TCL Roku TV Black Screen with Sound

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Roku TV provides a great streaming experience with plenty of content to choose from. However, some users have reported issues with their Roku TV screen going blank or black while the sound continues to play. In this article, we will explore some of the possible causes and solutions for this issue.

TCL TV Screen Goes Black but Sound Still Works

One possible reason for this issue is that the TCL Roku TV is not set to the correct input. To check and change the input, press the Home button on your Roku remote and then navigate to Settings > System > Advanced system settings > External inputs. From here, you can select the correct input for your Roku TV.

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If changing the input does not fix the issue, another possible solution is to reset the Roku TV to factory settings. To do this, press the Home button on your Roku remote and navigate to Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset. Keep in mind that this will delete all of your saved data so you will need to set up your Roku TV again from scratch. Read TCL 50S434 Review.

If you are still experiencing the issue, it is likely due to a hardware problem and you will need to contact TCL customer support for further assistance.


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