooth audio streaming, DTS Play-Fi technology, and apple airplay support.

The features make NR777 more unique than any other audio system. It also has a built-in Digital sound processor. Onkyo AV receiver features a realistic base controller, treble controller, and high-resolution audio.

Onkyo corporate sales made it friendlier by modifying the audio systems’ dimensions and weight. The weight is about 23.15 lbs with a depth of about 14.9 inches, 17.1 inches width, and 6.8 inches in height.

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Mostly, a color commonly manufactured is black. The power consumption is also home-friendly to you as a customer because the operational power is 600 Watt, where the output power by channel and speakers is 110 watt-220watt.

Power consumption on standby is 0.15 watt, and the output minimum impedance power is 6ohm -8ohm. The Onkyo TX-NR777 prices are pocket-friendly related to its powerful features to bring lovely soundtracks into your home. Read the review of Onkyo HT-5800.

  1. Onkyo TX-NR777 – 7.2 Features

  • THX CertifiedSelect reference sound for a commercial theater experience
  • 220 Watts/channel (6 Ohms) for a dominant driving power
  • 2.2-channels driven via Dolby Atmos and DTS:X playback experience is supported. It allows the soundtracks to play via any 1 of the nine speakers in your multi-room audio system.
  • HDMI 7 outputs, main and sub out allows for more excellent connectivity
  • Built-in Chromecast and DTS Play-Fi support wireless playback. You can be able to connect a tablet, laptop, iPhone, or iPad to control your music streaming.
  • 384 kHz / 32-bit DAV and VLSC filtering and clear sound
  • It has AIFF, DSD, FLAC, WAV ALAC audio formats
  • 5V powered zone for USB audio playback.
  • It supports Bluetooth, network, and USB media content sources.
  • Supports an internet radio playback and digital audio playback
  • TuneIn, Spotify, and Pandora also support wireless connection and playback.’
  • Has up to 4K HDMI video pass-through. You can connect as many as four mediaBlu-ray players to the receiver via the HDCP 2.2HDMI input.
  • 4K high dynamic range (HDR) in HDR video
  • 2020 4K video support
  • Its equipped with a headphone port connection
  • Wi-Fi Bluetooth enabled
  • Component video inputs connections
  • Has 29.7lbs weight
  • It has a detachable power cord
  • The radio channels are 40 AM/FM
  • Supported phasematching bass music optimizer to ensure low frequencies for clear voice and movie dialogues
  • It has a subwoofer output connection
  • AccuEQ and AccuReflex equipped. AccuEQ sets the level, distance, and crossover of the nine speakers together with the subwoofer. AccuReflex aligns the height of the speaker with the oncoming sound from other speakers.
  • 200mV input sensitivity
  • 20000kHz frequency response
  • Black in color
  • Full-size remote app controls
  • Dimensions are 17.1 inches wide, x6.8 inches high x 14.8 inches deep.
  • It has a Phono input overload of 70 mV (MM, 1 kHz, 0.5%) for equalizing the turntable.
  • The amplifier is a linear of class A/B
  • It has two digital inputs, optical and coaxial
  • The speaker’s minimum impedance is 4 ohms -16 ohms
  • It supports channel 7.2 receiver output
  • The power output per channel is 225 Watt
  • It has component video inputs and out connections
  • It has composite video in and out connections
  • It is rooted in color
  • It has a fire connection technology in it. The fire connect mirrors network audio inputs connected to the master audio component to connect fire to other speakers in different rooms.
  • It has a compressed music enhancer
  • Dolby decoder and DTS decoder are supported
  • 2A AN 2B powered zones for multi-room audio distribution by network and analog audio input to different paired speakers.
  • Noise-free signal processing with high power currents to control the speakers.
  • DTS:X is supported.it offers controlled volume for movie soundtracks.
  • DTS: NEUTRAL X up mixes outstanding soundtracks for 3D playback.
  1. Specifications

  • Theater reference sound THX certified select

THX-certified offers sound quality and optimum performance of NR777 7.2 channels driven. The very best product certifies high quality and continuous performance. THX works to ensure the audio system is compatible with low-performing devices like PC and mobile phones.

Theater Reference Sound Onkyo TX NR777

THX-certified assures you an experience of equal maximum volume from your home theater. For the product to be certified, the speakers and amplifiers pass through intensive industry tests. Also, for every audio performance to meet the THX requirements for the market.

The speakers’ tests for excellent bass management, amount of power output, loudness, and signal-to-noise ratio are available. The Onkyo TX NR777can fill a large area with trembling and pounding sounds because of the 220 watt per channel it withstands.

  • Wireless Multi-room Dynamic Audio amplification

Onkyo manufacturers having more experience in the field, this audio has accurate amplification with noise-free signal processing with high power current for controlling the speakers. The sound is pure, vibrant, and bright.

The amp responds to signals even within instant changes. The upgraded feature of the nr777 amplification system is the high-current flow, a low measure of the art to perfectly controlling the large speaker outputs revolution surface while strengthening the responses to it from instant changes.

  • Vector linear shaping circuitry

It is a smooth analog signal that brings together the audio signals to their original form through processing. The removal of Pulse noise produced in the D/A conversion allows the sound waves reproduced.

  • Control and custom installation accessories

RS232 feature supports 2-way communication with home audio inputs automated systems. Infrared signals are allowed to control any other device like the television that connected to the TX NR777.12 volts trigger power can control the screen projection, opening, and closing of drapes of switching off and on the external amplifiers.

  • Zones 2A/2B power distribution

The powered zones 2A/2B output speakers send a smooth analog signal from audio input sources to paired speakers in other different places. The stereo receiver is essential to post or transmit sources to a HI-FI amplifier, and speakers set up anywhere else at home. Onkyo’s Controller app supports many rooms playback.

  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Home theater receiver

Techniques used in both features are the same. DTS:X explains the object location from the geographical location of the listener. The AC receiver then produces sound to the speaker. The speaker configuration used by DTS:X is the total sum of Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D.

The standard base layer channel is 7.2; the height layer is five on the front and the side walls above the base layer and three rows of on-the –ceiling speakers.

Soundtracks based on objects let the mixed sounds to play independently in any of the speakers in your audio system. Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers reproduce direct sounds and indirect sounds while correcting their phase.

  • DTS Neutral:X

The accessory detects any space full sound effects in the multichannel soundtracks upmixes for the 3D playback feature through the object audio-ready speaker outputs.

The feature allows you to experience complete home audio sound formats in a Dolby Atmos and DTS: XEnvironment. The technology has been upgraded from the DTS Neo family by its improved flexibility.

  • Chromecast built-in

Chromecast built-in has made music so easy because it allows the streaming of any music from your laptop, iPhone, or tablet to the tx-nr777 easily. Chromecast enabled apps helps in controlling the playback from your device.

  • DTS Play-FI

It is a wireless accessory that works in connection with any audio app on the computer or mobile. It moves the audio signal or video cameras playing to the receiver, different audio components, and sources at the same time.

  • Onkyo’s controller App

It collects services of streaming and network-connected audio signals into a spontaneous iPhone app. Onkyo controller controls playback seeks assistance and supplies the sound all around the home surrounding through the fireconnect from one interconnection. Read Onkyo TX-8140 Review.

  • BT.2020,4K/60Hz, Dolby Vision, HDCP 2.2 and HDR10

Six HDMI inputs at the rear allow pass-through of HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma, Dolby vision, 4K video cameras standard, BT 2020, 4k/60hz video playback, and HDCP 2.2 video cameras content. The front HDMI input is used to connect the video cameras and the sub out at the rear for connecting a projector.

  • Spotify, Airplay, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

Onkyo receiver connected to the internet using the Ethernet cable or 2.4-5 GHz Wi-Fi, which ensures there is secure connectivity for you to enjoy and continue streaming apple Airplay, Spotify app, and other local networks.

The wireless Bluetooth system enables you to connect quickly; it is a simple way of connecting your device and advanced music.

  • Wireless fireconnect in Onkyo TX-NR777 – 7.2

Network mirrors are used to combine audio signals and analog audio sources connected to the master audio component. It enables sharing audio signals from external sources with speakers connected to other rooms in your house.

  • Internet services and radio

TuneIn, Pandora, Deezer, and TIDAL combined into a GUI, which makes it easy for you to select from a large group of the advanced music sample and radio channel programs.

  • AccuEQ and AccuReflex fitness trackers from Onkyo

The AccuEQ assists you to set level, crossover, and distance for all nine speakers. For front left and right speakers, include a bypass EQ measurement. By setting the EQ automatically or manually, .the technology comes with a microphone besides.

AccuReflex allows you to align the height phase of the speakers with sounds that come directly from other paired speakers. In case of delays, they are solved by alignment to ensure every music reaches the ears in the same period.

  • 32 Bit/384 kHz Hi-grade DAC

Dolby Digital analog converter of the sound clears the sound, opens up the ability of every audio format like the lossless, compressed and hi-res audios making the audio more powerful, bright, and very clean as you listen to it.

  1. Compatibility

Onkyo TX NR777 Receiver Back

Onkyo TX NR777 are robust audio systems that are compatible and connects to several audio components and devices without fault or damage. Some of its consistent nature includes:

  • Supporting DTSHD master audio and 4K Dolby Vision
  • Plenty of connections like seven HDMI input connections
  • It helps BT.2020, which is a wireless Bluetooth technology that allows wireless connection with any Bluetooth device to stream music.
  • It has HDR-compatible for stark picture contrast and its brightness with compatible 4K televisions and HDR contents.
  • Supports HDCP 2.2 technology to ensure the audio system is compatible with TVs and other DTSHD master audio performance sources.
  • Presence of rear-USB port for smooth multiroom playback of the audio from the USB devices used for storage.
  • Presence of an Ethernet port to ensure stable internet connection
  • Pre-amp outputs allow compatibility with two other powered subwoofers
  • Phone input ensures connection compatibility with the turntable
  • The phone pre-amp is required to equalize and amplify the signal of low voltage created by the turntables turning it into clear music audio. It boosts the messages to play through the home speakers.
  • Supports RS-232, IR, and 12-volt trigger connections, which allows compatibility with other external controller apps.
  • The receiver is compatible with car speakers.
  • Bi-amp can interact with the front speakers reassigning the surrounding back channels.
  • Wireless multi-room audio performance technology enables compatibility of powered 2nd room output to power the 5.2 channel in the main room.
  • Chromecast inbuilt technology allows music streaming from the cloud with compatible devices like mobiles and PC.
  1. Accessories

As you purchase the thrilling home theater receiver, there are many accessories which you should not forget to buy.

Because of its complicated improved digital technological features, some specific accessories will enhance its workability. Some of these accessories you will require includes

  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers because of the wireless multi-room audio element of TX NR777
  • The system has a port for a headphone connection as a listening mode.
  • Home theater receivers
  • Speaker packages consisting of; on-walls, in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers, surround sound, center channel speakers, subwoofers, soundbar speakers, Atmos speakers, floor-standing, and including wireless speakers.
  • Home Speaker wires for direct connections of speakers to the home theater.
  • HDMI cables, extenders, splitters amps, and HDMI-DVI cables
  • AC power cord to power the audio system from the power sockets.
  • Ethernet cables for a wired internet connection to provide a stable network.
  • Dolby Digital optical and coaxial cables
  • Subwoofer cables to connect the subwoofer to the audio system
  • Video cameras and audio cables
  • Pre-amps for connecting the turntable to the Onkyo receiver sound system.
  • Power amps
  • Remote app and infrared extenders
  • Turntables connected as record players, and tuners
  • Dolby Digital audio converters convert analog sound to listenable music.
  • High –res audio players including Dolby TrueHD and 24bit FLAC
  • Wireless adapters
  • Routers for wireless WI-FI and Ethernet network connection.
  • PC network players like computers, laptops, tablets, iPhones, and iPad.
  1. Design

Onkyo receiver has lovely plans and built-in accessories that make it produce simulating sound that is so clear and appealing to the ear. Plenty of inputs designed in it allow several connections.

Onkyo TX NR777 Review

The models in it are:

  • 2 channel home audio receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DTS:X, and Dolby Atmos
  • The amplifier design is a linear 2A/B
  • The audio system is designed with an AccuEQ room calibration for the home speakers to ensure proper alignment and uniform sound distribution.
  • The presence of Onkyo receiver games surrounds modes for sports, action, and rock games.
  • The HDMI can support 3D audio return channels, and power distribution offers support for DVD-audio, SACD, and multichannel performance.
  • Designated by power zones 2A /B and power zone out
  • It has an internet radio cable whereby you can stream live radio through the internet.
  • The Bluetooth 2020 is built-in for wireless car audio signal streaming from your devices.
  • Presence of infrared input and output
  • Has transparent high-grade speaker terminals
  • Designated with a detachable AC cord
  • Integration of Dolby Atmos receiver technology ensures simulative sound effects in the room.
  • connection of 9 output speakers
  • ability to connect stereo receiver through the line-level zone 2 connection.
  • Designated with two opticals 1 for the audio and the RCA’s
  1. Cost

There are different models of home theater with different prices depending on the technological upgrades offered by the manufacturer.

Onkyo TX NR777 7.2 channel is one of the best sampling rates of audio technology for you as a customer and user, and the purchasing cost ranges from $$-$$$ TX NR777 purchased in all online amazon shops.

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  1. Warranty

Onkyo TX NR777 7.2 channel AV receiver has been offered a warranty by the manufacturer, the warranty is not as general on the package, but it is based on each accessory as follows:

Onkyo TX NR777 7.2 Receiver Remote Control RC-911R

Accessories carrying two years warranty for parts and labor are:

  • Receivers
  • DVD and CD players
  • Amplifiers
  • Personal audio systems
  • Tuners and wireless speakers.
  • Car audio system
  • Car stereos
  • Home Speakers
  • Processors
  • Car speakers
  • Speaker mounts

Accessories carrying one year warranty for parts and labor, they have mostly refurbished products.

  • TA-RW255
  • Refurbished CD and DVD players
  • Refurbished home speakers
  • Mini systems
  • Refurbished tuners and processors
  • Fitness trackers
  • Refurbished receivers and amplifiers
  1. Pros

  • Dolby Atmos allows high-current amps to control speaker outputs drivers for its dynamic audio amplification.
  • DTS:X that helps in cleansing noise signals to make even car audio more clear.
  • The AV receiver powers seven channels at once.’
  • DTS Neural:X that supports 3D upmixing of sound.
  • DSD via HDMI 2 multichannel input
  • Has a Graphical User Interface with an on-screen display via HDMI
  • Has a higher audio sampling rate.
  • Enabled firmware updates of installed apps.
  • HDR10 supported by HDMI terminals
  • High-resolution music playback via USB or network connection up to 192kHz
  • Has Dolby Surround upmixer
  • Has a dynamic Audio Amplification
  • DSD via USB for two-channel input
  • Dolby Vision for clear video cameras supports by providing deep darks expanded incredible contrast brightness and enhanced dimensions.
  • Dolby Digital Living Network Alliance 1.5 is enabled for streaming local video, audio, and pictures over the WI-FI Bluetooth network.
  • High Current Power Supply to power the nine speakers, and enhance the compatibility of all the supported features
  • FireConnect allows the sharing of external connected audio sources to every room.
  • FlareConnect transmits audio to compatible relevant home speakers and components.
  • Chromecast Built-In enables Chromecast-enabled apps to supply multi-room music audio.
  • It has a DTS Play-Fi component that supports conventional network connection services to the supported and compatible wireless speakers and other connected components.
  • It has an Ethernet port for an Ethernet cable connection to provide an internet network.
  • Wi-Fi allows you to listen to music files on a networked device
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for mobile, laptops, and other Bluetooth-supported devices.
  • New HDCP 2.2 Version that ensures there is compatibility with the 4K Ultra HD sources.
  • AccuEQ and AccuReflex system that enables automatic speaker calibration and alignment in your room to optimize the audio sound.
  • Many HDMI Inputs for the front, rear, main out, and sub out.
  • USB Input port supported to allow USB storage device connection.
  • Many Analog Audio Line Inputs
  • Phono Input enables direct connections to the turntables.
  • Internet Radio free of charge is supported.
  • It has a quick guide to start
  • The manual provides fundamental safety instructions and warranty information
  • Has high-resolution audio formats via USB using WAV, AAC, and Dolby TrueHD
  • It supports Spotify, Pandora, and tidal subscription services to offer digital music streaming.
  1. Cons

Everything that might be shining and being the best among all must have some underlying disadvantages. Onkyo TX NR777 has several cons which include

  • There is no Front Wide Channel Support, which supports the surround sound system, which combines the rear and surrounds sound effects into channels.
  • There is an Absence of Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization for up firing the speakers to thrill.
  • No DTS Virtual:X to allow transparent audio processing.
  • There is no IMAX Enhanced label especially to improve the movie sounds
  • No Auro 3D with Auro-Matic Upmixer that completes spatial sound effects
  • No enhanced Audio Return Channel allows you to transfer audio from your television to the receiver, hence listening to the television audio via the nr777 receiver without connecting the second cable from the TV listening modes to the AV receiver.
  • Vector linear shaping circuitry, which helps in the removal of noise signals on the transmitted audio.
  • No Mobile High-Definition Link Input allows the connection of portable electric devices to high definition televisions, projectors, and audio receivers.
  • Has no Napster, a music-focused online service that would allow you to share free music with your friend and be able to view his/her music files
  • It has no digital radio for the smooth streaming of audio.
  • Has no Ethernet switch to allow Ethernet cable connection for network
  • Does not work with Amazon Alexa voice service for interpreting voice echoes once the command is sent to it and sends feedback.
  • Does Not Work with SONOS, which is a standalone speaker that is not powered and quite inexpensive. The passive loudspeakers will add.
  • No Multichannel music files playback via the USB
  • There is No multichannel input to power the speakers from different zones.
  • It has no SiriusXM internet radio where you can stream online radio for news, sports, and radio talks.
  • Component video outputs for transmitting analog video signals within devices are absent. A separate cable will require for audio connection.
  • No color-coded speaker terminals are making the connections more hectic to the user.
  • There is No high-resolution audio-video enhancer that ensures the high-quality sound produced.
  • The component video upscaling Blu-ray players receiver that sends feedback from DVDs is absent
  • 1080p and 4K upscaling features are not supported to allow low data resolution upscaled to the high resolution of the 4K signal.
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Onkyo TX NR777 7.2 channel is an energetic home theater just like one of your smart pets you would admire and want to have in your home. The certified receiver in this audio system brings to life the movie sound trucks with realistic audio.

If especially you have a 4K Ultra HD Television, the pictures you can get are of high quality, and you might be convinced to think you are facing the images face to face. The HD video camera resolves up to 4K.

The BT 2020 wireless technology allows you to access and music files in your device that are networked easily. Chromecast also enables you to stream music and video from a wide range of apps on your phone or computer.

The use of the Onkyo controller app will allow you to control the streaming from your device. Other designated technologies like Airplay will enable you to stream from all compatible components.

As you can see, all these are wireless technologies that make you connected through your device and listen to music you love.

The NR777 gears towards a significant sound provision in your house. 32 bit/384 kHz digital-analog audio converter gives you precise music reproduction, television sounds, and movie soundtracks. The audio amplifiers transmit power with less destruction for electric movie sound effects.

The Phasematching bass enhancement compels you with the profound, low-frequency response sound effects allowing the voices and dialogues to remain clear to your listener.

Music optimizers improve the compressed audio file, and Bluetooth transmits sounds so that you can get clear sound from the speakers, entertaining your smart pet at home. You can also have a firmware update of installed apps in the system as the user.

Multi-room Audio video in the tx-nr777 is also a powerful technology that will amaze you.2nd HDMI output allows you to watch the same video source in the main room and even the second room.

You can be able to begin watching a movie in your bedroom and finish it in the living room or even the kitchen. The same video content can be viewed on television and projector in the same places at the same time. The Onkyo Controller app controls the multiroom playback of the video or movie.

Tx-nr777 has nine speakers output, which allows a flexible speaker setup. Seven channels power seven speakers out of nine at once. If at all, you can be interested in a 5.2 channel surround sound in your bedroom.

You can use the nr777 receiver’s zone 2 output powered zones to connect other pairs of speakers for the stereo sound in the living room or any separate room of your interest.

The amplifier or car stereo receiver links through the line-level zone 2 connections and the NR777 receiver is used as a Pre-Amp, for the 7.2 channel surround sound in your Onkyo TX NR777 home theater in the second room.

So, having in mind all the premium digital upgrades done by the corporate sales of Onkyo TX NR777, it is the best choice of the home theater to go for in the market.

Despite the cons of the device, the pros outdo them by receiving a five-star rate from the customers who have already purchased and tested the best thrilling movie soundtracks, heart-pounding audio video sounds, and a realistic picture vision on the TV screen.

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Can I use Onkyo TX-NR777 in the 5.1 configuration?

Yes, you can use the receiver in the 5.1 configuration.

Can you manually adjust the aspect ratio?

No, you cannot manually adjust the aspect ratio on Onkyo TX-NR777.

Where to get the Onkyo TX-NR777 manual

Here’s the link to Onkyo TX-NR777 advanced manual.

Does it have a cooling system?

It has an “Extruded Metal Heat Sink and Cooling Fan”.

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