Onkyo TX-RZ70 Review

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The world of AV receivers is vast, with many brands vying for the top spot. But when it comes to delivering premium audio and video experiences, Onkyo stands out.

Their latest offering, the Onkyo TX-RZ70, is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Let’s delve into our comprehensive Onkyo TX-RZ70 Review for an enlightening journey tailored for audio and cinema enthusiasts.

Onkyo TX-RZ70 Review
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Introduction: The Onkyo Legacy

Imagine transforming your living room into a movie theater, where every sound detail is crisp, and every visual is ultra-clear. That’s the promise of the Onkyo TX-RZ70.

For decades, Onkyo, a premium audio company, has been at the forefront of audio technologies, setting benchmarks others aspire to reach.

Audiophile’s Dream: ESS Sabre DACs and 8K Ultra HD

The Onkyo TX-RZ70 is not just another AV receiver; it’s an audiophile’s dream. With built-in ESS Sabre DACs, it promises unparalleled sound clarity.

Whether watching Ultra HD Blu-ray movies or streaming high-definition content, the TX-RZ70 ensures top-notch audio quality.

With support for 8K Ultra HD signals, it’s future-proofed for the next generation of displays and media servers.

Power and Precision: The Amplifier

When it comes to surround sound, the TX-RZ70 is a beast. It offers flexibility with the capability to power up to 11 speakers simultaneously.

This AV receiver covers Whether to set up a Dolby Atmos system or a multi-zone sound system. And with 140 watts per channel, the good quality is dynamic and immersive, making your movie nights unforgettable.

Dirac Live®: Perfecting Room Acoustics

Every room has its unique acoustic characteristics. The Onkyo TX-RZ70, equipped with Dirac Live® room correction, ensures you get the best sound quality tailored to your room’s specifics.

The system measures the room’s acoustics using the included microphone and adjusts the audio output accordingly.

And with the upcoming Dirac Live Bass Control firmware updates, expect even better bass output, making your sound system resonate with precision.

Klipsch Optimize Mode: A Match Made in Heaven

For those who own Klipsch Reference or Reference Premiere speakers, the TX-RZ70 is a game-changer. With the Klipsch Optimize Mode, the AV receiver automatically adjusts the audio settings to get the best out of your Klipsch speakers.

It’s like having a custom-tailored sound experience at the touch of a button.

Video Excellence: Beyond Just Sound

The Onkyo TX-RZ70 is not just about audio; it’s a complete audio-video package. With support for 8K and 4K video content through its HDMI inputs, it’s ready for the future.

Whether connecting next-gen game consoles, Blu-ray players, or an Apple TV, the TX-RZ70 ensures the video quality is as good as the audio. And movie nights will never be the same with the IMAX Enhanced mode.

Music Streaming and Connectivity

The TX-RZ70 shines with its many music streaming options in today’s connected world. The AV receiver covers you whether you’re streaming via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, or Chromecast built-in.

For those who prefer traditional methods, the TX-RZ70 offers multiple audio inputs, including a dedicated phono input for turntables.

Gaming and Video: A Seamless Experience

For gamers, the TX-RZ70 is a boon. Gaming is smooth and lag-free with features like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Whether you’re playing on a console or a PC, the AV receiver ensures that the audio and video are in perfect sync.

Multi-Room Audio: Beyond the Living Room

The Onkyo TX-RZ70 is not just for your living room. With its multi-room audio capabilities, you can play music simultaneously in different rooms. Whether you’re hosting a party or want different music in other rooms, the TX-RZ70 delivers.

Other Noteworthy Features

From digital audio inputs to USB ports, the TX-RZ70 is packed with features. Whether connecting a turntable, a media server, or a Bluetooth speaker, the AV receiver offers flexibility and ease of use. And with its full-sized front-panel headphone jack, personal listening sessions are a treat.

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Specifications and Dimensions

The Onkyo TX-RZ70 is a powerhouse in terms of features and its physical presence. Weighing in at 48.5 lbs and measuring 17-3/16″W x 7-15/16″H x 19-7/8″D, it’s a robust piece of equipment that promises durability and longevity.

Specification CategoryDetails
Power Output140W x 11 (8 ohms)
Amplifier TypeClass AB Amplifier
Channels7.2.4 Channels (11 amplified)
HDMI Ports7 In / 3 Out (eARC)
Video Resolution8K/4K Ultra HD
Video TechnologiesDolby Vision, HDMI2.1 VRR, QFT, ALLM, HDCP2.3, HDR10+
Other Video Inputs1 component, 2 composite
Audio Inputs7 HDMI, 4 RCA, 1 RCA Phono, 2 Opt, 2 Coax
Audio Outputs13 preamp RCA with 2 independent subwoofer, Zone 2 Stereo RCA, Zone 3 Stereo RCA
Supported ModesDolby Atmos, Dolby Surround, DTS:X, Neural:X, IMAX Enhanced, Auro-3D (optional firmware update June 2023)
Upcoming FeaturesRoon Ready (firmware update in 2023)
Built-in FeaturesChromecast built-in, AirPlay 2, Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, TuneIn
Room CorrectionDirac Live® Room Correction, Optional Dirac Live® Bass Control
Certifications & ModesTHX® Certified for Theater Reference Sound, Klipsch Optimized Mode

Conclusion: Is the Onkyo TX-RZ70 Worth It?

In a market flooded with AV receivers, the Onkyo TX-RZ70 stands out. With its plethora of features, future-proofing capabilities, and the promise of premium audio and video quality, it’s a worthy investment for anyone serious about their home theater setup.

Whether you’re an audiophile, a cinephile, or someone who wants the best audio-video experience, the Onkyo TX-RZ70 is the AV receiver to go for.

In evaluating various input sources, the Onkyo TX-RZ70 seamlessly integrates with everything from movie servers to your cherished music library. Its preamp output ensures that even the most discerning audiophiles are satisfied.

When pairing with Bluetooth headphones, the experience remains unparalleled, offering a personal theater vibe. Onkyo AV receivers, especially the TX-RZ70, have always been at the forefront of audio-video technology, with features like Dolby Vision enhancing the visual experience.

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Its diverse listening modes cater to every mood, whether you’re watching a movie or streaming from a soundbar. Truly, the TX-RZ70 is a testament to Onkyo’s commitment to superior sound and vision.

FAQs about Onkyo TX-RZ70 Review

  1. What makes the Onkyo TX-RZ70 AVR different from other stereo receivers in the market?

    The Onkyo TX-RZ70 AVR stands out due to its 8K Ultra HD support and integration with premium features like Dirac Live room correction and Klipsch Optimize Mode.

  2. Can I connect my Bluetooth headphones to the Onkyo TX-RZ70 for a personal listening experience?

    Yes, the TX-RZ70 has a Bluetooth transmitter feature, allowing you to connect Bluetooth headphones for a more intimate audio session.

  3. I have a vast collection of Blu-ray movies. Will the Onkyo TX-RZ70 enhance my movie-watching experience?

    Absolutely! The TX-RZ70 is designed to support Ultra HD Blu-ray content, ensuring high-quality audio and video. The IMAX Enhanced mode further elevates the movie-watching experience.

  4. How does the Dirac Live Bass Control feature improve the sound quality?

    Dirac Live Bass Control is an advanced feature that fine-tunes the bass output based on your room’s acoustics. This ensures the bass is deep, clear, and perfectly resonates with the room’s characteristics.

  5. Is the Onkyo TX-RZ70 compatible with wireless multiroom systems?

    Yes, the TX-RZ70 supports wireless multiroom audio, allowing you to simultaneously play music in different rooms. This is especially useful for parties or multi-room audio experiences.

  6. Can I use my speaker setup with the Onkyo TX-RZ70?

    The TX-RZ70 is versatile and supports various speaker systems. The AV receiver can handle whether you have a Dolby Atmos speaker setup or a traditional surround sound system.

  7. I’ve heard about the ESS Sabre DACs in the spec sheet. What are they, and how do they enhance audio quality?

    ESS Sabre DACs are high-quality digital-to-analog converters. In the Onkyo TX-RZ70, they ensure that the audio output is crystal clear, enhancing the overall sound quality and providing an audiophile-grade listening experience.

  8. How does the THX Certified feature impact the movie theater experience at home?

    Being THX Certified means that the TX-RZ70 meets high audio and video quality standards. It ensures you get a movie theater-like experience at home, with dynamic audio and immersive visuals.

  9. Can I control the Onkyo TX-RZ70 AV receiver with voice commands?

    The TX-RZ70 works with Amazon Alexa voice control assistants, allowing you to manage various functions using voice commands.

  10. Is there a provision for firmware updates to keep the receiver up-to-date with the latest features?

    Absolutely! Onkyo ensures that the TX-RZ70 remains future-proof by regularly releasing firmware updates. This ensures that your AV receiver always has the latest features and improvements.


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