SONY XBR-75Z8H Review and Specifications

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Video Features 9.2

Audio Features 8.9

Connectivity 9.0

Budget 8.5

Overall 8.9

X1 Ultimate processingHigh price
Excellent brightness and colorNo 3D capability
Powerful audio output with Dolby Atmos & DTSNo filmmaker mode
IMAX Enhanced8K sources are taken but not HDMI
Android TV
Voice Control via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay 2
8K UHD resolution
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Most TVs are cheaper nowadays compared to what we anticipated a year ago and with more models being expected in the market, the prices may drop even further. Manufacturers haven’t tired of bringing different models which they want to know how the people shall receive them.

Sony ZH8-75
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For a given period I have been in search of a fine TV with HDR, looking at both 4K and 8K Ultra High Definition options to see if any will meet the preferences I had concerning Television screens. I had time to compare and contrast the different types we have in the market. The good thing is that even though the technology is changing very abruptly, your eyes won’t change, you still have the power to choose something quality which you won’t regret.

Depending on the amount you wish to spend to buy a top-notch television, you will always find one that meets your financial status but you’ll have to decide whether to buy it or not.

I was interested in finding a good screen with quality pictures until a friend advised me to take a look at Sony’s XBR-75Z8H. It should be noted that Sony has good image processing and no company can so far compare it. Maybe this is what motivated me to have a look at their products.

This XBR-75Z8H is a fascinating 75’’Z8H smart LED 8K UHD TV with High Dynamic Range(HDR) and was released in 2020. It is a very gorgeous 8K television delivering an incredibly quality studio-like experience. The good and quality pictures can beautify your living room making you feel gad owning such a great model.

With just $4,998.00 you can get yourself one of these good reference picture quality or choose to pay in 3 installments of $1666.00. This model is spectacular and it delivers a great HDR experience with great and highly peaked brightness. It has a good contrast ratio which enables it to be good to view in a room full of darkness. The color accuracy is not bad such that you will not have to go into trouble setting the colors.

Due to its HDR compatibility, it can support HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG, and IMAX. These great qualities are good motivators for you to buy this TV since not all televisions are HDR compatible. It is a full-array LED with the contrast of OLED but still a master of excellency in the brightness of LED with an 8K UHD (7680×4320) LCD.

SONY XBR-75Z8H Features


If you desire to get a large TV, Since the demand for bigger screens is on the rise, then Sony XBR-75Z8H will be the perfect match for you. Measuring 75 inches (1.91meters) is when measured diagonally. This means you will have to sit at least 2.3 meters away from the screen.

X1 Ultimate Picture Processor Sony XBR 75Z8H

It uses an X1TM Ultimate picture processor which is very powerful. The 8K X-RealityTM PRO has the ability to resolute images to an 8K clarity at the same time cleaning the picture and reducing any noises.

The resolution is object-based producing an exceptionally great picture accuracy. There is minimal color banding since this series uses an 8K HDR Super Bit MappingTM. What attracts you to this wonderful screen is not only counts on 8K pixels but rather its outstanding brightness. Check Sony KD-50X85J review.

Its High Dynamic Range in Dolby Vision®, HDR10, HLG can extend the picture’s contrast and even its brightness by using HDR. It can also produce a great contrast range when using 8K Xtended Dynamic Range PROTM. Many televisions are struggling to see to it that HDR conversions are credible. Keeping this in mind, Sony is very effective, intelligent, and very realistic in remastering which extends to changing the standard range of images to HDR although 75Z8H does not have as much quality, particularly in backlight control as compared to Samsung galaxy s21.

If you want a wide color range, then you don’t have to worry since the TV is well-equipped with TRILUMINOS technology for this purpose. The Z8H can also achieve great levels of sparkle that intensifies within the smallest bright highlights.

Triluminos Display
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Sony’s backlight management makes it have a more than enough color range that ensures more clarity. The X-Motion ClarityTM can reduce blur at 120HZ of refreshing rate thereby creating a combination of very rich and full admirable consistency of colors. The pixels may be blurry due to the TV’s extra wide-angle layer.

When the HDR content is too dim, you can change it to brighter by using the Custom picture mode and set the ‘local dimming’ to “High” and the X-tended Dynamic Range you set to “High” also. These particular settings will result in a brighter image that you want.

This model has a Netflix Calibrated Mode which is also able to mimic the settings on Netflix’s monitors ensuring accuracy in pictures. Future firmware updates will see that there is improved IMAX Enhanced certification for IMAX Enhanced 4Kor IMAX Enhanced HDR contents. More so these updates will favor the gaming industry or the gamers at large since it will be made ready for PlayStation 5. This will make it possible to display 8K and 4K gaming contents at 120Hz.

These updates will make the owners of Sony TVs have a great viewing experience.

Video compatible

The Sony 75Z8H supports video coverage allowing one to stream movie videos from 4K video platforms such as Netflix, Amazon instant video, and even from YouTube. With just as slow as 20MBS you can live stream videos from the platforms of your choice.

When you have an antenna, the tuner can receive over-the-air HDTV live broadcasts. If you don’t have a set-top-box and after you have subscribed to get cable channels, the Clear QAM tuner will be able to decode unencrypted digital cables signals of up to 1080i.

One can enjoy HDR images at very good viewing angles.

Smart TV qualities

Sony has adapted Android TV as its Smart TV feature qualities. This android gives Sony immediate and wide access to a variety of apps from the app makers with ease. The Android TVTM has an in-built Chromecast which enables you to use your various apps, watching various video content of choice through the device you are using like android phones or even laptops.

Android Smart TV Sony Bravia Back Side ZH8-75

Android TV so far supports a variety of apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video among others though so far it does not support Apple. If updates shall be done in the future, it will make it compatible with the Apple® Home kit and even AirPlay2 for wireless streaming from either iPad, iPhone, or Mac device.

Works with Apple Airplay 2 Homekit

The Smart TV support has wider android features for example an in-build Google Assistant Voice Control for compatible apps. This Google assistant main function is to control TV functions and it functions hand in hand with voice control assistants that are compatible. It can work also with Amazon voice control assistant Alexa.

Voice Control Google Assistant

Smart TV has a dual-band WI-FI (802.11ac) which can provide faster and very reliable wireless streaming.


Android still does not have all UK catch-up apps though Sony has resolved this issue by making You-View separate support which supports ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer in one umbrella.

Another issue of concern is the fact that the Android homepage tends to cover all the screens without having an option where you can still enjoy your TV while still browsing.

A wide number of apps are being supported by Android which may overwhelm someone and even unnecessary since most people including me prefer to have Smart TV is mostly so that I can live stream music or games. Apple TV is not supported by Android.


From what you expect to see of a TV that is 8K resolution capable, the connections include an HDMI input that is 1 HDMI 2.1 and 3 HDMI 2.0b. The connections can receive 8K/60Hz sources and 4K/120Hz which shall be of value and importance for the upcoming generation of gaming.

The Sony 75Z8H game mode delivers an enjoyable in and out experience.

These inputs are HDCP 2.3 compatible and can be of use in copy-protected video sources and a high-bandwidth HDMI cable can be of use in viewing 4K HDR contents from connecting sources. This HDMI 3 input also supports eARC/ARC. Another connection is through a 1 composite video but one shall need to have a 3.5 mm A/V mini-jack adapter cable for connection.

The RF input options allow for the connection of antenna or signals through a cable. This enables one to enjoy various broadcasting stations after connecting without loss of network. In addition to the antenna input, the Z8H series has a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack headset output. You can be able to plug in your headphones and have a good experience. Connection of a soundbar or any other preferred audio system is also possible.

The Ethernet port allows for connection using Ethernet cable for faster internet connection. It seems using this television is much more fun when it comes to the internet since you will not rely only on hotspots nor modems but for faster network connections than an option for Ethernet. This type of network connection is also more secure as compared to other network connection options such as using a public WI-FI which is very insecure.

The terminals allow the connection of a pair of speakers to an A/V receiver if the television’s central speaker mode is in use. In connection to this, the 3 USB inputs i.e. two 2.0 and one 3.0 are useful in connection using either a thumb drive or a hard drive. In case I want to watch a movie series or watch my video music that is in my drive, I will just have to plug it into the USB ports and enjoy the movie or nice music.


75Z8H does not support 8K playback through USB or streaming through YouTube.

8K HDMI inputs didn’t always support variable refresh rates (VRR) though this has been dealt gratitude to the latest over-the-air upgrade and also low latency mode. This has made the Z8H the hope for 8K.

Sound system

If you are a lover of quality sound, then this is your TV of choice. This Sony series has 6 acoustics multi-audio speaker system which has frame tweeters that can give an integrated sound with pictures (total of 60 words).

The tweeters make the sound from the television appear like coming out from the whole of the screen (surround sound) rather than from the lower side of the television. This has dealt with the problem where sound may appear from coming from beneath the television.

This has built the immersion made by the supreme and very refined pictures.

The Acoustic Auto Calibrations microphone which is in the remote is used to measure the room’s sound while optimizing the settings with the Centre speakers’ mode allowing dialogue, the music effects, and music to directly come from its screen thereby boosting the home theatre or any other available sound device.

What also makes the 75Z8H model stand out from other Televisions is the Bluetooth® wireless technology which allows for audio streaming the available speaker system they are compatible with or to wireless headphones. When audio streaming the in-build speakers and the audio outputs are disabled.

While using HDMI inputs or in-build streaming apps, you can be able to send Dolby Atmos® audio to the speakers or even to an AV receiver through an HDMI cable or eARC. The Dolby processing mode adds more scale to sources that are non-Atmos. With the confidence, Sony has it is evident that 75z8h has a very capable Sound system such that its speakers can be of use as Centre speakers in different sound systems.

Rarely will you be able to hear the bass of a television speaker but that does not mean that it cannot produce a nice bass sound. When it is expedient for it to come out you can be able to hear it from your woofers.

Backlit voice recognition remote

Voice recognition remotes have a microphone symbol which shows whether the given television supports voice recognition or note. This unique symbol is usually on the upper part of the remote control device.

An XBR-75Z8H television model has voice recognition technology therefore one does not worry since this TV has an in-built far-field microphone for issuing voice commands.

If you try to give voice commands and it doesn’t work while using a remote control that is supported, then you will have to check out the following:

a) Check if there is a strong connection to the internet. Voice recognition requires the internet for it to work without which it will not work.

The steps below are of importance in ensuring that your television’s internet connection is successful. On your remote control:

  1. Click the HOME button
  2. Scroll to the settings option and choose it.
  3. The NETWORK AND ACCESSORIES table shall be displayed. Tap to choose Network.
  4. At the Network option, choose to select Advanced settings. V. Go to Network status and tap it.
  5. Click the Check connection option to select.

b) For a successful connection, pairing your remote device to the 75Z8H TV model is compulsory for it to work. Pairing differs depending on the type of control device you have.

c) After successful pairing of the TV model to your remote then you can give commands to the TV using the remote. You will need to position it in such a way that it is closer to your mouth for clarity of the message you are relaying across.


The dimensions of the 75Z8H model with Stand (W×H×D) is approximately 66-7/8’’W×38-7/8’’H×14-1/8’’D while the dimensions for the one without Stand is 66-1/4’’W×38-1/2’’H×3-3/8’’D

The one with a stand weighs 110lbs while the one without a stand weighs 105.6 lbs. The frame is somehow slim but not as narrow as the Samsung galaxy s21. Samsung looks a touch untidy due to its different mixture finishes.

It has a silver metal on the outer trim which surrounds the screen that makes it look a bit much while the TV is in viewing mode that makes it have a premium feel when viewed from any angle of choice.

Bravia Back Side Sony ZH8-75

Sony provides two detachable footer stand (“footprint” is 66-7/8” W×14-1/8” D) which can be attached in a flat position towards the center of the screen or under the corners of the screen in the edges. The one mounted using the edges is more elegant as compared to the one mounted in a flat position towards the center of the screen but the former is mainly used by people who are mounting the TV on furniture. The Sony model is wall mountable through the VESA mounting hole pattern which are 400 mm ×400 mm.

Unlike other Sony models, in this type the feet are cannot be adjusted to lift the screen for a soundbar may be because they think that there is no need for a soundbar since the TV’s sound system is perfect.

What comes with the Sony-XBR-75Z8H Package?

Pedestal feet (2)

Dual position Metal Stand with Sony ZH8 75

When you purchase the Sony 75Z8H series, the box will contain a Stands (made of 2 pedestal feet) that has holes to mount your TV. The stand is very essential for your television and people love to have. The stands help to hold your TV in position enabling you to have a better viewing angle. The stand also helps to improve your home décor while still fitting your home theatre, audio equipment, and other collection.

The Sony 75Z8H pedestal feet enhance stability making the television to be in a safe position. The distance of the holes used for mounting which is at the rear side is within 2.16inches/5.5cm and 1.77inches/4.5cm while the one between the mounting hole at the top to the edge of the television is 3.15inches/8cm.

Remote control

The Sony 75Z8H TV will come together with a remote control, model (RMF-TX500U) which can make you operate the TV even when you are in complete darkness. This remote control can sense motion which makes the surface of the button light up automatically when you pick it up.

This remote connection to your TV is mainly through Bluetooth since it does not depend on infrared signal thereby making it no need of pointing the remote to the TV to make adjustments of either the channel or the volume. Any directions the remote faces will still produce results on the television. The premium design of the remote is through a combination of aluminum with a hairy finish.

How to disable remote control’s backlight?

In case the backlight is on and you want to turn it off, the following steps can help you turn it off.

  1. Long press the VOL- button at the same time on the remote control for a while for example like 2 seconds
  2. Release the button when the MIC sign of the microphone on the remote shows some light twice.
  3. If you want to enable the backlight of the remote control just perform steps a) and b) above.

Setup guide

Inside the box, you will find a setup guide that will direct you on how to configure the Television. For example, how to use remote control. How do you mount a stand either on the wall or on a piece of furniture? Information on how to connect an antenna or Ethernet cable is also given in the setup guide. More so the setup guide has information on the connection of HDMI cables, video output, USB ports, connections of feet pedals, and so on.

In case you don’t know to set up the TV and you don’t have someone to configure it for you. The setup guide can give you a detailed procedure on the configuration of the Sony Television equipment.

The setup guide has the following instructions during the installation of the television set. They include:

  • Installation of the TV should be near a power source.
  • The TV should be on a very stable surface.
  • Use screws that have been provided in the box to mount the TV since other screws may cause damage.

Safety and Regulatory booklet

This booklet contains Safety measures one has to adhere to while configuring or using the Sony 75Z8H series. This booklet has WARNING concerning certain mistakes that could cause a hazard.

Some of the cautions to be considered include Replacing the battery of either of the remote with the correct type. When you replace the battery with the incorrect type there is a risk of explosion. These batteries should not be placed near heat conditions such as sunshine or fire since they can explode.

Some of the safety information available in the Safety regulatory booklet includes:

Stability Hazards

If the Television falls by either mistake or chance, it can lead to an injury to a person or for a serious case it can cause death. One, therefore, has to take care while using the Television. Televisions usually fall if they are placed in unstable positions therefore your television set should be placed where it is firm and out of reach of children.

For a wonderful and safe use of your XBR-75Z8H screen, the following precautions are of importance.

  • Use stands that have been authorized by Sony to avoid stands that may not be firm or those which may fail to support the television. The feet pedals are for this purpose.
  • The television set should be placed at the center to avoid overhanging at the edges of the furniture supporting the screen.
  • Educate your child on the importance of not climbing the stands to reach for control. I had to advise my younger one on the risk involved at for sure this worked.

The same considerations above are helpful in case you are relocating your screen or just transporting it.

Transporting your 75Z8H screen

  • Every cable connecting the TV should be removed fast.
  • Since the TV set is large, it is recommended to list two people to carry it.
  • No stress on the LCD panel when being transported.
  • Use of original carton or packaging material is recommended when transporting it to repairs or just moving it.

How should the Sony 75Z8H be ventilated?

  • Ventilation holes are to remain open
  • There should be enough space around the TV after being mounted on the wall or the stand.
  • The use of the Sony-Wall-Mount Bracket is recommendable for the adequacy of air circulations.

The TV set should be installed

  • In an upside-down position, backward or by its side to avoid dust accumulation.
  • The set shouldn’t be on a shelf or closet since dust may accumulate there.

Handling the AC Power cord

The safety booklet of the Sony XBR-75Z8H has also some of how the AC power cord (mains lead) should be handled to avoid risks like an electric shock which is very common or any other injury and damage.

The following are the recommendations

  • Proper connections of the AC power cord with appropriate plugs that fit in the AC power outlet.
  • Only Sony supplied AC cord is recommended.
  • The whole of the plug should be inserted into the main socket.
  • The AC power cord should be removed fast before moving the television set.
  • The mains plug should be frequently cleaned.
  • Bending or twisting the AC cord is not recommended
  • Many appliances shouldn’t be connected to the main socket. Anything heavy should not be placed on the mains lead.

The safety booklet contains all recommendations during mounting the cautions and precautions one needs to take when using the Sony television. This is a great step to creating a safer use of the television after purchase.

End-user license agreement

End-user license agreement (EULA) is just but a legal contract you enter when you purchase your Sony XBR-75Z8H TV specifying the rights and restrictions which you should apply. When you purchase the television, you will get a copy of a license agreement that acts as a sign that you are the legal owner of Sony Television. You must have the agreement for legal purposes as proof of ownership.

Warranty information

Just like many other products have no 100% performance rate. Some parts of the Sony model may fail either due to a defect or the wrong part was packed. Sony, therefore, has a warranty to cover the likes of these issues which may spring up.

The warranty for the 75Z8H series model is in terms in terms of defects in material or ownership. From the period that has been set, Sony will have a limited warranty either in case of a defective part of the 75Z8H TV. Sony will either repair the damaged part or replace the part with a new or refurbished part.

The repair or replacement warranty is for purchases made from a directly Sony or dealers authorized by Sony. More so the warranty is for a specific duration depending on the time of purchase of the television.

Since the TV is 75 inches, you can qualify for an in-home service simply by dialing 1800-222-7669 but they will first take you through some troubleshooting steps just to be sure if service is needed. I tried to make the call when I encountered some problem. The wait for assistance was short and the representative for the service was a good man who helped me quickly.

Child safety

Sony also cares for children that’s why it gives directions on safety and proper television placements so as not to harm children. The child safety note has directions that have to be followed when mounting the 75Z8H television. It directs that older CRT televisions should be placed on a piece of sturdy furniture but not hanging on it, don’t allow children to play on television or stands among other directives.

Other products that will come together with the Sony XBR-75Z8H after purchase includes:

Sony XBR 75Z8H
  • 6.5 AC power cord
  • Reference guide 4 cable ties
  • 2 “AAA”
  • 2 Back cover panels
  • Six M5×12mm screws
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Pros of Sony XBR-75Z8H model

If you want the best and all-around pictures from an LCD TV then you are in the right place. Sony XBR-75Z8H is the best model you should look for. Its best qualities to be admired include:

  • It has stunning brightness with unique and to-be admired colors with FALD backlighting technique which is also managed excellently.
  • X1 Ultimate processing is excellent.
  • Z8H has not only the most consistently and very impactful pictures but also very immersive with wide viewing angles.
  • Multi-audio design has powerful audio output.
  • It is IMAX Enhanced
  • Can be used as a center speaker.
  • Its Android TV smart system has rich content if your tablet or phone is also android.
  • It Has a very high resolution as compared to other models.
  • The refresh rate is very high compared to other models.
  • Has Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital Surround.

The cons

  • Only 8K sources are taken but not HDMI making it difficult either to stream or use USB leading to a limitation of 8K sources to high PC’s
  • It is not easy to use the Android TV home screen especially during browsing and at the same time watching TV.
  • A better fraction of the price of the 8K TV can enable you to get a premium 4K UHD television thus if you are not yet able to adopt 8K then better TV can be found somewhere with the same price. Z8H series has no 3D capability It is not compatible with HGIG.
  • Its picture processing power is very weak.
  • It has no filmmaker mode.
  • 75Z8H model has no HDR10+


Size75 inch
Year First Available2020
Bezel ShadeDark Silver
Smart Android TV
Actual Size74.5 inch
Resolution(7680 x 4320) 8K Ultra HD
Screen DesignFlat
Panel TypeVA
Backlight TypeLED
Refresh Rate100 Hz/120 Hz
Backlight DimmingFull Array Local Dimming
ColorTRILUMINOS™ Display
Viewing AngleX-Wide Angle
Panel Bit Depth10 bits
Color Depth1.07 Billion
DCI P3 Color Space Coverage100%
3D Capability
Advanced HDR by Technicolor®
AMD Freesync™
Auto Low Latency Mode
Black Frame Insertion
Contrast EnhancementDynamic Contrast Enhancer
Dolby Vision
Dolby Vision IQ
Dual database processing
Dynamic Backlight Control
Filmmaker Mode
Frame Interploation TechniqueX-Motion Clarity
HGIG Compatibility
High Dynamic Range8K X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO 20x XDR Contrast
IMAX Enhanced
Live Color™ Technology
NVidia G-Sync
Object-based HDR remaster
Object-based Super Resolution
Picture ProcessorX1™ Ultimate
Precision Color Mapping
Super bit mapping™ 4K HDR
X-Reality™ PRO✔ 8K
Speaker Channels4.2
Speaker Type and ConfigurationAcoustic Multi-Audio™; Frame Tweeter
Speaker Power Rating12.5 W + 12.5 W + 12.5 W + 12.5 W + 5 W + 5 W
No. of Speakers2
No. of Subwoofers2
No. of vibratng frame tweeters2
Object Tracking Sound+
Q Symphony
Sound Share
Ultra Surround
AI Acoustic Tuning
AI Sound Pro
Bluetooth Surround
Digital Audio Link
SRS TheatreSound
Dialog Enhancement
Clear Phase
Simulated Surround SoundS-Force Front Surround
TV Center Speaker Mode
Dolby Atmos
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby TrueHD
DTS Digital Surround
DTS TruSurround
DTS-HD High Resolution
DTS-HD Master Audio
Acoustic Auto Calibration
Acoustic Multi-Audio
Voice Zoom
S-Force Front Surround
Front Firing
WiSA Ready
Ethernet Input
Ethernet Standard10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi Frequency2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Wi-Fi Protocol802.11a (IEEE 802.11a-1999)
 802.11b (IEEE 802.11b-1999)
 802.11g (IEEE 802.11g-2003)
 802.11n (IEEE 802.11n-2009)
 802.11ac (IEEE 802.11ac)
Bluetooth Version4.2
Smartphone ConnectivityChromecast built-in
Google Home
Virtual Assistant✔ Google Assistant
Works with Alexa
HDMI Inputs4
HDMI Version2.1
HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC)✔ eARC
HDCP Version2.3
USB Inputs3
USB 3.0 Ports1
RF (Terrestrial / Cable ) Inputs1
IF (Satellite) Inputs
Component Inputs
Composite Inputs1 via A/V 3.5mm input
RCA Audio Outputs
3.5mm headphone Audio Output
Optical Audio Output
RS-232C Remote
CPU Cores4
Storage16 GB
Operating SystemAndroid
Application Store✔ Google Play Store
Auto Calibration with CalMAN
Content Bar
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Internet BrowserVewd
Light Sensor
PnP( Picture-In-Picture)
Voice Command
Closed Captions(Analog) Closed Caption
(Digital) Closed Caption
USB Drive Format SupportFAT16 / FAT32 / exFAT / NTFS
USB HDD Recording
Flash Video
Analog TunerNTSC-M
Color systemPAL / SECAM / NTSC3.58 / NTSC4.43
Digital Cable TV SystemClear QAM
Digital Terrestrial TV SystemATSC
Digital Tuner✔ 1
FM Radio
SAT Tuner
Power SupplyAC 120 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption (Typical)570 W
Power Consumption (In Standby)0.5 W
Dimension Without Stand (W x H x D)1,680 mm x 977 mm x 84 mm
66-1/4″ x 38-1/2″ x 3-3/8″
Dimension With Stand (W x H x D)1,696 mm x 986 mm x 356 mm
66-7/8″ x 38-7/8″ x 14-1/8″
Stand SizeWidth: 1,696 mm (66-7/8″)
Dimension of Package (W x H x D)1,786 mm x 1,107 mm x 214 mm
70-3/8″ x 43-5/8″ x 8-1/2″
VESA Wall Mount
One Connect Box
VESA Dimensions (W x H)400 x 400 mm (15-3/4″ x 15-3/4″)
Weight Without Stand47.9 kg (105.6 lbs)
Weight With Stand49.9 kg (110 lbs)
Weight of Package (Gross)64 kg (141 lbs)
Warranty1 Year Warranty
RemoteBacklit Remote
What’s in the box?Table Top Stand
AC Power Cord
Quick Setup Guide
Operating Instructions
Voice Remote Control

Final Verdict

The Sony XBR-75Z8H is an excellent television in most of its uses. It is very impressive in terms of motion handling with great HDR content with a highly peaked brightness. The color gamut is excellent too.

The Sony 75Z8H has the best viewing angles with a higher contrast ratio. Quite honestly this is the best TV on the market so far. 4k and Dolby Vision are excellent on this model and the colors remain natural while watching even action scenes.

When I tried using it as a center speaker, the results were fantastic even though at first I thought my home theater could not sustain it. Though the VRR or ALLM has not yet been confirmed through the 8K capability is very good enhancing the viewing experience. Though it is somehow expensive, its build quality and its picture quality are very good and encouraging.

The Sony XBR-65Z8H being a mid-range has good qualities and better than average in almost every function comparing with other models in terms of quality, value, and ease of use. For someone who wants a taste of a fine product then this is the best we have.

The perfect image quality is due to the 4K and 8K technology it possesses. The sound quality is also perfect compared to other models we have in the market through the Acoustic Multi-audio with vibrating frame tweeters which gives a unique sound.

Sometimes we tend to think that good sound is from a device with high watts but this seems not to be the case since Sony has combined a nice average audio system power that has a very good quality of sound.

With Ultra HD 8K resolution, great detail is exposed, its processing power is also good. The vibrant colors with incredible clarity create a picture that has an amazing contrast unique from any other picture screen display technology you have experienced.

This 74.5 inches’ model offers a high definition that is dedicated to good treatment of the pictures. In terms of price, it’s considered a bit cheap making the affordability easy as compared to other models in the same range.

Frequently Asked Questions on XBR-75Z8H model

A variety of questions have been asked by our consumers concerning this model. Among the various asked questions includes; The questions range from installation, launching to uninstallation of the apps on your TV. Other questions have also been asked concerning the configuration of Android TV for the first time.

In this section, I will try to answer some frequently asked questions. The following points are of importance.

  • Ensure your television has an active internet.
  • Try to see if the app is available for your TV.
  • Set up your Google account before downloading apps.

How to Install apps?

  1. Click the HOME button.
  2. Scroll to the Apps and choose Google Play Store.
  3. From the Google Play Store, choose the search symbol.
  4. Choose the app you want to install. V. Tap to Install.

Launching an app

  1. Tap the HOME key.
  2. Scroll to the Apps, choose the app which you had installed.


  1. Click the HOME key.
  2. Scroll to Google Play Store from Apps III. Choose My Apps.
  3. Choose the favorable app for uninstalling
  4. Click UNINSTALL
  5. Press OK to validate.

Configuring an Android Television for the first time

When you buy your television or after factory resetting, the first setup begins. A good internet connection will make the configuration faster. One has to also set up his google account first. Following all the instructions displayed on the television screen can lead you to have a 100% complete setup. The forward, backward, upwards, and downward arrows on the remote control are used then pressing the ENTER button will help choose the highlighted step.

How to reduce signal interference?

Signal interference can be solved by using a coaxial cable for connection with a minimum length of 4 meters. The 300-ohm twin-lead antenna should have an adapter that should not be near the TV if you want the best performance.

Which types of file formats supported?

The type of formats supported by your TV can be known when you click the Help Guide on your television and Scroll to the How to use your TV.

  1. Click Using the TV with other devices.
  2. Choose a USB drive.
  3. Choose a category for Supported files.
  4. Tap on the various types of media forms to know their formats.

Turning the front light of the Android TV off

The LED lights can be turned off by just setting the Illumination LED to off from the home key and then scrolling to the Device preference then LED indicator then illumination LED then setting it to off.

Returning to the Screen from other inputs

Returning to TV broadcast can be done by either using the remote control in which you will click the INPUT and then scrolling to choose the input you want or use the television button on the remote control which allows you to switch to television mode.

Updating the software is taking longer to complete or is failing

Updating software requires a very high and faster internet speed connection. Most updates may fail or take longer to complete if the internet connection is poor. You can deal with this problem by either choosing to download the software update into a USB flash first then installing it into the TV or by setting the Automatic software download to On in the menu of the TV.


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