Skar Audio VXF-12 D4 Review and Specifications

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Skar Audio VXF 12 Overview

Boasting a monster power rating of 3000 Watts, the Skar Audio 12 is Skar Audio’s newest and most powerful Mammoth Car Subwoofer.

Skar Audio 12

If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, power ratings can be confusing to understand, but Skar Audio makes it easy.

Skar’s “Max Power” rating is the maximum amount of continuous clean RMS power an amplifier can deliver without running out of breath and distorting at a given load impedance (the Skars).

Skar Audio’s “RMS” rating is the amount of continuous clean power an amplifier can deliver to a load impedance (the Skars) over an extended period without running out of breath and distorting, typically measured in watts RMS per channel into a specified resistance.

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  • Paper cone, high roll foam surround, and copper voice coil.
  • VXF-12 D4 units are rated at 1500 watts RMS and 3000 watts peak power, so it’s no joke. It has become the industry boss that it is not just because of its power but also thanks to how great it sounds with music across different areas on the frequency spectrum. Not only does it deliver amazing bass but every sound is amplified without noise.
  • The advanced cooling system overcomes overheating, resulting in a sound that is both more durable and stronger.
  • The Skar Audio VXF-12 D4 was engineered for an intense SPL/SQ competition-grade car where power and sound are the key to winning.
  • 22 Hertz – 300 Hertz Frequency Response
  • 300 ounce powerful Ferrite Magnet
  • 3 inch High-Temperature Copper Voice Coil

Audio Quality

The audio quality is superb. It’s able to hit the low and high notes with such clarity. Skar Audio never disappoints with its products.

The VXF-12 D series is designed with versatility in mind, sounding great no matter what style of music you prefer.


  • The Skar Audio VXF-12 D2/D4 is a great choice for your car subwoofer and they come with an awesome warranty.
  • The paper cone-12 is a cheaper alternative to Skar Audio VX-15 but it still has the same power.
  • Skar Audio VXF-12 sounds good with any type of music
  • Skar Audios customer service is great.
  • 3000 watts peak power
  • Amazing paper cone
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Superior durability
  • Product comes with an advanced cooling system overcomes, 1500 RMS
  • Skar Audio VXF Series is built for “competition grade” car subs where SPL and SQ are key.
  • Unlike other models on the market there is zero noise from this model with its advanced cooling system.


  • Skar Audio VXF Series are not the most powerful subwoofers on the market.
  • Skar Audio is not the cheapest product around but you get what you pay for when it comes to Skars products.
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Peak Power3000 W
RMS Power1500 W
Weight of Motor300 ox
Frequency Response22 Hz – 250 Hz
Sensitivity87.1 deciBel
Height9.33 inch (23.70 cm)
Mounting Depth8.50 inch (21.59 cm)
Cut-out Dia11.13 inch (28.27 cm)
Outside Dia12.49 inch (31.72 cm)
Magnet Dia8.63 inch (21.92 cm)

Final Verdict

Skar Audio has been around for years, and its product durability is second to none. The VXF-12 model is a prime example of the company’s superior quality. If you’re searching for a good car/truck sound system, I highly recommend the Skar Audio VXF-12.

Customer Reviews

I bought Skar Audio a few months back when it first came out. It’s really an awesome sound that Skars offers at this price point. Currently running Skars off of a Kenwood deck and Skar is just sounding great.

Justin G.

I really like Skars because they are so powerful for the price. I’ve had them in my car since release date, no problems. Skar Audio VXF-12s have rocked!

Rihanna H.

The Skar Audio VXF-12 sounds awesome for the price. Skar audio subwoofers emphasize low-frequency response.

Maya A.

There are many great choices for a quality subwoofer, but none is better than the VXF-12.

James D.

Skar has not let me down so far with their customer service and sound quality! It’s been about three years since Skar Audio VXF-12 came out, and Skars are still kicking.

Kristopher K.

I have Skars going in my car and they sound great.

Christa C.

My experience with Skar has been a very positive one, I am really happy that Skar is so powerful for Skar Audio VXF-12 price.

Zoey W.

I love Skars because they’re so powerful for the Skar Audio VXF-12s! Skars are loud and have a good low end.

Maria A.

Skar’s customer service has been great, I’m very happy with my Skar Audio VXF-12s. Skars have not let me down so far.

Timothy A.

I love Skar because they’re so powerful for the price! Overall, I have had a positive experience with Skar products.

Kristopher K.

Skar Audio 12 Frequently Asked Questions

What Skar Audio VXF-12 models can I choose from?

The Skar Audio VXF series contains two 12″ DxP Series models, the Skar Audio VXF-12 and Skar Audio VXF-15. The product line also includes a 15″ model, Skar Audio DSVF-15.
The VFX-12 model has D2 Dual 2 OHM and D4 Dual 4 OHM coil configuration.

How much power will these Skar audio subwoofers deliver?

Based on the RMS wattage numbers listed in this description, the Skar Audio VXF-12 subwoofer will deliver 1500 watts of RMS power. Skars are really loud and have a good low end!

What does a VXF 12 weigh?

The Skar Audio VXF-12 weighs about 48.5 pounds.

What is the frequency response range of Skar Audio’s subwoofers?

The Skar audio model VFX-12 has a 22 Hz – 300 Hz Frequency Response.

Is Skar a good subwoofer?

Skar is definitely a brilliant choice for music lovers. It boasts powerful sound capabilities and works really well in low notes.

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