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Whether a newbie or a seasoned comrade, you can never truly call yourself a gamer without a gaming headset.

Whether you’re using a gaming PC, or you need a gaming headset for PS4, Xbox One, or a Nintendo Switch, having a headset with superior audio quality is not an option; it is a must.

And if you are into professional gaming and making videos, you would know the importance of getting a headset that would go well with your badass gaming chair and gaming mouse.

Well, my fellow gamers, your quest is over: we introduce to you the RUNMUS Gaming Headset.

We reviewed the Runmus Gaming Headset and gave the below ratings
Audio Quality: 7.7
Features: 6.9
Customer Reviews: 7.9
Value for Money: 7.1
Overall: 7.4

Incredible Sound Quality

It is one of the best budget gaming headsets you have as an option. And sheer price advantage combined with its superior build skyrocketed it to the upper levels of the sensible buying list.

This is ideal if you want a complete home theater for the ultimate gaming experience.

So we’ve decided to list its features, pros, and cons, so you know what you’re getting into.

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RUNMUS Gaming Headset Features:

Noise Cancelling Mic

We know how annoying it is to continually have ambient background noise interfering with your concentration in a heated battle royale.

It can get rather irritating.

This is why you shouldn’t do it to other people!

And RUNMUS has designed this stereo gaming headset with noise canceling microphone, so you don’t piss your teammates off. And in turn, the noise cancellation doesn’t allow your teammates to piss you off.

This feature is also convenient for giving voice commands to your gaming console or PC.

Compatibility and Audio Jack

This headset has a 3.5 mm connector so you can use it with basically any modern console. Using this on a PS4 means just plugging it into the audio jack on the controller. Same for your Xbox One controller.

As for your phone and your Nintendo Switch, you just have to plug it straight in the audio jack. Pretty simple.

Multiple Platform Compatibility

However, for our PC gamers out there, it might be different. Anyone with any modern gaming laptop shouldn’t have a problem.

But some of our gamers are retro and enjoy the old ways—not to worry, the headset also comes with a USB connector. This means you can connect it to your CPU and enjoy it the good old-fashioned way.

As an Easter egg, connecting it to a USB turns on the really impressive red LED lights.

Volume Control and Mic Mute

Another thing most of us gamers know we need is the power to shut people up—including ourselves.

The headset comes with a volume wheel and a mute switch, both of which lend this headset the title of ‘audio controller.’ Note that not a lot of headsets come with this feature.


The design is pretty standard gaming headset stuff. Angular edges instead of curves. It looks thickset, and the LED lights lend it an air of futurism.

Get ready to show off next time you and your friends decide to have a video meet on Discord, Steam, and Twitch. The headband is decently padded and retractable.

The earpads are soft and ventilated. The microphone is adjustable and allows you to put your mic where your mouth is. Also, check OnkyoHT-S5800.


Honestly, this is where it matters most, and RUNMUS does deliver with a 50mm audio driver with a surround sound feature. This is very important for hearing footsteps and gunfire. Any headset without this feature isn’t worthy of the gaming tag.

RUNMUS Headset Pros

Audio Quality

RUNMUS does justice to the audio aspect of your gaming experience. It has an excellent 3D stereo sound system that every gamer needs to be able to win Fortnite or PUBG or even Call of Duty.

The audio driver solidly delivers a 7.1 surround sound and can immerse you properly into the world on your screen.

Heavy Bass Runmus Gaming Headset Review


We’ll make this short and straightforward. If you want a hundred dollar headset, well, you just got it for less than fifty dollars. That is unless you’re more particular on an individual style, then you might have to fork out more money to get something specifically for you.

Comfort and Quality

The headset looks unbreakable, feels unbreakable, and is nearly unbreakable. RUNMUS is so sure of it that they offer you a 12-month warranty.

Comfortable Headset

Not only is it made of tough stuff, but it is also comfortable. The memory foam earpads/cups and headbands allow you to enjoy long gaming sessions without feeling uncomfortable.

You know that digging into your ear pain you got with those other headsets you bought? Well, RUNMUS knew about that when they made this.


Ask any PC gamer; they’ll tell you how it is a tradition to show off your ‘set-up.’ And your gaming set-up isn’t complete without a headset. RUNMUS has provided you with something that would look good on any AMD Ryzen set up with similar colors.

If you’re a videogame YouTuber, you’d know that having the gamer look is part of selling your brand.

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RUNMUS Headset Cons


If you are a mobile gamer or a gamer that finds yourself moving a lot, you might not enjoy the space that this would take and its conspicuousness.

Its design isn’t particularly subtle, and unless you want to scream “gamer here!” while taking the metro, you wouldn’t want to carry this with you openly while commuting or traveling. Read Bose Lifestyle 650 review.


This is the only problem you may have with this headset. Other Bluetooth headsets are wireless and cannot interfere with movement and freedom.

This headset has 6ft of wire length, which is almost useless for anyone that games exclusively on the PS4.


While it is super for your Xbox One, the RUNMUS headset is not compatible with using a mic on older Xboxes.

The Xbox 360 has a 2.5mm jack that is specifically for voice and not for game audio. You will need an adapter, and this doesn’t come with that.


Driver 50mm
Frequency Range 20Hz-20,000Hz
Sensitivity 105
Impedance 32Ω
Power (Input) 20mW
Length (Cable) 2.2 meter
Weight 340 gm (12 ounces)
Working voltage (LED) 5V DC
Sensitivity -38 deciBel
Pick-up Pattern omnidirectional
Jack 3.5mm 4-Pin USB

A sturdy and stylish gaming companion, with a very reasonable price tag, The RUNMUS gaming headset was made with gamers’ desires in mind.

Function, reliability, and sturdiness. While there may be better headsets out there, this one does strike a delicate balance between quality and price – and this ratio puts it a solid choice for buying.

Combining this with its comfortable design makes it the choice replacement for your uncomfortable headset. And if you didn’t have a headset before, you can complete your setup without breaking the bank.

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Runmus Stereo Gaming Headset Frequently Asked Questions

What is Runmus?

Runmus is a manufacturer of Pro Gaming devices.

Is Runmus gaming headset good?

Runmus produces decent gaming headsets at an excellent budget price.

Where are Runmus headsets made?

These are made in China.

Do you have to charge Runmus gaming headset?

The Runmus wired headset do not need to be charged.

How much is a Runmus?

The range starts at $19.99 on Amazon.

Which Runmus headset is best?

K11 is currently the best one.

Are Runmus headsets Wireless?

These are wired.

When was Runmus founded?

In 2019.

How do I turn on the microphone on my Runmus gaming headset?

If the analog jack is inserted properly into your system, then switch off the mute button on the audio cable.

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