Sony ES STR-AZ1000ES Review

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The essence of an impeccable home theater system lies in the heart of its AV receiver, and the Sony STR-AZ1000ES from the renowned Sony ES (Elevated Standard) series promises just that.

Redefining the modern home audio system, this AV receiver offers a contemporary take on how we experience our favorite tunes and films.

Sony ES STR-AZ1000ES

At the core of the Sony STRAZ1000 is a revamped digital section that showcases its potential to revitalize your audio experiences.

The high-performance 32-bit DAC embedded within ensures that digital audio sources are optimally enhanced, ensuring unparalleled sound quality.

Such impeccable audio performance is further ensured by its vibration-resistant chassis, which filters out unnecessary noise to elevate the overall experience.

With this, Sony brings a “reality audio” experience into our living rooms.

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Features that Stand Out

Boundless Connectivity

With HDMI connectivity taken to the next level, it supports two 8K compatible HDMI inputs suitable for the latest OLED TVs and gaming systems, along with four 4K HDMI inputs ideal for SACD/CD players, older Blu-ray players, and other video sources.

A Leap to Atmos

Looking to upgrade from conventional surround sound to a Dolby Atmos integrated system?

The Sony receiver is your best bet. It allows the addition of height effect speakers for a “spatial sound” ambiance.

Moreover, with Sony’s exclusive 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, the sound envelops you in a truly immersive theater-like manner.

Declutter with Wireless Solutions

Bid farewell to those tangled speaker wires with Sony’s latest offering.

Compatible with Sony’s SA-RS3S and SA-RS5 wireless rear speakers and SA-SW3 and SA-SW5 wireless subwoofers, setting up your sound bars or surround sound system has never been easier.

No need to fret about speaker wire or their lengths; just a simple power supply, and you’re all set.

Diverse Music Streaming Avenues

The ways to stream your favorite tracks are vast, from Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay 2 to Chromecast built-in. Further supported by the Sony Music Center app, music streamers will find solace with this AV receiver.

Its compatibility with the Sonos Port enables a cohesive home audio system experience controlled right from the Sonos app.

Tech-Savvy and User-Centric

For those who seek more than just a home theater receiver, this device ensures multi-zone audio/video options.

The possibilities are endless, whether it’s sending HDMI outputs to a second OLED TV or repurposing its channels for music in a different room.

Additionally, the Sony Music Center app and its intuitive on-screen user interface make system design and control hassle-free.

A Verdict on the Sony ES STR-AZ1000ES

Reverberating with features like Dolby Vision HDR10, IMAX Enhanced, and Dolby Digital, the Sony STRAZ1000 is not just any AV receiver; it’s an emblem of premium ES standards.

I hope you enjoyed reading our Sony ES STR-AZ1000ES Review.

It encapsulates everything a modern home theater system should represent, from center channel enhancements such as the Acoustic Center Sync and Center Speaker Lift to gaming-optimized video processing for lag-free sessions.

Incorporating nearly every keyword from “8K home theater” to “sound field,” this receiver is a holistic solution for audiophiles and casual listeners. Also read our Sony STRDH550 review from the best stereo receiver.

It’s versatile and futuristic, whether integrating with a gaming headset, connecting to a car audio system, or syncing with wireless headphones for a noise-canceling experience.

In essence, if you are in the market looking for an AV receiver that is a blend of technology, design, and performance, the Sony STR-AZ1000ES is the one that should be on top of your list.

With a five-year warranty, it invests in a world of high-resolution audio and a gateway to a truly immersive cinematic experience.

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FAQs: Sony ES STR-AZ1000ES Review

  1. Can I use speaker wires with the Sony STR-AZ1000ES or set up a wireless speaker system?

    The STR-AZ1000ES supports both wired and wireless setups. If you want a wireless speaker system, it’s compatible with Sony’s SA-RS3S and SA-RS5 wireless rear speakers. However, for a wired approach, you would need speaker wires.

  2. Does the receiver come with Dolby Atmos integration?

    Yes, the Sony STR-AZ1000ES receiver has Dolby Atmos capability, ensuring an enveloping sound experience, especially with height effect speakers.

  3. Is there any noise-canceling technology in the receiver to ensure optimal sound quality?

    While the receiver traditionally doesn’t have “noise canceling” traditionally, ” its vibration-resistant chassis prevents unnecessary noise, ensuring a clear audio experience.

  4. Does the STR-AZ1000ES support HDR formats like Hybrid Log Gamma?

    Absolutely! The receiver supports various HDR formats, including Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), enhancing the visual experience.

  5. Can I stream music directly from Spotify?

    Yes, the Sony STR-AZ1000ES supports Spotify Connect, allowing you to seamlessly stream music using the Spotify app on your mobile device.

  6. Can I connect my old CD players to this receiver?

    Yes, the receiver has multiple 4K HDMI inputs that can handle connections from SACD/CD players, ensuring compatibility with both new and older devices.

  7. What options does the receiver offer for enhancing bass in the system?

    You can connect to the SA-SW3 or the SA-SW5 subwoofers for powerful bass. There’s also an option to pair two of the same subwoofers for a more intensified bass experience.

  8. What is Digital Cinema Auto Calibration IX, and how does it benefit my audio setup?

    Digital Cinema Auto Calibration IX is Sony’s advanced auto calibration technology. It automatically adjusts and optimizes the receiver’s audio settings for your specific room, ensuring an expansive and immersive soundstage.

  9. Is there an integrated amplifier in the STR-AZ1000ES?

    The Sony STR-AZ1000ES functions as both a receiver and an integrated amplifier, offering a holistic solution for audio and video needs.

  10. Can I control the Sony STR-AZ1000ES using voice commands?

    The receiver is compatible with Google Assistant voice control devices. This voice control feature allows hands-free operation and seamless integration with your smart home setup.

Remember, the STR-AZ1000ES is an 8K AV receiver, so it’s designed to provide cutting-edge audio and video performance, making it a worthy addition to any modern home theater system.


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